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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No.527 2nd December ­ 8th December, 2002

From Phil McCrory <philmcc@melbpc.org.au>
Date Wed, 4 Dec 2002 04:45:04 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


On Tuesday December the 3rd, radical activists reclaimed the radical spirit
of the Eureka rebellion. At 4:00 a.m. they gathered at the Eureka stockade
site in Ballarat, Southern Cross in the sky. Waiting for dawn to break, they
spoke about the importance and the significance of the day to them,
celebrating the sacrifices made 148 years ago by people who swore by "the
Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights
and liberties".

Later on in the morning our numbers increased as we marched to Bakery Hill
and back to the Eureka stockade site behind a huge banner that shouted
"Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion". The Eureka rebellion
was based on three fundamental principles that are as important today as
they were in 1854 ­ Direct Democracy: important decisions about the
direction of the movement were made at mass meetings at Bakery Hill that
were attended by up to 12,000 people; Direct Action: the stockades used
extra-parliamentary means and strategies to achieve their aims; Solidarity:
they understood the importance of mutual aid and worked together to achieve
their objectives. 

It was very sad to see how little effort was made to celebrate the 148th
anniversary of the Eureka rebellion in Ballarat and in the rest of Australia
on the day it occurred ­ the 3rd of December. We were the only people there
at dawn, and, apart from one lecture, it seems their were no other events in
Ballarat to mark the day on the 3rd of December, the day the rebellion was
crushed in a sea of blood. Eureka has and continues to play an important
role in the Nation's psyche. If we are not careful, the 150th anniversary
celebrations in 2004 run the very real risk of becoming a sanitised tourist
spectacular that will ignore the radical nature of the rebellion and its
significance today.

Those unions that use the Eureka flag should be fighting to have the 3rd
December declared a holiday in upcoming enterprise bargaining agreements.
The 3rd December should be declared a public holiday so people can reflect
on and celebrate the day. Irrespective of whether itıs a public holiday or
not, we should take the day off on December 3rd and celebrate the radical
spirit of the Eureka rebellion, a spirit that is as important today as it
was in 1854. See you at the Eureka stockade site at Ballarat for the 149th
anniversary celebrations on December 3rd, 2003. If you can't make it, take
the day off, organise your own celebrations and reclaim the radical spirit
of the Eureka rebellion.

The first real test faced by the new Bracks Labor government is their
commitment to electoral reform. While the Victorian Labor government
governed as a minority government and believed it would never win a majority
in the upper house, they were very keen to promote electoral reform. During
the election campaign, they used the Liberalsı unwillingness to pass upper
house reform as one of their major electoral platforms.

Now that the Labor Party finds itself with a massive majority in the Lower
house and a majority in the upper house, it will be interesting to see how
passionate they are about electoral reform, especially upper house reform.
The Bracks Labor government has been swept back into office with the
expectation that they will implement their promises. Whether they do or
don't will be instrumental in whether the current good will they enjoy will
evaporate. Upper house reform is a litmus test of the government's
credibility. If they baulk at the challenge, because they have a majority in
both houses of parliament, it's highly likely that levels of dissatisfaction
with the political process will rise dramatically.

The Greens have demonstrated that the levels of disillusionment with the
main political parties and the political process are growing. If they don't
start winning seats soon, it's possible that their supporters will abandon
electoral politics and became involved in the direct democratic, direct
action movement ­ a movement that is growing as a consequence of the
inability of parliamentary politics to tackle, let alone solve the problems
that we face as a society.

Mandates for change mean nothing if those in power are not willing to use
the power they have to carry out the promises they made to the electorate.
Poor John Winston Howard, Prime Minister of Australia. It seems the poor
fellow has finally lost his marbles. Thinking that he's a clone off the
George Bush tree, our beloved Prime Minister has dropped the bombshell that
Australia's military forces would, if necessary, strike anywhere at anytime,
invited or not, to destroy the scourge of terrorism.

Sounds very good indeed, until you realise that what Howard is proposing is
a unilateral declaration of war. It's one thing going to war against a
Nation-State if the country is attacked. It's another thing invading another
country because Australia has decided that there are people in that country
who are working against Australia's interests. Instead of working towards
forming a regional alliance to battle the problem of indiscriminate
violence, Howard's more interested in taking actions that could result in a
declaration of war against Australia.

