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From "Victor Chernov" <wsany@hotmail.com>
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2002 13:22:33 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

The below is the text of a leaflet being issued by the New York-New Jersey 
Workers Solidarity Alliance in the US. Should negotiations between Local 100 
of the Transport Workers Union and the City of New York fail there may be a 
strike by 34,000 city tansit workers on Monday, December 15th.

The main issues involved are not simply wages, but dignity and safety 
issues. Last month two track workers were killed in an "accident". An 
accident that could have been prevented if proper safety measures were in 

Transit workers are also fed up with the indignities of a military style 
management approach. NYC transit workers are prohibited by law from striking 
and will have to face a tough injunction and fines as well. Should a strike 
occur, this will be the first NYC transit strike in 22 years.


"The very first thing that we did right,
was the day we began to fight,
Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on"

Too many of us working people have forgotten how to be angry when we are
kicked in the rear end by the bosses.   The NYC transport workers have shown
us how to be angry and how to show everyone that you mean it.

Too many of us have taken crumbs off of the bosses' table and told ourselves
we were sharing the meal.   The transport workers are demanding their share,
without apologies or begging.

Too many of us have bought the lies, the hype and the hysteria of the mass
media, without even looking behind the surface to see what the real story is
and who is spinning it.  The transport workers are saying don't believe the
hype, we know the truth because we live it.

It¹s time for the working people of this City to get solidly behind the
people who run the subways and busses of this City, who make it possible for
us to go about our daily business.  Have Governor Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg or
MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow (Pataki's appointee) gotten behind the steering
wheel of a bus in rush hour traffic, climbed on dangerous subway tracks, or
sat in a cramped token booth for hours?    Last we checked they don't have
any subways at Bloomberg's posh retreat in the Caribbean, nor are there any
maintenance workers or clerks at the fancy fund raising dinners that
Pataki's rich friends throw for him.   They call all say that they are for 
the people of the City against the "greedy" subway and bus workers, but let 
them look  in the mirror first if they want to see utter greed.

The media on the whole, especially that rag called the New York Post
(published by ultra rich man and union-hater Rupert Murdoch and his cronies)
beat the drum of hate against the transport workers, but why should we
believe them?  The owners of the media sit at the table with Kalikow, Pataki
and Bloomberg and the rest of their crew and enjoy the tax breaks that the
politicians vote for them year after year, and bloat themselves into obscene
standards of living.   At the same time we, those who do or have done the
work that makes it happen, go along with their agenda and their version of
how the world works.  Let's say enough, and really learn from the past,
rather than being doomed to repeat it.

No matter whether there is a strike of a settlement, win lose or draw, the
subway and bus workers of NYC have show all of us what it means to stand up
strong, to have dignity and to demand what you know is right.  Let all
working people learn from this, and let's march forward together.

Workers Solidarity Alliance
339 Lafayette Street ­ Room 202
New York, NY  10012

tel.         212-979-8353
e-mail:   wsany@hotmail.com
Website:   http://flag.blackened.net/agony/wsa

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