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From <oap@linkeseite.zzn.com>
Date Wed, 4 Dec 2002 07:17:57 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

City in revolt!
Ozarow is a small city near Warsaw, know for his factory of cables 
and in last days also for continuous riots. 
Workers of the factory were on strike, occupying their factory, which 
was closed by ruthless capitalist scum Boguslaw Ciupal, owner of two 
similar factories in Poland. Ciupal bought factory in Ozarow and 
according to the rules of "fee market" he closed this one, despite of 
his promises that he will not do it. By this way his other factories 
can increase profits.  But people from factory had other plans. They 
didn't want to surrender and accept few alternative jobs proposed by 
Tele-Fonika (company of Ciupal) . After 219 days of occupation and 
talks with company and government , on 26th of Novemebr few buses 
full of security guards from IMPEL SECURITY came during a night and 
attacked protesting workers, and after few minutes of intense 
resistance throew them out of factory. At least few people were 
injured and taken to hospital. Security guards were drunk and 
exteemely brutal, spraying CS gas on old women and beating up 
everyone around. Cops just stood and watched and when some workers 
started attacking security guards, police entered action and arrested 
some workers. ( http://www.fko.prv.pl/  look for photosd on a right 
side of the web site on link "galeria"). Protest entered its most 
militant phase- workers were blocking highway  and some skirmishes 
with police errupted. Company started taking cables and equipment out 
of factory with TIR trucksa and workers each time tried to block it, 
but were stopped from that by presence of 600-700 riot cops with 
watercannon who pushed workers from the road and attacked and 
arrested most aggresive ones. In next days protests were joined by 
small groups of anarchists coming from all over country. We brought 
new quality into action. First of all, workers were moved by our 
soildarity and we received all their hospitality and help we could 
imagine in such a serious situation. Soon we started harassing 
security guards in more organized way and they started living in 
state of permanetn siege, hiding inside factory behing barricades 
they built to be protected from us. All day and night they were 
attacked by black bloc, workers and small group of local hooligans 
(who at the end became almost anarchists!) with heavy firecrackers, 
rockets, smoke bombs, molotovs, stones, metal projectiles shot from 
slingshots. Crew of security guards operating water cannon from one 
of the windows was teargassed when they stopped shooting water for a 
moment and had to withdraw to upper level. Especially gueards with 
cameras were continuously harassed and had to hide all the time.  

Also cops faced more resistance than usual with firecrackers and 
molotovs being thrown on them. Press officer of Tele-Fonika, lying 
bastard Jurczynski said, that they were faced with "professional 
group of rioters". Lots of workers were amazed by our way of 
fighting. Anarchist also participated in ambushes on TIR trucks 
leaving factory, which were attacked way throught the city. Together 
about 40 trucks were damaged, with broken windshields, mirrors, 
punctured tyres and other damages. As for now new negotiations with 
workers started, but government is willing to talk only after over a 
week of heavy riots. Class war is still ragind and direct action 
proves to be working. People from Ozarwo are very determined, 
although at the same time quite desperate and all signs of solidarity 
are important for them. Anarchists are still present on bockades and 
on next weekend more of us are heading to Ozarow to express our 
soluidarity with striking workers. So far about 40 people are charged 
with various offences, among them 3 anarchists. These are moslty 
misdemenaour charges of public disorder, destruction of property 
etc.  3 anarchists were also forbidden by police from the area, but 
breached that and managed to sneak into camp of strikers. Seems that 
workers will need assistance of ABC groups soon, but we will inform 
you about details. 
Struggle continues! CLASS WAR till the end! Solidarity with Ozarow!

oap - leipzig (international 
contacts), c/o infoladen, 
koburger str.03, 04277

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