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(en) Holand, Polish squatters and others arrested in Amsterdam

From "Lukasz Pieczara" <lukaszpieczara@box43.pl>
Date Sat, 28 Dec 2002 05:51:15 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

In the night from Friday to Saturday
there was a raid in the
Foeliedwarsstraat. The police stormed
into a squat, searching for a firearm.
During the action, which took many
hours, the police acted unnecesarily
violent and arrested 15 persons. The
residents didn't get any chance to
settle the case peacefully, after which the
situation escalated completely.

Around 2 am fridaynight the police from
station IJ-tunnel got a notice. Some
persons where seen at the
Foeliedwarsstraat with a weapon. This was a
harmless air-pressure rifle that was found
at the trash. To make things
clear: an airpressure rifle is a funfair
weapon meant to shoot at plastic
ducks. The police arrived and two
residents came outside with the intention
to talk with them. They got immediately
beaten down to the ground and
handcuffed. Other residents came outside
with the aim to rescue the two. Not
long after that a dozen policecars arrived
plus the ever prepared ME
(riotpolice). The residents went inside
and closed the door. Meanwhile
sympathisers of the squatters arrived.
These went to the police to ask what
was going on. The police responded with
their truncheons. This led again to
escalation and three persons arrested. A
person on the street asked the
police what was going on. As an answer
he got a truncheon in his neck. He
waved with his arms and called: 'Is this
democracy?' after which he got
arrested on the ground of making the
nazi-salute. The man meanwhile got
released and will press charges against all
this. For as far as we know two
other persons got released. One of them
has abruised rib, another one a hole
in his head. Meanwhile the police tried to
break into the house. Because of
their escalating behaviour the residents
did in no way cooperate. They
resisted heavily and threw their furniture
on the street. Two riotcops stood
protected in the niche of the porch,
sawing through the door. Behind them
the furniture flied on the street. A riotcop
walked through the stuff
without a shield. A falling tv fell on his
helmet. He was taken away by an
ambulance. The police does their best to
criminalise the case. The people
arrested inside the house are suspected of
attempted manslaughter on a
policeman. The arrested people from the
street got released and were sent
away without warrant. This clearly shows
that the police acted inconsiderate
and robs people from their freedom
without any legal ground and restrains
them with violence. Also the mentioning
of a 'marihuana-plantation' in the
house is just meant as negative
image-building. To have a few (six)
in your house is allowed by the Dutch
state. Above all, it does not concern
the whole case. A cautious
balance-sheet: fifteen people arrested,
from whom
three got released without a warrant, thus
innocent. One injured policeman,
several injured squatters, many working
hours for dozens of policemen and a
disturbance of public order which lasted
for about seven hours. The reason:
a funfair gun.

In consequence of the raid one woman
from the squat, Miriam, was deported to
Australia. Her deportation in particular
sucks, because she was going to
Ghana soon for humanitarian work and
already bought a ticket. This could
have been reason for the cops to let her
go, but we guess because some
copper got injured they decided to work
against everybody as much as
possible. Luckily the travelagency
refunded the money, so maybe she will
able to go after all from Australia. One
other guy, Cliff, was deported to
Canada. Five people were deported to
Poland. One other, Darek, is still in
some prison in the north of Holland,
waiting for deportation. It seems that
his passport got lost somehow in the
burocratic mess, since the Dutch cops
took it from him some time ago, before
the raid. There's a lawyer working on
his case, but for the moment not much
happens anywhere because of holidays.
The people who got deported all called
home to tell they were allright. They
just got some stamp in their passports,
telling that they got deported. This
doesn't look nice and clean and might
make the authorities suspicious but it
doesn't mean you can't travel into the

People arrested for attempted
manslaughter on policeman are Alicja
and Marcin Kobos, squatters from
Poland The charges that the other two
facing are quite serious, especially
because the 'victim' was a
police-officer on duty. The maximum
possible sentence is three to four years
prison.Alicja and Marcin will probably be
kept in prison here for three more
months, untill their case is brought to

It doesn't look like the cops have got
much evidence against them. Just some
blurry video and pictures on which you
can't recognise anything. So there's
good hope that they will get released (or:
deported) after the trial.

Write to the prisoners:

Marcin Kobos
P.I. Grittenborgh - cel 5007
Postbus 607
7900 AP Hoogeveen

Alicja Kordasz
P.I. Amerswiel
Copernicusstraat 10
1704 SV Heerhugowaard

Please forward those adresses and ask
people to write, just to say hi and
support them. Receiving mail is one of
the very few possibilities to have
contact with the outside world when
you're in prison, so it is a very nice
thing to just send anything.

For the rest the stories were just quite
depressing. The atmosphere in
Holland is changing slowly, but it really
doesn't get nicer for people
without papers here. There is more and
more control, it's more difficult to
earn some money and the cops arrest
people for nothing. The changing climate
in Holland has as well got something to
do with political changes, a new
rightwing government which took power
last summer. The cops feel supported
by this government to act as what they
are in fact anyway: fascist pigs.

Example letter to Dutch Ambassy:
I demand immediate release of Alicja
Kordasz and Marcin Kobos, arrested
baseless during the police raid on
KLOZET squat in Amsterdam, Nov. 30,and
disallow the objections they are charged
Both baseless arrest of Alicja and Marcin
and brutal police assault of Nov.
30 I consider as a proof of carrying out
political repressions against
foreigners and alternative societies. This
kind of policy, in the country
known of tolerance and observing the
citizen's rights, causes my anxiety.

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