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From Andrew <andy@dojo.tao.ca>
Date Thu, 5 Dec 2002 15:01:01 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Hi folks,

Been busy with a lot of off line stuff hence the 
lack of updates last month.  However just added 
all the material below which includes two PDF 
files, some new Zapatista communiques and a load 
of anarchist material from Britain and Ireland.

As always access via

Workers Solidarity No 73
Latest issue of the Irish anarchist paper

PDF file of Workers Solidarity No 73
Download and print out your own copy

Stop refuelling at Shannon warport
Despite the supposed neutrality of Southern 
Ireland the Irish government has been involving 
us more and more in the imperialist adventures 
of the US military. Shannon airport has become a 
key refuelling facility for US war planes en 
route between the US and the wars in Afghanistan 
and Iraq.

Shannon - Direct Action against the War ? 
Activists on the runway!
Instead of pleading with the government to not 
allow the US to use Shannon, people had acted 
directly to show there would be a price to pay 
and to inspire others to realise that with 
numbers we could make it impossible for the 
government to continue this action.

Stopping the war
While a march of 5,000 or even 10,000 in Dublin 
won't effect government policy, similar numbers 
tearing down the fence in Shannon and taking 
over the entire airport would. With those sort 
of numbers we could physically stop Shannon 
being used and physically dismantle any war 
planes we caught on the ground

Review: Refueling Peace 
A web site with the very specific purpose, to 
"monitor and stop US military flights refuelling 
in Ireland".

Clerical rapists and the Irish state
Given all that we now know about the organised 
cover-up of what happened in Catholic 
institutions, churches and hospitals it is fair 
to say that if any other organised group were 
guilty of the same offences there would be 
charges brought of "conspiracy to pervert the 
course of justice".

Become a supporter of this paper
Over the next year we hope that at least a 
couple of dozen people will become supporters of 
this paper. In that case we will be able to 
expand production to 8 issues a year each with a 
print run of 8,000.

Corruption in politics
The Flood Report will, by itself, change 
nothing, except, perhaps, to induce more caution 
to the thicker element of the ruling class, but 
it does provide one useful service: it makes it 
clear that the wealthy have a dominant influence 
in affairs of state

Libertarians Against Nice: Requiem for a Dream
LAN fought the campaign on many fronts. From 
Limerick to Louth, Kinsale to Kildare, Dundalk 
to Donegal the battle raged. Even in Dublin we 
put up a fight. 50,000 (count 'em) leaflets were 
distributed, hundreds of posters of various 
types went up.

Workers Self-management in Argentina
Details of the occupied factories and 
neighbourhood assemblies in Argentina

Review: Berlusconi's Mousetrap
In July 2001 over a quarter of a million people 
gathered to protest against the G8 in Genoa. The 
Italian state responded to these demonstrations 
with violent repression. Eighteen thousand cops 
were drafted into the city; they beat and gassed 
thousands of people off the streets, arrested 
hundreds and shot one young Italian man in the 

Review: Anarchism and Anarchist Communism by 
Peter Kropotkin
This is one of the most excellent introductions 
to Anarchism, putting paid to the usual 
objections to the system, synonymous as it has 
become, wrongly, with disorganisation and chaos.

SIPTU election changes nothing
The big lesson from this contest is how weak the 
opposition in SIPTU is. 6.7% is not a good vote! 
There is no opposition network, simply a number 
of individuals who are fairly isolated from each 

Grassroots Gathering Mark III - Another Great 
The last weekend in October saw over 120 
anarchists and other libertarian activists 
converge on Belfast for the third Grassroots 

International News
Short items on envirnomentalist action in the 
Netherlands and a letter from a Refusenik from 
the Israeli army

Thats capitalism
Short items on slavery in Brazil and poverty all 
over the world

Stop refuelling at Shannon warport
Shannon airport in offically 'neutral' southern 
Ireland has been used for at least a decade to 
refuel US war planes. This page details 
opposition in Ireland to the role the Irish 
government has chosen to play in the US 
imperialist adventures.

Shut Shannon Warport
The Grassroots Gathering, an island-wide network 
of grassroots activists, has called a protest at 
Shannon airport for Sunday December 8th, 
beginning at 2pm

Anarchism and Freedom
Talk given at the Irish Workers Solidarity 
Movement 2001 day school "Ideas and Action"

Another World is Possible: Anarchist 
Alternatives to capitalism
Talk given at Scottish Anarchist Federation day 
school on November 9th, 2002

Anarchism and Marxism
Full version of a talk given the Scottish 
Anarchist Federation day school on November 9th, 
2002 on the real differences between Anarchism 
and mainstream Marxism.

Politics and Industrial Relations in the Media: 
A Guide for the Perplexed
A dictionary to help understand media bullshit. 
Inspired by the current firefighters strike in 

Making history or just repeating it?
PDF file of Making history or just repeating it?
A leaflet discussing why socialism and 
electioneering do not go together. Available in 
pdf format and in four parts:

Making history or just repeating it?
Socialism or Social Democracy?

Ideas to change the world or just the bosses?
For a socialism that liberates!

Health, Wealth and Inequality
An article on inequality in the UK and the 
effects of inequality on health.

Blast from the Past, and Back to the Future
Overview of the claims of right-wing guru Hayek 
on unions and the reality of Thatcherism

The Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War by 
Robert Alexander
Review of the two volume work on the role of the 
anarchists in the Spanish Revolution

City of Darkness, City of Light by Marge Piercy
Review of Piercy's great novel set in the French 

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser
Lengthy review of an excellent exposure of the 
nature and effects of the fast food industry

How we shall bring about the revolution by Emile 
Pataud and Emile Pouget
Review of the French syndicalist revolutionary 
utopian novel.

Evolution and Environment by Peter Kropotkin
Review of volume 11 of The Collected Works of 
Peter Kropotkin, which includes his classic 
"Modern Science and Anarchism."

Freedom Fighters by Joao Freire
Review of a book on the role of Anarchist 
Intellectuals, Workers and Soldiers in 
Portugal's History

We are in silence - and the silence is not being 
This letter from subcommadante Marcos gives some 
hints as to why the Zapatista CCRI has remained 
silent so long.

Account of the Events
A brief letter and poem from subcommadante 
Marcos for a Zapatista history museum written in 

They killed our companero, Jose' Lo'pez Santiz, 
through treachery
Seven autonomous municaplities near Altamirano 
in Chiapas release two joint statements on the 
killing of a companero

access via

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3000 + pages on anarchism, Ireland, Zapatistas
revolutionary history and struggles around globalisation

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