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(en) Black Flag #222 - Prisoners

From anarcho@geocities.com
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 03:29:43 -0500 (EST)

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PRISONERS in Uruguay - including anarchist activists - desperately need
international solidarity.
    Following a major prison mutiny the authorities are exacting
revenge, torturing and beating inmates.  3 prisoners are dead,
reportedly killed by guards.
    The mutiny broke out on 1 March in Montevideo.  Inmates rebelled
against brutality and appalling conditions, taking over and largely
destroying the inaptly named 'Liberty' jail.
    The prisoners held 10 guards hostage, to ensure that the police did
not attack and kill them all.  The guards were later released unharmed.
    Inmates' relatives demonstrated outside the jail, publicising the
prisoners' demands concerning overcrowding, maltreatment of prisoners
by the guards, a lack of medical services, etc..  While the prison was
encircled by army tanks and military helicopters clattered overhead,
the prisoners courageously held out.
    They negotiated to end the siege: the authorities agreeing that
there would be no reprisals against any prisoners and that all would be
transferred to other jails.
    Some prisoners were transferred.  But the hundreds kept in the
Libertad prison have been subjected to torture and beatings.
    Three prisoners have died.  The authorities' claims that they
committed suicide or were killed by other prisoners are not believed by
inmates' relatives who suspect murder by the guards.
    The authorities are searching for scapegoats for the rebellion,
thus there is particular concern for 2 young anarchist prisoners, the
brothers Gerardo and Miguel Jimenez, currently in Tablada prison.
    Family members on the outside have been on hunger strike, as they
fear for the brothers' lives.  Gerardo and Miguel, of Swedish
nationality, have been unjustly imprisoned for the last 3 years, for
political reasons.
Friends and family of the prisoners in Uruguay stress just how
important international solidarity is.
To find out more
Anarchist Black Cross, Buenos Aires
Info taken from April/May and May/June issues of Obrera Prisionera,
paper of Anarchist Black Cross of Iberian Peninsula: CNA, apdo.5 de
Getafe, 28901 Madrid, Spain

Satpal Ram free at last
At 7.00pm on Tuesday 18th June 2002, Satpal Ram walked through the
prison gate of HMP Blantyre House, for the last time.
    Satpal's conviction has not been quashed and though he is now out
on licence, Satpal will continue to fight the conviction, that has kept
him in prison since 1987.
    Threatened with legal action that continued imprisonment of Satpal
was unlawful the Treasury Solicitor for the Home Office threw in the
towel last Thursday and said they would release Satpal. All that was
needed to free Satpal was two signatures. Lord Woolf, the Lord Chief
Justice, put his signature to the paper on Friday. A counter signature
from a Home Office Minister, usually the prison minister, was then
needed to complete the release papers but at this stage the Home
Secretary, David Blunkett, made a personal intervention and was more
than reluctant to sign Satpal's release. He should have counter signed
the release on Friday but didn't, which meant Satpal had to spend
another weekend in prison.
    On Monday 17th and on the day of his release, numerous phone calls
to Blunkett's office brought no joy, it was becoming clear that despite
the advice of his own legal experts, Blunkett was stonewalling the
release. Satpal's legal team were advised by the Treasury Solicitor
that they stood by their original decision to release Satpal. It was
clear that Blunkett who was holding up the release against their
    Now Satpal's solicitors, felt there was no option but to go back to
court. At 6.00pm on Tuesday evening, Satpal's legal team were on their
way to the High Court to apply for an order to release Satpal when
David Blunkett conceded defeat and counter signed Satpal's release

Mark Barnsley Released from Whitemoor Prison
Justice for Mark Barnsley Campaign, are overjoyed to announce that
miscarriage of justice prisoner Mark Barnsley was finally released from
Whitemoor prison on the morning of Monday 24th June 2002.
    Mark walked out of maximum securty HMP Whitemoor to loud cheers
applause from waiting supporters. Friends, eager to welcome Mark out of
prison had travelled from around the country and included an official
delegation from the NUM, complete with their National Union banner.
    After spending over 8 years in just about every Maximum security
hell- hole the prison system has to offer, Mark is in good spirits and
obviously glad to be finally out. Mark and his campaign would like to
take ths opportunity to thank everyone who has supported him during his
wrongful imprisonment.
    Whilst Mark tries to re-build his life and adjust to living in the
outside world again the Justice for Mark Barnsley campaign will
continue to help him get the justice which is long overdue. Mark has
been released after serving two thirds of his 12 year prison sentence
but he has yet to clear his name and have his wrongful conviction
overturned. Prior to his release Mark refused to sign his licence on
the principle that he is an innocent man and freedom is his right.
    Before Mark was even released, the Police in South Yorkshire tried
to intimidate local supporters. In a very obvious attempt to make
things even harder for Mark, the place where he was intending to live
upon his release was visited by the local Police Intelligence Unit
(Special Branch). This sadly resulted in Mark losing his new home
before he was even out of prison. Thanks to friends and supporters
rallying round though, a local alternative was quckly arranged so that
Mark's release could go ahead and he at least has a decent place to
stay. This action by the Police is obviously of concern to us and we
will continue to closely monitor the situation.
     If you have Mark on your mailing lists (magazines and other
publications) please change his details to those below. Also if you'd
like to contact Mark you can now write to him at:
Mark Barnsley
C/O JfMB, PO BOX 381

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