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(en) West Europe, FdA, I-FdA, IFA, curiousities in 2002

From imz.elmstein@t-online.de (imz.elmstein)
Date Sat, 28 Dec 2002 07:28:53 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

well, it's quite right:

"Die Lust der zerstörung ist zugleich auch immer eine schaffende Lust" meaning: 
the desire of destruction ist simultaneously the desire of creation.
First of all the author meant to describe the smahs of national organization and 
not destruction of our own anarchistic structuring approaches(who would be 
interested in that?)

We, as members of FdA (Federation of anarchists, out of the area Rhein-Neckar) 
agree with the application made by our french friends of the FAF that the 
congress should be postponed. But we don't want to shere the reasons our french 
comrades brought in to make the application. Neither non-participation at a 
CRIFA-meeting in London, nor a not-revision of the IFA-website can be reasons to 
postpone the congress.
But it is indeed right that FdA, which I represented at CRIFA-meetings in 
Montpellier and Paris, is not holing the capacities of organizing an 
international congress on it's own. But this item has already been dicussed in 
Montpellier before and was confirmed in Paris!

Especially looking at the standard of organization of spanish comrades I made 
the acceptance that we could only organize an international congress if we find 
enough non-federal comrades who would like to participate in organizing this 
congress. That is the answer to the concrete demand of the spanish male 
secretary if the german federation would be able to organize such a congress, 
which was asked at the meeting in Paris, january 19th 2002. The basis to this 
was the konsens between the secretaries and male secretaries that there would be 
at maximum 60 delegates.There was another konsens that the congress should be 
explicit a non-public one ( not like Carrara or Venezia, those are the two I am 
able to compare an judge since I have attended both of them ).
On this conditions there was an organization-team founded in which there are 
also comrades who think of themselves as FdA-members. The responsibilities for 
the congress should be layed into the hands of FdA(or better said: FdA-members 
out of the ara Rhein-Neckar), that is the statement of comrade Stowasser,who is 
not member of FdA.

That was the thing about working with comrades secretaries of the CRIFA.

(The following text is more important for intern information to members of the 
FdA, but it could be also important to know for all the sisters-federations.)

I don't belive in misunderstandings and I am also sceptical with coincidences so 
I want to show the happenings in chronological order.(would never have thought 
of myself working with political issues in anarchistic connections...)

Two days after the CRIFA-meeting in Paris I have written to known comrades in 
german anarchistic movements, among them Ralf Landmesser through his given 
adress at A-LAden in Berlin. I am now a bit astonished to hear that he claimed 
in a mail to Massimo Vango to have heard only lately and through total 
coincidence that there should be a congress taking place in Neustadt.
I rejected in my letter to be representative for FdA on my own and have asked 
other organizations, movements and single persons to judge:
1. status of german anarchy movement perspectives
2. stage and developement of economy
3. stage and developement of our society
which should be the basics for our report to the IFA as it was suggested by me, 
looking forward to a meeting of FdA at Easter 2002.

At january 24th 2002 I announced the writing I already mentioned plus a short 
report about the results in Paris and suggested a date for a meeting of FdA.
Among the writing there were also and especially the suggested changes of the 
IFA- website made by the italian and spanish federation. 
At the same day I got a confirmation that the letter ws received by Ingeborg and 
simultaneously the promise that Nico would handle the announcement after getting 
healthy again. Now Ingeborg is saying to never have known about the letter what 
astonishes me. I think it could hardly be explained without wanting to accept 
that her computer broke down several times and that she isn't able to remember 
the letter.

At January 26th I received a mail from @ljoscha with a ( sorry, but this is the 
truth! ) lame "sorry, was not available"( I mean, this IS our international 
adress, isn't it? ). At the same time he told me that a FdA-meeting at Easter 
wouldn't fit his plans so that we should postpone it. he added that he wouldn't 
mind a group of comrades to organize the IFA-congress.

Jörg mentioned in a writing of februaury 2nd that Easter would be a good date 
and that he'd prefer Neustadt to be the place of congress rather than Berlin. He 
said he even would help prepare the congress.

Ralf Landmesser was wondering in his writing from february 11th that I was 
member of FdA and told me within this letter that the I-AFD, founded in May 1989 
was, according to him, not working out, named it a "deathbirth". He would reject 
such a form of organization even during its foundation. He thinks the IFA to be 
non effective institution ( "relativer Papiertiger" ) on its own and that they 
do only a lot of talking and less acting.
This form of organization would be too old, modern would be only a flexible 
network with collective emanzipation. The one and only good international 
communication-platform would be the congresses. Further on he claimed that we in 
Neustadt would not be able to organize such a congress. As example he mentiones 
Paris, where ca 300 persons were, among them also old people, who had to be 
proper accomodated. This, so his opinion, could be only made possible in big 

Therefore I am a bit astonished that our IFA-male secretary represents the 
opinion that Ralf Landmesser is a comrade whose opinion sympathizes with the 
federations basic-thoughts as the majority of IFA-federations represented it in 
an active way.
I'm also wondering that comrade Landmesser is giving out information about the 
stage of the german anarchy movements to the secretary of IFA but not to me ( i 
ignore wether he would or could not give it out..)

he only reaction ever to the suggested meeting at May 30th to June 2nd 2002 was 
a mail by Ingeborg with an inquiry of a discription of the way to the meeting 
place. I told her that I haven't received any information about anybody coming 
there so that I had made other plans for this span of time.

As the organization-team asked me to do I sent a number of questions to the 
matter of the needs of the delegates to members of the IFA-mailing-list at 
september 15th. At september 17th , Ingeborg confirmed having received these 
questions and told me that she had sent these through the i-IFA-net to all 
members. In this writing there was information about the status of preparation 
for example that the an-archive-collective would make its technical equipment 
available, that we organized trips to the Hambacher Schloß and the Heidelberger 
Schloß, two castles in our area, and also organized a group of musicians who 
would play songs about the revolution of 1848.
In addition to that we wanted to organize the accomodation of the delgates as 
comfortable as possible ( as Ingeborg said: very,very, german! )
There are many comrades here in the area Rhein-Neckar who volunteered to 
accomodate delegates during the time of congress at their houses, so that we 
wanted to know about the needs of the delegations. 

The one and only reaction we got to these questions was the writing of the 
anarchist federation England/UK with prezise answers to our inquiry.

At November 22nd I received a letter from Massimo Vengo that he wasn't informed 
about any action of preparations for the congress and that there were also 
comrades from germany offering him support. He said he had not known what to 
answer them for he hadn't got any information. That is an unclear thing to me 
for there is a comrade of the FAU in Landau who had apparently arranged the 
accomodation of Massimo. Why couldn't those inquiries be passed on to us, who 
organize this whole thing?

At december 6th now there was the application of the FAF with which we, as 
entioned before, already agreed, especially now that there can be guessed that 
there will be a larger congress where also observer from other new initiatives 
of federation should be invited. We should definitely not combine such an 
international congress with other international activities like a G-8-summit 
meeting because there would be many delegates who won't be allowed to enter the 
country. there would be a chaos like the one in Paris with David Cohn-Bendit.

At december 7th I received an inquiry of Nico for up to date information of the 
preparation ( which I had already sent him! )

At december 20th I received the information about Ralf Landmesser ( I've already 
mentioned this matter ).

After going through several mails of Ingeborg and a talk with her I was now able 
to write this letter which will be sent by the FdA-distributer.

I wish you reflective days 
and a peaceful new year

with fraternal greetings


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