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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 27 Dec 2002 06:18:17 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

How many times and
in how many ways the FBI come after Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr.? They used every
scandalous means possible to stop his
voice. To stop his support. To stop his
influence. To stop his abbility to move
and connect people. And what happened?
He was assassinated. But before the
assassination, personal letters he had
written were obtained, photocopied,
rearranged and distributed to all of Dr.
King's supporters, including his wife, to
have him destroyed. Letters accusing him
of womanizing, of having sex with
various wimmin, of stealing money from
the Civil Rights Movement and the
misappropriations of the Southern
Leadership Conference Council (SCLC)
money. All in the name of discrediting.

In the 1960's during the height of the civil
rights movement, slanders and FBI
Memorandums were circulated widely
alleging that comedian and Black activists
Dick Gregory was participating in "Black
nationalist hate groups", which had
created problems for Gregory's career.

The government, and their duped, has
been doing this same thing with Mumia
Abu-Jamal and the MOVE family. Right
now the MOVE family are under attack
by the government in Philadelphia
because they refuse to stop being vocal
and active regarding the criminal
treatment they received when Mayor
Goode oredered a bomb dropped upon
their home in the 1980's where men,
wimmin and children were killed and
others tried, convicted and thrown in
prisons on trumped-up charges. And the
fact that MOVE continues to stand firm
with Mumia, who sits on death row on
vicious lies and alligations made against
him to silence his voice when he was free
and actively working as a journalist to
awaken the minds and the consciousness
of the people to the tyranny of oppression,
gives the government reason to come
after them still. State government officials
in Louisiana, and their slanderous prison
agents, lied and trumped-up false charges
on the Angola 3, i.e., Herman "Hooks"
Wallace, Albert "Cinque" Woodfox and
Robert KIng "Moja" Wilkerson where
they were tried and convicted for a
murder they never committed, thus
causing the to languish in solitary
confinement for the past 30 plus years.
However, Wilkerson was just recently
released from prison after the court
ordered his release and who now travels the
world exposing the atrocities of prison life and
of their cases in the attempt to raise attention to
this tragedy and get his fellow comrades
out of prison and to their long-deserved
freedom. This is just an example of
COINTELPRO-style tactics that are often
used and are being used today. This is
how agent provocateurs can raise an
issue, make that issue extreme to the
public, and create mass disorientation and

This same tactic was used during the
World Trade Organization (WTO) protest
in Seattle, Washington where many
people were falsely accused and thrown in
prison, like Robert Thaxton, who sits in
an Oregon prison today as a result of the
WTO protest.

We need to think about matters and
situations before we readily rush to judge
and condemn and act on impulse. You
never know when the very person who
have given you marching orders to
defame or denounce someone is an agent
well concealed before your very eyes.

(c) November 21, 2002 Ali can be
reached at: Ali Khalid Abdullah #148130
S. Water Tower Drive Kincheloe, MI
49788 U$A

for more of Ali's essays, articles,etc.. get
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