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(en) US, january 11th, call to action lewiston, maine

From miss anne thrope** <bangs_19@yahoo.com>
Date Sun, 22 Dec 2002 12:09:02 -0500 (EST)

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On Saturday January 11, 2003, the World Church of
the Creator (WCC) plans to rally in Lewiston, Maine- a
move Matthew Hale, their leader, said will ?help
spread the group?s message of racism throughout New
England?. Seeking to capitalize on racist statements
made by Lewiston Mayor Laurier Raymond in regards to
the recent influx of Somali refugees to the area, Hale
plans to deliver a speech entitled ?White Power or
Ruin?. The speech will urge residents ?to make sure
that the Somalis feel unwelcome?, and to ?drive
[them] out of Lewiston!?.
As WCC, as well as the National Alliance, continue
to piggyback off of local controversies, we must continue
to stand solidly against the spread of racism and
fascism in our communities. This strategy, of dividing
the united force of the working class along ethnic
lines, is historically used by the right wing as a
means of consolidating the power of the status quo
(the bosses), and has the effect of strengthening the
power base of fascism.  In New England, where once
the right played the Irish against the Italian immigrants,
and the Quebecois immigrants against both, now, in
Lewiston, it uses the recent immigration of Somalis
as a lever to divide the natural solidarity of the
working people in this Maine town.
They tell us that immigrants are taking our jobs.
But the fact remains that Maine?s economy, in general,
has been destroyed by plant closings, capital flight,
and the loss of a manufacturing base. Lewiston, like
other parts of the state, actually saw its population
significantly decrease between 1990 and 2000 in part
because it is really difficult to find good paying
jobs. This is just one example of the relationship
between capitalism and community-- the more
flexibility the corporations have to move to the
cheapest labor markets, the more insecure working
people become in their daily lives.
The WCC and the National Alliance seek to exploit an
artificial divide in order to gain support for their
neo-nazi program. But we, the working class, know
racism and fascism is antithetical to our class
struggle aimed at our own emancipation as human
beings.  As Adolf Hitler was driven to commit suicide,
and as Italian workers executed Mussolini, we intend
to stand united against the threat that fascism poses
to the freedom, safety, and continuing struggles of
our co-workers, communities, friends, and families.
We call on the people of New England, Quebec, and
beyond, who strive to eradicate such racist leeches as
the WCC from our communities, to show unity against
racism not behind closed doors-- but out in the open
streets of Lewiston. For, wherever preachers of racist
ideology travel to spew their garbage, they will be
met face to face by the fire of working class
solidarity. Wherever they try to construct racial
tension, we will continue to dismantle them the only
way that has proven to be effective-- up front and
personally. The people of New England have no
tolerance for fascism or racism, we will meet WCOTC
with steadfast opposition, and we intend to win!
Working class power, not white power-
Green Mountain Anarchist Collective (NEFAC

 * For logistical information contact GMAC via email

Endorsed by:
NYC Anti-Racist Action
Sargassum Collective
R.O.S.A. Collective
Desiderada Collective
(NEFAC ... and some local anti-authoritarian groups in maine)

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