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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No.529 16th December ­ 22nd December, 2002

From Phil McCrory <philmcc@melbpc.org.au>
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 06:23:42 -0500 (EST)

In order to clear our mounting debt and ensure our survival in 2003,
The Anarchist Age Weekly Review will not be published from
the 23rd December 2002
to the 18th January 2003.
We wish our supporters,
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all the best for 2003.
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The Federal Attorney General's attempts to veto possible High Court
appointments and the decision by the High Court to reject the Yorta Yorta's
bid for land rights, each in their own way, highlights the political
character of the High Court. The appointment of judges to the High Court is
one of those perks of political office that can have ramifications long
after a government loses power.

The High Court is the most politicised Court in Australia; it interprets the
Australian Constitution. The current process of appointing High Court judges
is a quintessential political exercise. The government of the day relishes
the opportunity of appointing judges who will pursue their political, social
and moral objectives long after they have lost office. No wonder the
Attorney General is keen to interview potential candidates to fill the
current vacancy.

The power exercised by the High Court has increased over the past decade.
Faced with the task of interpreting a 19th Century Constitution to deal with
21st Century problems, the High Court has tackled this problem by finding
implied rights in the constitution. This new role it has created for itself
has, in many ways, usurped the role of parliament. Examining the Yorta Yorta
decision, it's possible the decision could have gone the other way if enough
Liberal leaning judges had been sitting in the High Court benches.

Faced with the dilemma of an increasingly outdated constitution, a
politicised method of appointment of High Court judges and the increasing
power exercised by the High Court (a non-elected body whose members have
tenure till they turn 75), it's time that thought be given to possible
constitutional changes that could be put to the people through a referendum
to broaden the selection process by which future High Court Judges are

The decision to deny the Yorta Yorta rights to land by the High Court
because they had not been able to prove to the satisfaction of the court
that they had a continuous association with the land, marks the end of the
Australian Courts flirtation with the idea that indigenous Australians have
a right to what they owned for tens of thousands of years.

To deny them access to land rights because they had been driven from their
lands by European invaders is the height of legal lunacy. In no other legal
sphere would the rights of those who have taken what does not belong to them
by force be recognised by the courts. The Yorta Yorta and all those
indigenous groups that have been dispossessed of their lands by force have
been denied justice by the Australian legal system.

It seems the High Court has chosen to interpret the 1992 Mabo decision,
which buried the ludicrous idea of Terra Nullius, in the narrowest
legalistic fashion. The courtsı unwillingness to acknowledge that the
descendants of those indigenous people who were driven from the lands they
had continuously occupied for tens of thousands of years have rights to land
in law is an indictment of the Australian legal system.

All indigenous people who have been driven from their lands will have to
rely on the charity of State governments and local authorities to even
access important traditional sites. The current state of affairs is
unacceptable to both the Yorta Yorta and those Australians who believe that
we need to acknowledge the wrongs of the past by providing rights in law for
indigenous Australians.

It's disturbing to see how Windschuttle's attempts to rewrite Australian
history "The fabrication of Aboriginal history" have received so much
mainstream media exposure. His myopic, anaemic attempt to examine the
available historical record in such a selective style reminds me of the
process that David Irving uses to deny in the face of the overwhelming
historical record that the holocaust occurred. Irving's ideas are
universally rejected while Windschuttle's are paraded as reality because
there are no eyewitnesses to the events that occurred. Windschuttle is able
to come to the conclusions he has recorded because he uses the records of
the conqueror to tell the story of the vanquished. The most interesting
aspect about the book is not its content or lack of it, but how it has been
welcomed with open arms by sections of the community who are hell-bent on
re-writing history to deny Indigenous Australians their rightful place in
Australian society. It's disturbing to see so many influential people accept
Windschuttle's propositions as fact.

Irrespective of how hard Windschuttle attempts to re-arrange the facts to
suit his untenable hypothesis, he cannot deny the reality that indigenous
Australians were driven off their lands by the use of disproportionate
force. Whether they were shot, poisoned, starved to death or died of
introduced diseases, the conclusions are the same: indigenous Australian's
lost their lands to the European invader. The physical genocide that
occurred was accompanied by a wholesale attack on everything that indigenous
Australians believed was important: their lands were taken away; their
religion was replaced with an alien faith; their languages, laws, and social
infrastructure were destroyed in vast tracts of Australia. On all levels,
the history of indigenous Australian's has been and continues to be a story
of a slow, insidious genocide, which effects every aspect of their lives.
Windschuttle's attempts to deny this fact should be treated with the
derision and contempt they deserve.