Howard, a so-called political master, has no idea of the consequences of
what he has said. For far too long, people have given this man credit for
being in touch with political reality. Howard's policies and his ability to
date to tap into the racist underbelly of this country has allowed him to
win the support of the Australian people for his policies.

It's one thing playing Mr. Tough-guy when dealing with refugees in leaky
boats, sending in the SAS to deal with them; it's another thing launching a
strike on another countryıs soil. Howard's inability to understand the
consequences of his statements ­ statements ranging from we are the United
States deputy in the region to his unqualified support for United States
foreign policy, to his latest statement that if carried out would have
justified an Indonesian invasion of Australia because of Australia's support
for the East Timorese struggle ­ are the words of a man who has been blinded
by his own self-importance for far too long and who long ago passed his
use-by date. 

Paralysed by the possibility of a double dissolution election, the Federal
ALP is continuing to jettison what few principles they have and are allowing
legislation to pass in the Senate that they have blocked in the past. It
seems The Labor Party is about to abandon two important pieces of
legislation because they're not willing to stare down the United States
deputy ­ John Howard.

Caucus will, if no pressure is placed on them, allow legislation to be
passed in the Senate that will place "mutual obligation" hurdles on
disability support pensioners and single parents. If this legislation is
passed, it will make hell the lives of some of the most disadvantaged
members of our community.

After a great deal of pressure was placed by activists in this country on
the Federal ALP, they were shamed in to blocking the ASIO bill ­ a bill that
if passed would have given ASIO draconian new powers that would have
resulted in the loss of rights and freedoms that have taken us hundreds of
years of struggle to achieve.

Well, it seems the Federal ALP is about to roll over in this piece of
legislation and allow most of the ASIO bill through the Senate. In their
rush not to give Howard the trigger for a double dissolution election, they
will allow ASIO to interrogate people in secret, as young as 14, for up to a
week, if they believe they might have information that could assist them in
their investigations, without charges being laid, let alone proved. The only
concession they are willing to make is that ASIO will not be given powers of
arrest. This power will be given to the Federal Police. Allowing the Federal
police to arrest anyone so that ASIO can interrogate them is an
exceptionally dangerous precedent because it removes what few legal rights
we have in this country against arbitrary arrest, detention and
interrogation. It's ironic that they want to exercise the very same powers
that those dictatorial governments and movements that they are fighting use.
The pressure on the ALP political machine needs to be maintained. Without
community resistance, the ALP will roll over tomorrow and give that
old-fashioned warmonger, Howard, the power to pursue his first strike
agenda, and crush any local opposition to his policies.

The Greensı ability to capture around 10% of the vote in the Victorian State
election is the shot in the arm that the parliamentary system needed. Long
suffering from "relevance deprivation", parliament was becoming an easy
target for our campaign to promote direct democracy as an alternative to
parliamentary rule. It seems that the re-introduction of what at first may
seem to be radical alternatives in the parliamentary mix has given
parliament, a system that was believed to be moribund by an increasing
number of electors, a new lease of life.

Looking at the Victorian State election results, especially those results in
the inner city seats where The Greens were able to garner over 20% of the
vote, has resulted in a reduction in the informal vote in those seats. The
informal vote is usually a very good barometer of the level of
disillusionment with parliamentary politics.

Although it would be "nice" to see a significant Green presence in
parliament, their presence will not alter the two fundamental problems with
parliamentary rule: real power does not lie in parliament, it lies in the
boardrooms of national and transnational corporations; and representative
democracy is democracy in name only. The struggle to destroy the illusion
that parliamentary activism is worthwhile is one that we still need to
pursue. If we don't, we will lose the little momentum we have been able to
create about the limitations of parliamentary rule.

I believe, irrespective of who sits in parliament, at the end of the day,
parliamentary democracy is nothing more than two minutes of illusory power.
If activists leave the parliamentary arena to those who want to be elected
to parliament, we run the very real risk of finding that debate about
alternatives to parliamentary rule will evaporate. We encourage you to think
about joining Vote Informal Today Direct Democracy Tomorrow and issue a real
challenge to the parliamentary myths.

