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(en) ANTI-WEF DAVOS 2003 - a call to action (fr, de)

From Pierre Lescures <lecasse@yahoo.com>
Date Sat, 21 Dec 2002 04:02:02 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

call to action / appel anti-wef / Aufruf zur Demo/
International demonstration against the World Economic
Forum (WEF) 25th January Davos Switzerland
14:00 in front of Davos train station
>From the 25 of January to the 28 of January the
WEF(www.weforum.org),a meeting of the richest
multinational corporations
and government buearacrats more than 1.000 (mostly
european) "global leaders" from politics,medias and
economy are meeting in Davos ski
ressort, Switzerland.(www.davos.ch)
They discuss in a "private setting" about
ways of making oppression and exploitation more
efficient and more profitable. The WEF, which claims
its mission is to help "eradicate poverty, promote
security and enhance cultural understanding" is more
often that not seen to represent the interests of
multinational corporations. It's members include
microsoft, coca cola, nestle, shell and hundreds

  For 31 years the annual meeting  of the WEF (world
economic forum) has taken place in Davos. Except
last year(2001) the WEF went to New-York City. This
year the WEF comes back to Davos for its annual
meeting .

The WEF-summit in Davos is another attempt to
minimise the social and political rights in favour
of the benefit of the capital - owners. The last
summits have shown, that a critical public isn't
welcome, neither inside nor outside the
conference-buildings. Due to the past years
mobilisation in Davos,the Swiss authorities have this
year authorized the demonstration in Davos on the 25
of January.In 2001 the demonstration was forbiden and
all, who protest against the
meetings with their voice and their presence, were
confrontated with a massive repression on the part
of the police. The state authorities protect the
economy-bosses and the politicians with every method
available (legal but also illegal) and try to
suppress every single critic. 2003 should be easier
as the demonsatration is authorised. But we are going
to confront the rulers
with resistance that cannot be ignored.

In Switzerland and in other countrys some autonomous
groups have met to
prepare and co-ordinate the actions against the
wef-summit in Davos and also to support
international mobilisation. The following four
points show the basis of our cooperation and our
political self-image:

- we disapprove of the WEF and our attitude towards
it is confrontative. It is impossible to reform the
WEF, because of this we donıt want to have any
dialogue. our aim is, to smash the wef and to
prevent their meetings. But the WEF is only one
specific institution of the capitalistic system of
exploitation, which we disapprove of completely. our
protest does not end with a smashed wef, our fight
is against capitalism which can not be civilised -
its own logic and rules together with other forms of
oppression like sexism, racism, homophobia,
  antisemitism characterise the injustice of our

- Our protest is against categorising, marginalising
and excluding people and social groups; our aim is a
society, that is orientated to the needs of all and
not to the profit of a few. our protest contains the
use of resources and information equal to all
people. In our actions and in our kind of organising
we try to live our own utopia. We are against a
society based on hierarchy and control. We
disapprove of the state as a place of capitalistic
actions and we also refuse the new
institutionalisation of the capitalistic
exploitation by world economic forum, international
monetary fonds or world trade organisation. Our
answer is our protest, are our own actions. We do
not rely on political parties or lobbies, we express
our criticism together, independently and
unmistakeably. The ways of protesting and showing
the criticism depend on the people who express them.
In our resistance there should be room for different
kinds of actions and there should be no limits to

- the protest against the wef-summit in Davos is not
the only thing, it is only one part of the global
resistance against oppression and exploitation. Our
solidarity is with all oppressed, who do not want to
accept the prevailing contradictions without
criticism, and our solidarity is with all, who
realize their power and organise emancipated
resistance. But as we are part of the prevailing
contradictions, we have to question our positions
all the time. Our action is a reaction on the
prevailing situation, it is a logical and necessary
answer to the ruling politics and the politics of
the rulers.

- the wef-summit is used by the Swiss
government to create a distinctive image of
themselves as equal partners in the international
context. our protest against the wef-summit is
connected with our resistance against the Swiss
government politics, against racist and sexist
politics and
against the neoliberal basic position of our

wipe out wef!
anti-wef coordination Switzerland,November 2002

""with our call to action we want to initiate a
discussion about the wef-summit in Davos and want to
call to actions against this summit. we are going to
offer a platform for coordinations and want to
support our common metting. an infopoint and a place
preparations for the actions every wendesday starting
16:00 H , Ecole de Chimie, Place du Château, Lausanne
. On friday 24.01.2003 events will take place in
Geneva. Saturday 25.01.2003 early morning The "Davos
express train" will bring demonstrators from Geneva to
Davos (passing by Lausanne, Bern and Zurich)

For more information :



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