National Expressıs decision to abandon its contract to run M-Train, M-Tram
and the Victorian V/line passenger service, raises important questions about
the future of public transport in Victoria. The Bracks government has met
the challenge by temporarily taking over National Expressıs responsibilities
and calling for new tenders to replace National Express.
The policy it is pursuing will not resolve the problems facing public
transport. Whether itıs run by the government or leased to private
corporations, it is still faced with the problems of limited patronage and
widespread fare evasion. Instead of wasting resources on running the current
system in exactly the same way, itıs time a fresh approach was taken to the
issue of public transport. As public transport continues to be subsidised by
public money, itıs important that the Victorian taxpayer receives the
maximum benefit from its investment. One way this can be achieved is by
making public transport free to everyone who uses it.

The benefits generated by such a scheme far outweigh any additional costs.
The cost savings made by scrapping revenue-raising measures on public
transport could go towards subsidising a free public transport system. The
increased number of commuters using a free service would decrease pressure
on an already overcrowded road network and decrease the need to pour public
money into extensive road works.

The failure of National Express is a blessing. It provides an opportunity
for the State government to trial innovative solutions to a problem that
successive State governments have not been able to tackle. Free public
transport is one strategy that could, if implemented, solve many of the
problems that bedevil the current inefficient public transport sector.

Venezuela has been paralysed by strikes and demonstrations over the past
month. These disturbances have come on the heel of a failed military coup
which was supported by the United States government. Hugo Chavez, a former
radical army officer, was elected President in 1998 and re-elected in 2000
on a platform of helping Venezuelaıs poor. Venezuela, the largest source of
oil outside the Middle East, supplies about 15% of the United Statesı oil.
The United States has become increasingly concerned about the election of
left leaning governments in what it claims is its own backyard, South
America. It has responded to the situation by becoming involved in attempts
to de-stabilise economies of governments it does not support.

The current unrest in Venezuela is fomented, financially bankrolled and
militarily backed by the United States. Concerned that governments that
pursue policies that redistribute wealth could weaken its hold on the
region, it has pulled out all stops to discredit and destroy the Chavez
government. Newly elected governments in Brazil, Ecuador and several other
South American countries have called the United Statesı bluff and are
beginning to support policies that put the interests of the people they
represent before United Statesı interests.

The imposition of a puppet government that is friendly to United Statesı
interests is an important priority of the Bush administration. Faced with
the loss of influence in the Middle East, and faced with the increased
isolation of its ally in the Middle East ­ Europe­ its access to its
lifeline, oil, is in doubt. The proposed invasion of Iraq needs to be
understood in terms of access to oil supplies. As its influence over its
main supplier, Saudi Arabia, diminished, and its long-term access to
Venezuelan oil comes under a cloud, the Bush administration has decided to
secure access to oil by invading one of the most vulnerable countries and
biggest oil exporters in the Middle East ­ Iraq.

Q.  Why would anyone want to live in an anarchist society?
A.  Why does anyone want to live in any society?  Most of us are born into
and die in the same society we were born into.  Few of us ever question why
things are done in certain ways and accept even cherish those restrictions
that are placed on us.  As anarchists we question the very foundations, the
communities we live and work in, are based on.  We not only question them
but want to overturn them and replace them with new principles of
Why would anyone in their right mind want to endanger their comfortable
existence for a journey into the unknown?  Anarchists donıt promise life
after death or heaven on earth.  They promise just two things that everybody
would be involved in, the decisions that effect them and that wealth would
be held in common and used for the common good not individual gain.  Why
would anybody contemplate, let alone reject, most things they hold dear to
them, to join a movement to create such a society?
Anarchism isnıt based on faith or loyalty to an idea, a philosophy, a
leader, a religion or even a State.  Itıs based on the idea that by
cooperating we can as individuals and communities fulfil our basic human
need for shelter, food, community and companionship.  Once we have been able
to fulfil our basic human needs, we can if we wish develop ourselves to our
fullest potential.
Currently, irrespective of whether we live in the first or the third world,
most of our life is spent trying to access resources to fulfil basic human
needs.  For most of us, life is spent on a treadmill thatıs punctuated by
brief holidays or life events.  Nearly everyone dreams of winning the
lottery so that they can wave goodbye to a life of selling their labour to
exist.  Life should be much more than a dreary journey to an early grave.
People are drawn to the idea of living in an anarchist society because it
alone, provides that physical and personal security we all need to develop
our individual potential.  Anarchism provides a rational, sensible exit from
the dead end life destroying societies that we live in.