Q. What roles have and do the self-employed play in an anarchist movement?
A.   Marxism, more correctly the decomposing body of todayıs Marxism
thought, has dismissed the anarchist movement as "petit bourgeois" ­ as
little capitalists trying to become big capitalists.  The anarchist movement
has a long history of incorporating the self-employed who provide services
as well as the lumpen proletarian in its ranks, while the Marxist movement
has concentrated on recruiting workers who sell their labour.
Anarchism has a long history of incorporating the self-employed, especially
those that provide services without employing labour in the movement for
radical egalitarian change.  The security and job for a lifetime mentality
that saw the growth of wage slavery in the 20th century, is being replaced
with a new category of workers ­ contract workers who sell services to
companies.  The solidarity and strength inherent in a unionised workforce is
slowly being replaced with the unequal relationship that exists between
individuals who provide services and monopolies who buy these services.  The
inequality in the relationship has created a group of people who have to
work long hours, pay government charges and taxes with no holiday or sick
pay for very poor returns.
The self-employed in anarchist Spain during the Spanish Revolution, waiters,
barbers, newspaper sellers, prostitutes, small shop owners and many other
self-employed people, formed the backbone of the anarchist resistance.  They
were attracted to the collectivist ideas promoted by the anarchist movement
because they saw it as a way of escaping the drudgery and long hours they
had to work to survive.  By forming collectives, they were able to take
holidays, reduce the hours they worked and were able to use their collective
strength to obtain a reasonable return for their efforts.  In the 21st
century the increasing number of self-employed people in the workforce who
work long hours and battle government bureaucracy to make ends meet, may be
just the shot in the arm that the anarchist movement needs in these
difficult times when the State and the corporate sector dominate all facets
of our lives.

If you take a pick to the past, you are sure t find more than old cans,
animal bones and pieces of pottery.  Any exhumation of a communityıs
collective consciousness will be rewarded with a treasure trove of
experiences and ideas.  Unfortunately, most people donıt think about the
past, believing that we have always had what we currently enjoy.  If you
have time on your hands, youıre in a great position to start digging for the
past, not just your family history but the history of your locality.  Start
by going down to your local library or even your local newspaper office,
they may have a collection of old newspapers that could give you an insight
into what people did, how they acted, what was important to them and how
they orgaised.
There may be a historical society that concentrates on local history, in
your neck of the woods.  Even if you donıt get on with them, they may have
access to records that could help you understand what has occurred in your
part of the world.  When you look at the historical record, forget about the
lives of the rich and powerful and build a picture about how people lived,
how they helped each other out and what they were able to achieve.
By exploring the past, you will be able to help the people youıre involved
with learn from the successes and failures of the past and incorporate those
lessons in the way you organise and the way you tackle a problem today.  If
youıre getting on in life, take the time to put down your thoughts on a tape
or write them down.  Your experiences will die with you if you donıt take
the time to record them and pass them on to future generations.  What you
may think is irrelevant, may just be the missing piece of the puzzle that
todayıs activists are searching for.

The strike by 100,000 London dockers and other labourers in August 1889,
evoked widespread sympathy in Australia.  The dock-workerıs demands were
very reasonable, a wage of sixpence an hour and the abolition of contract
(piece) work.  By the end of August, the dockerıs London strike committee
had run out of funds and the dock-workers were about to be starved back to
The radical journalist William Lane, had championed the dock-workers cause
in the Brisbane Observer and when the news reached Brisbane that the strike
committee had run out of funds, the Australian Labor Federation took up the
issue and began a drive for strike funds.  The Mayor William Galloway
chaired the Brisbane mass meeting, organised by the A.L.F. to raise funds.
The Queensland parliamentarians chipped in 236 pounds towards the fund, the
Speaker personally handed over 10 pounds.  Football clubs, workers,
employers, the Brisbane Stock Exchange, banks and even the Salvation Army
contributed.  The Salvation Army sent the profits made by selling its
newspaper The Warcryı across to the London strike committee.
In Adelaide, the mass meeting called to raise funds, was attended by the
Premier and chaired by the Mayor.  Within a few weeks over 30,000 pounds had
been raised and sent over to the London strike committee.  The London dock
companies resistance to abolishing piece work and paying a living wage soon
collapsed and the London dock-workers returned to work on September the
16th, winning their demands as a direct result of the timely support that
arrived from Australia.
Australian workers and employers were sympathetic to the London dock-workers
because most imports to Australia arrived from England.  A prolonged strike
would have disrupted business in Australia, so no wonder Australia employers
were willing to chip in funds to help end the dock-workers strike in London.
An unexpected consequence of the London dock-workers strike was a rush by
unskilled workers, both in Australia and Britain, to join established unions
and form new ones.
Material for this article was sourced from The Bitter Fightı by Joe Harris,
University of Queensland Press 1970, ISBN 07022 0613X.

