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(en) US, Denver, Co. RAR! Report back from the Love-in against Imperialism

From Chuck0 <chuck@mutualaid.org>
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 03:50:16 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Report back from the stop the war before it starts and love-in against 

Saturday started out in haste, from the moment that horrifying alarm went off 
at 9-fucking-am. We moved quickly, fighting the morning hangovers and 
sleep-deprivation. Guzzling a cup of coffee, and lighting that morning 
cigarette, we all piled into the 1st van on our way to city park-the 2nd was 
to arrive later with the revolutionary-slackers.

At the park, we met up with some of the kids from Ft Collins who had made 
missile strap-ons with messages such as ? war sucks cock-in a bad way,? as 
well as the rest of the radical and anarchist community that could make that 
struggle out of bed. The kids were all sexied-up in hot colors, and were 
banging on drums, and waving those beautiful pink and black flags. Some kids 
had even made themselves fairy wings. A sight for sore eyes indeed.

As the rally began, it became apparent that there were a lot more than the 
usual black-clad crazies we?ve all come to know and love this time-indeed, a 
lot of new blood. Soon the rally was ending and the RAR! (Revolutionary 
Anti-imperialist Response) was chunking together behind a banner that read: 
?by any means necessary!? and had a picture of two stick figures hugging, and 
a heart with an anarchist symbol in it.

The March started out kind of chill, but the energy began to intensify once 
we got out of the park. ?Cops here, bombs there, US out of everywhere!? soon 
turned into ? Exxon, mobil, BP, Shell: take your war and go to hell!? It 
never ceases to amaze me when people chant ?hey hey, ho ho, (insert bad 
thing) has got to go.? chants. Luckily when this happened, the RAR! folk had 
a plan and sang ?class war! the only war were fighting for is?class war!?? 
and when some of the march asked ?what do we want?? and answered ?peace!? we 
asked ?how do we get it? One solution-revolution!? At one point the mach 
stopped and all the RAR! started bouncing up and down yelling ?We?re fired 
up, can?t take no more!? and once the march was a block ahead of us, charged, 
screaming, and whooing, and the such.

When we got to the capitol, everyone gathered and danced to the 
beats-clapping, drums, and light poles. There were a lot of really good 
speakers, and ?ahem?folk music-we really need to think about the ways our 
culture and music effect would-be supporters, as well as for fucks sake, quit 
the 60?s revival. We?re a completely different movement-just ask the 
ex-marxists. Anyhoo, the mood was quite cheerful, besides the phalanxes of 
motorcycle cops and the such.

Soon the rally was getting over, and a member of the RAR! announced the 
love-in against imperialism. Much more numbers than we expected showed up, 
but who could blame them? Who doesn?t wanna smash imperialism and look sexy 
doing it? Around 150-200 sexy revolutionaries proceeded to the military 
processing center downtown, chanting one of my personal favorites ?who?s got 
sass? We got sass! stick that war up you ass!? and waving those pink and 
black flags. We arrived with our fabulous escort of 50 or so-motor cycle 
cops, and a barrage of cars, vans, and horses. Some one announced we were 
home, and of course the federal police, were there to welcome us. Everyone 
started chanting ?Make love not war!? and indeed the mass love-in as 
documented by the Denver Post: ?complete with passionate embraces and 
extended kisses? ensued. I recall shoving my tongue down one hot-ass boys 
throat. You know what they say about those anarchists and their wildness eh? 
There was a massive ?cuddle puddle? and later an artist group did a piece 
with a giant puppet in which we all screamed ?I love you? to the millions of 
dying and dead in Iraq and uncovered the giant puppet, who represnted 
America?s blindness. After more dance, play, and making out, the police 
thought they might ruin our fun-as is their job description, but we out 
smarted them and once they put up the tape, and were about to give the 
dispersal order, we started moving out again. One officer reported ? I think 
their just fucking with us.?

Soon we were back at the capitol, singing ?youth gone wild? by Skid row, and 
?baby I?m an anarchist!? and for the most part lying in the grass, and 
smoking, the police, still watching us, still wasting tax payers money?

The love-in was a lot different then the kind of activism I am used to but I 
certainly think it was effective. I hope a lot of the new folk I saw out on 
Saturday continue to come back and cultivate their revolutionary analysis, to 
as-they-say bring this motherfucker down, and of course get they love on. 
Hopefully in time we?ll make love under the light of burning barricades. All 
power to the imagination!

Look for a gathering from the folk that brought you the love-in, in mid-late 

as well as an anarchist horizontal recruitment party near Beltane?

LOOK FOR PICTURES AT http://rm.indymedia.org

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