As Australiaıs stay at home patriots led by the Prime Minister John Howard,
prepare Australians for a war against Iraq, itıs important to examine other
moments in Australian history when Australians were sacrificed in wars that
had nothing to do with us and everything to do with the imperial ambitions
of our major allies.  The new Australian nation was keen to show its support
for British Imperial Government in 1901.
When the Boer War broke out, the individual Australian States sent troops to
fight the Boers in South Africa.  After Federation on the 1st January 1901,
the fledging Australian government threw its weight behind the war effort.
Over 20,000 Australian volunteered to fight for God, Queen and Country in
South Africa and over 600 never came back.  The Labor movement was divided
in its response to the Boer War.  William Lane, who led and then fled the
failed attempt to form a utopian community in Paraguay in the 1890ıs,
supported the British government in South Africa.  When he returned to
Australia in the 1890ıs, he became editor of the Australian Workerı in
Sydney.  His pro war articles and support for the British Imperial
Governmentıs war effort in South Africa, led to a number of clashes on the
paper and he was eventually forced to resign as editor of the Australian
Most of the Australian Labor movement opposed the war and encouraged both
employed and unemployed men not to volunteer to fight for the British in
South Africa.  Not all of the Labor movement opposed the war.  The
Amalgamated Miners Association supported the war effort.  When they were
holding their annual conference in February 1900, they rose to a man and
sung God Save The Queenı when they were told General Sir R. Buller had made
significant military gains in the war.
A poem written by Peter Airey, a major player in the Queensland Labor
movement, highlights the sentiments that were prevalent among Labor
activists during the Boer War.
"Rub-a-dub-dub says the loud beating drum,
Countryıs in danger, so come alone, come.
Rifle on shoulder, the brave boys and tall,
Bushmen and miner and former come all.

But where is Sir Fat Paunch, oh where does he stay,
Can the first at the feast, be the last in the fray?
Grip what you get, and get what you can,
Is the battle cry of the business man!"

This poem appeared in the Bulletinı in 1901.  Todayıs Bulletinı (Packerıs
intellectual mouthpiece) is a conservative beast compared to the Bulletinı
in 1901.  Itıs amazing what difference the opinions of an owner, makes to a
privately owned newspaper.  Peter Airey changed his tune by the first World
War and was one of the few Labor leaders who supported Billy Hughesı war
effort in W.W.I.
Source of Article: The Bitter Fightı by Joe Harris, University of
Queensland Press 1970.  ISBN 070220613X.

Our activities are tolerated because our effect is minimal.  While weıre not
considered a serious threat, weıre given enough air to survive.  Once our
activities become a threat, the State and the corporate sector will join
forces to try to discredit and destroy us.  Anybody who was involved in the
S11 protests in Melbourne in 2000, a protest which mildly inconvenienced
those in power, will have noted how the corporate and State run media as
well as the State Labor government and the Federal Coalition tried
unsuccessfully to discredit, trivialise and destroy the movement that had
formed to confront the globalisation of capital.  Today, we find ourselves
in a position where we can take advantage of the current situation.  While
the State and the corporate and State run media are preoccupied with "the
war against terror", opportunities exist for us as a movement to organise.
We should take advantage of this hiatus to spread our ideas and build our
organisations.  The Stateıs current fixation with the possibility of an
external threat, gives us room to organise in the places we live and work.
We should not be cowered by talk about new laws to confront terrorism.  Laws
that in reality will limit domestic extra parliamentary activity rather than
confront real or imagined terrorist threats.  If we donıt continue to meet
and organise, we run the very real risk of being completely marginalised.
Beating the terror drum is the best thing the government has going for it.
Itıs no accident the coalition has manipulated the current uncertainty to
enhance its political reputation, using the threat of fear to pass
legislation through parliament to limit and in some situations prohibit
political activity.
Take advantage of the governmentıs current fixation with the threat of
"terrorism" and use the political space created to organise and act.  The
stronger the anarchist movement becomes, the harder it will be able to
marginalise us in the future.