Crimethinc Free Press 2002, www.crimethinc.com
This little pamphlet is an attempt by a group of United States based
anarchists to drag anarchist thought into the 21st century.  In a
publication thatıs strongly reminiscent of a number of surrealist tracts,
they both deny and accept our collective past, trying to explain the past,
understand the present and reclaim the future.  The front cover of this
little pamphlet in many ways encapsulates their ideas.  A picture of an
urban metropolis is slowly peeled away to expose a pre-civilisation rural
"Fighting For Our Lives" is divided into a number of distant sections.
Overtureı (a true story) gives a very brief historical overview of the
anarchist past intertwining emotion, feeling and fact.  Dear Aunty Joyce
You May Already Be An Anarchistı touches on the aspects of everyday life
that makes all of us anarchists in one way or another. -  "The root of
anarchism is the simple impulse to do it yourself everything else flows from
this".  Preface A Genealogy of Forceı examines the undercurrent of violence
inherent within civilised society.
After an incisive start, the authors seem to lose their way, denying our
collective past trying to recreate the future by defining and redefining
anarchy, losing themselves in a debate that slowly becomes meaningless.  In
Does Anarchy Workı, Anarchy Not Anarchismı, Is This What Democracy Looks
Likeı, The Economics Of Anarchyı, Civic Hedonismı, A Fellowship Of
Friends And Loversı, Self-Determination Begins At Homeı, Direct Action
Gets The Goodsı, All Gods All Mastersı and Every God On Atheistı, the
authors hope against hope that the struggle for individual
self-determination will somehow create that new world in their hearts.
Not a position, but a proposition encapsulates their proposal.  The phrase
"Everyone having their own idea a is more anarchist than everyone having the
Anarchist Idea", the mantra emblazoned on their masthead, can easily become
their Achilles heel.  Create Momentumı their final thoughts on revolution,
is just one cog in an endless series of cogs that are needed to be fashioned
and refashioned to create the conditions for egalitarian social change.
"Fighting For Our Lives" is just one in a series of new books, pamphlets,
leaflets, internet sites, community radio and television stations that is
trying to make anarchism relevant in an age when human and social
relationships are defined by what we consume, not what we do or how we
interact.  Whether how they have approached this challenge is relevant and
useful is debatable.  What isnıt debatable, is the challenge they have
thrown to other anarchists to review their ideas and activities.
The pamphlet is available from Free Press, P.O. BOX 1963, OLYMPIA WA 98507,
WA, UNITED STATES or can be downloaded from www.crimethinc.com.  Thanks to
James from Canberra for providing me with the review copy of this pamphlet.