Reflections On Experiences Of Indigenous Child Separationı Edited by Doreen
Mellor & Anna Haebich, National Library of Australia, Canberra 2002, ISBN
History is the collation of little stories.  Each story forms an important
piece of the jigsaw puzzle.  Although we can forgive those who were alive
when the jigsaw puzzle was being created, itıs much more difficult to
forgive those who knew the full story but refuse to acknowledge, let alone
apologise for the injustices of the past.
"Many Voices" is a compilation of the lives and experiences that was gleaned
from participants in the National Library of Australiaıs Bringing Them Home
Oral History Projectı in 2000.  Using this comprehensive public record
obtained by the National Library, the editors have been able to bring
together many of the actors in the Stolen Generations drama ­ indigenous
children who were stolen, government officials and carers.  The historical
record that has been collected by using peopleıs own words supplemented by
archival records, gives the reader an insight into how such a cruel,
inhumane system, whose legacy is still felt in the day to day lives of a
significant proportion of the indigenous community, was created and
Very few people embark on a life that purposefully inflicts pain and
suffering on other people.  Everybody has justifications for what they did
and continue to do.  What "Many Voices" details, is the holocaust that was
perpetuated on indigenous Australians.  It methodically examines the results
of the implementation of government policy that attempted to integrate and
assimilate them into European Australians, by breaking down their familial
networks and by denying them their culture and language.  It was a cruel
attempt to breed the "blackness" out of those children who had been born as
a result of wanted and unwanted relationships between indigenous and non
indigenous Australians.
The continual denial of what happened by the government and the refusal of
the Prime Minister John Howard to apologise on behalf of the Australian
government and the Australian people, for the pain and suffering that was
and continues to be felt and experienced by the Stolen Generations and their
descendants, is a crime that parallels that perpetuated by those who claim
the holocaust never happened.  This book in its own small way attempts to
apologise on Australians behalf, by setting the record straight about this
hidden chapter of Australiaıs history.
"Many Voices" would make an excellent gift for those people who want to
understand what happened and more importantly why reconciliation continues
to be such a difficult process.
HOW TO ORDER "MANY VOICES" PLUS A CD which comes with book.  Cost including
postage $34.95 (Australia), $33.23 (overseas) ­ a very reasonable price for
a 330 page book + CD.
Make out cheques or money orders to NATIONAL LIBRARY.  Send your order to
Sales and Distribution, National Library of Australia, CANBERRA, ACT 2600.
Tel:1800800100, Fax:(02)6273 1084, Email:nlasales@nla.gov.au ,

While looking for material for the Australian Radical Historyı section in
the weekly, Iıve been fascinated by the recurrent image of the nattily
dressed capitalist or government minister with the expansive paunch.  This
image captured the essence of the relationship between the havesı and have
notsı in 19th century and early 20th century Australia.  A period when
access to enough food to keep body and soul together was a constant and
recurring theme of Australian life.
Today the reverse is true.  The rich and famous are taut, trim and terrific,
while the rest of the population continues to balloon out.  Incongruously,
the poorer people are the fatter they tend to be.  This complete reversal of
physical roles is directly related to the type of society we have become.
Refrigeration, the mass production of food, the relative abundance of cheap
processed food that is rich in fat and carbohydrate, mechanisation, the
almost universal use of the motor car and the privatisation of home cooking
by transnational franchises, has made this 19th caricature of capitalism,
Today, the well dressed company executive has access to expensive food that
is rich in protein and low in fat and carbohydrate.  If they have enough
resources theyıll have a personal gym and their own personal trainer, who
for a fee will jog and exercise with them.  Theyıll have access to the best
medical care money can buy, the most effective and expensive dieting drugs
and if all else fails, they can wander across to a neighbourhood
liposculpture clinicı.
If you peek into a meeting between management and labour, managementıs
representatives will look trim and terrific while the labour representatives
will normally be sporting expansive paunches.  It will be interesting to see
what the 21st century caricature of conspicuous consumption will be, the
Rolex watch, the sportscar or maybe as in the 19th century, the nattily
dressed ­ as we all know "clothes maketh the man" ­ ARMANI SUITS FOR ALL,
not just ex-Prime Ministers!!