I know a man, who knows a man Iıve met once or twice, who owns a black and
white dog, nothing remarkable really.  Although our friend has a major
alcohol problem (if he doesnıt have a drink in the morning, he starts
shaking by 11.00 am), he works a day here a day there as a labourer.  Our
friend loves cricket (yes there are a few cricket tragics out there) and he
loves his whiskey and coke.  The highlight of his life is his annual
pilgrimage to the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne.  If there is a man who
thinks sport is a religion, this is the man.  The Melbourne Cricket Ground
on Boxing Day is this manıs Holy manger in Bethlehem and Mecca in Saudi
Arabia rolled into one.
Unfortunately, September 11th has had a major impact on this manıs life.  In
the past, he mixed his whiskey and coke in 2-litre plastic bottles and
passed the cursory security checks at the M.C.G.  Last year his bottles were
confiscated when a security guard noticed that the seals on his bottles were
broken.  He spent most of the Boxing Day Test lining up in impossible
queues, buying beer in plastic cups to quench his remarkable thirst for
ethanol, missing the action on the ground.
This year, heıs come up with what he believes is a foolproof method of
smuggling his three 2-litre bottles of whiskey and coke into the M.C.G. on
Boxing Day.  After exercising his mind about the problem for almost 6
months, he went down to the needle exchange program that his local council
runs for heroin accidents and has picked up a number of 1ml syringes.
While watching sport on television (what else do you expect him to watch,
the news, cartoons of Bambi), he has used a 1ml syringe to withdraw two
litres of coke from the bottom of a plastic bottle, mixed it liberally with
whiskey and has re-injected it back through the small hole he made in the
bottom of the plastic bottle.  He has then used a glue gun to seal the hole.
Hey presto, no broken seal on the bottle top, no tell tale mark on the
bottom of the plastic bottle.  When you think about it, our friend had to
fill his 1ml syringe 4,000 times to withdraw and refill his 2-litre bottle.
I believe it took him a week of solid television watching to conquer his
personal Everest.
Donıt laugh, heıs happy heıll be able to slip through the security cordon at
the M.C.G. with his liquid gold, sit where he always sits and worship in the
way heıs accustomed to worshipping.  As far as heıs concerned, the time heıs
wasted is a small price to pay for the right to practice his religion in the
manner heıs accustomed to.

Henry Kissinger octogenarian, Nobel Prize Peace winner, terrorist and mass
murderer, has crowned a lifetime of service to the United States military
industrial complex by being appointed to George (F) Bushıs (F stands for
fraudulent) investigative team examining the United States biggest
intelligence failure. - The failure of its bloated intelligence agencies
predicting the attacks on the Pentagon and New York Twin Towers.
The man who authorised the secret bombing of Cambodia, creating the
conditions that spawned the murderous Khmer Rouge administration; the man
who used Americaıs intelligence agencies to unleash a war of genocide on the
American Black Panthers, has been asked to sit on the investigating
committee into the United States Secret Service agencies.  It was
interesting to note that a man who has never let the facts get in his way
stated "we will go where the facts lead us"ı.
Not that I want to preempt the committeeıs final recommendations, but itıs
obvious that the United States intelligence faux pas is directly linked to
its reliance on electronic surveillance.  Having access to every telephone
call, fax and email message sent in the world wasnıt going to do you much
good if you donıt have agents on the ground.  The United States success
against the Black Panthers and the American Indian movement was directly
linked to its ability to infiltrate the group they had targeted.
Using intelligence gathered on the ground, they manipulated the truth to
create a climate that led to the destruction of both movements.  By using
informers, agents, provocateurs, placing pressure on individuals within the
movement and flooding the movement with cheap hard drugs, they were able to
initially isolate and eventually destroy any attempts to create a movement
that could have challenged the United States military industrial complex.
Iım more than sure that, that old war criminal Henry Kissinger will come up
with the goods that will allow the American Secret Service to relive its
glory days.  As everyone knows, you need a terrorist to catch a terroristıı
and Henry Kissinger fits the bill to a tee.
Joseph TOSCANO/LibertarianWorkers
for a Self-Managed Society.

Director: John Sayles. 1984 USA. 108 min.
Joe Morton portrays a mute, Black Alien who is on the run from "men in
black" cops (one is John Sayles). He ends up in Harlem amongst the barflies,
video-game players, and with his unusual powers disrupts a heroin racket.
Learning of the Earth's slave history he's given refuge by the current
Take the A train.
***politics   ***entertainment.
John Sayles debut flick was Return of The Seacaucus Seven, 1979, (60's
counter-culture survivors re-unite ten years on); then made Lianna, 1982
(celebrating lesbian experience);  Baby It's You, 1982 (leaving school
becoming hippy or "lounge-singer"); the classic Matewan, 1987 (about
collective action in West Virginia mining community); Eight Men Out, 1988
(set in the 1919 World Series baseball game) The City Of Hope, 1991 (New
Jersey, New York stories of community enduring economic breakdown); Sayles'
more recent "independent" flix are Lone Star, Passion Fish  & Secret of Roan
Sayles' subjects and locations (& budgets!) vary but he always shows
humanity & environmental awareness. These are all weekly hires thus cheap,
good viewing. Sayles wrote a short story collection The Anarchist's
Convention, and a novel Union Dues, that maybe found in better libraries or
second hand bookshops. Sayle's latest film, Sunshine State, was on and off
quickly from the Art House cinema circuit. It shows Developer's "progress"
puts 'nature on a leash' at a Florida seacoast town.

 BICEL No.13, Sept2002, Fundacion de Estudes Libertararios, Paseo Alberto
Palacios MMM 2.28021, MADRID, SPAIN, Tel:91 7970424, Fax:91 5052188
 CNT No.282, Sept02, Organo de la Conferedacion Nacional del Trabajo, Avda
Constitucion 21,9a, 18014 Granada, SPAIN, Tel:958289009, Fax:958288992,
jlgrua@ugr.es redaccion@periodcocnt.org
 LE LIBERTAIRE  No.229, Nov 2002, Revue de synthese anarchiste, Boite
Postale 745, 76060  Leitavre Cedex FRANCE Tel:(0148414594),
www.le-libertaire.org, libertaire@normandnet.fr
 SEME ANARCHICS Vol.23 No.4 Oct.2002, Periodico di Pensiero Anarchico, C/-
Eisa Di Bernardo, C.P. 150, 56100 PISA, ITALY
 THE STRATEGY Vol.11 No.132 Dec/Jan 2002, 334 Commercial Rd, Yarram 3971
Victoria AUSTRALIA Tel:03 51826002, Email:strategy@net.tech.co.com.au
EDITORS NOTE: We have a policy of listing all publications we receive.
The Strategy publishes articles examining topics that are of great interest
to the Australian lunar right.GET

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THIS WEEK'S STORIES: Breaking And Entering to be Legalised...The 'I'd Quite
Like A Holiday In The Pacific' Solution...It's Not Assault When Your Boss
Does It....No Connection Between Refugees, & Terrorists Trying to Enter
Australia...Quote of the week.

Police will have the power to secretly break into people's homes & cars in
order to search them, under new laws proposed by Victorian Premier Steve
Bracks. (The Age, Nov 23).
The govt's 'Pacific Solution' to refugees has cost 34 times its budget. The
Dept of Immigration spent $71.4 million on consultants in the 12 months to
June 30, up from $2.1 million the previous year. P.M. John Howard's
hard-line stance on asylum seekers is now the single expense in terms of
hiring private consultants. Immigration shot from the smallest spender on
consultancies in 2000-01 to the biggest spender last year. Construction of
the new asylum seeker processing centre on Christmas Island will cost $153.7
million, as well as operating costs of $34.4 million over 4 years.
(Courier-Mail, Nov 18).
No asylum seeker has been rejected for entry into Aust. on 'security
grounds' (that is, because of links to terrorist groups). (Sydney Morning
Herald, Nov 18). 
An employer who burned an employee with a cigarette & an aerosol can has
been fined only $8000. Kenneth Joachim Wosgein, owner of Campbellfield
company All About Sheetmetal, pleaded guilty in Broadmeadows Magistrates
Court of "failing to provide a safe system of work & adequate supervision of
employees", after he attacked & racially abused one of his workers over a
period of several months. The worker ­ whoıs not been named - said he was
called a wog or a chocolate frog & punched & burnt with cigarette butts. Mr
Wosgein admitted to burning the worker with a cigarette & to burning his
tracksuit pants with an aerosol can. (Courier-Mail, Nov 19).
Quote of the week: "Talking with a child-care consultant once, I mentioned
an American child psychologist, Ron Lally, whose research showed that the
overall size of a creche matters. For children 'small is beautiful'. She
burst out 'but Anne, those small centres are the least economic'". (Anne
Manne, journalist, writing in the Age, Nov 23.)

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Has been awarded to the terroristıs terrorist Henry Kissinger, for his
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