One year after the collapse of the economic irrationalists showcase
Argentina, something is happening in Argentina that could have important
ramifications for political movements around the world.  Profound
disillusionment with the political process, parliament and government has
spawned a new movement in Argentina.  A movement that in many ways is very
similar to the Workers Councilı movement that flourished briefly in Hungary
1956 and France 1968.
Neighbourhood councils have been established outside traditional government
structures.  These councils act as forums for residents.  At these meetings,
people make and carry out decisions about what happens in their communities.
What we are witnessing is the embryo of a new political movement that
rejects government by the State.  The division between the Left and the
Right has become blurred as people attempt to reclaim their future.
Although embryonic, it is growing rapidly.  People faced with economic
disaster, people who have lost everything, have two choices.  They either
follow new leaders or they make their own decisions.  Today an increasing
number are taking control of their lives by creating new structures to
satisfy human needs and run their lives.
In a smaller number of cases, the neighbourhood council idea has spilled
over into the workplace.  Workers are taking over abandoned factories or are
seizing workplaces in lieu of wages owed, reestablishing production and
forming links with the emerging neighbourhood council movement.  These links
form the skeletal framework in many parts of Argentina for a new political
movement where the community owns the means of production and makes
decisions about what is produced and how itıs distributed.
What is happening in Argentina is not new.  Whatıs new is that the movement
has survived and is spreading like wildfire.  The failure of both government
and the corporate sector to deliver results has created the climate for the
emergence of a political movement, that in everything but its name, mirrors
many of the aspirations of the anarchist movement.

Joseph TOSCANO/LibertarianWorkers
for a Self-Managed Society.

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THIS WEEK'S STORIES: Former ALP Premier and Minister Says Party Now the Same
as the Liberals...Is That A Sigh of Relief Or Are You Just Dying?...A
Terrorist is Whoever We Call A Terrorist...Government May Have Been Able to
Save 353 Refugees...

A senior member of the Labor Party has quit her position in the shadow
cabinet saying the party has become basically the same as the Liberals.
Carmen Lawrence was the party's spokesperson on Aboriginal affairs. Sheıs
also a former W.A. Premier & was a Minister under the Keating govt. Dr
Lawrence said that the party's support for war with Iraq, for tax rebates
for private health insurance & for public funding for wealthy private
schools were basically the same as the Liberals. Dr Lawrence said that the
final straw was the party's new refugee policy. As a concession to refugee
supporters in the ALP, the party leadership allowed some of them to sit on
the committee that drafted the policy. However their suggestions were then
over-ruled. The policy maintains mandatory detention, doesnıt give immediate
permanent residency to proven genuine refugees & maintains the govt's
'excision' of Christmas Island from Aust. migration laws (even though the
ALP criticised the govt for this). (The Age, Dec 6).
A woman dying of lung cancer has been ordered to repay $700,000
compensation. Rolah McCabe was given the compensation after suing British
America Tobacco Australia Ltd. Mrs McCabe said that when she started
smoking, tobacco companies knew that smoking was dangerous but had hidden
this information from the public. The company destroyed internal documents
that may have effected its case. A senior partner with law firm Slater &
Gordon said that the decision "would only cause sighs of relief in corporate
boardrooms". (The Age, Dec 7).
Police in N.S.W will have the power to search without a warrant & without
reasonable suspicion under proposed new terrorism laws. Although the new
laws are supposedly designed to deal with terrorism theyıve been announced
soon after a large protest against the World Trade Organisation in Sydney.
(Sydney Morning Herald, Nov 19).
The Aust. govt may have known the exact location of the 'SIEV-X' boat & so
may have been able to save the 353 refugees who drowned when it sank. Aust.
Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty is attempting to claim
"public-interest immunity" to avoid revealing whether police used tracking
devices to trace asylum-seeker boats heading from Indonesia. Aust.
authorities have admitted knowing at the time about the boat's probable
departure but have denied any definitive knowledge about where it sank & say
they failed to spot the boat during twice-daily reconnaissance flights.
Theyıve also admitted involvement in "disruption" activities to upset the
activities of people smugglers in Indonesia & attempts to stop people
leaving, but have not given any details. (Canberra Times, Nov 22).

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for assisting John with typing, layout and printing.  Also thanks to our
latest recruit for proof reading the first five articles in the weekly ­
Johnny.  Thanks to Phil for running the internet site and to Michael, Petra
and Lotti for helping with the radio program Anarchist World This Weekı.
Also thanks to the members of the Anarchist Media Instituteı, Libertarian
Workers For A Self-Managed Societyı, Itıs Our ABCı, People Against
Repressive Legislationı and the people behind The Reclaim The Radical
Spirit Of The Eureka Rebellionı campaign.  Thanks to Anarres Books and John
Englart for their help.
All the best to our readers and subscribers, to their families and friends.

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