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(en) Sweden, Antifascist 30th november

From Mikael Altemark <altemark@home.se>
Date Sun, 1 Dec 2002 03:46:21 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Here is a report on some of the anti-fascist activity in Sweden on the 30th of 
november. But first some history to clear things up. 

1716 the Swedish king Karl 
XII moved to Lund and lived at the Katedral-school, this is the connection to 
the city of Lund. His time of governance was one of the most unfortunate for 
Sweden. To finance his war-expeditions he let the people starve. He was not a 
racist though, and brought a large number of immigrants from Turkey. The 30th 
November 1718 he is shot during his war in Norway, and this is the central 
date of what happened after that. 1853 national romanticist student 
organisations begin to celebrate his memory with torchlight manifestations. 
In 1921 the demonstrations have ceased and the university disavows itself 
of the controversial celebration. Nationalist groups in Lund form an 
organization to use the tradition, which gets more and more openly nazi. 

The counterdemonstrations are initiated during the 70's, and gathers a 
broad spectrum of antiracists from the different political youth movements, 
the left and the immigrant community in Lund. The libertarian socialists 
form the organisation "People against Nazism" in 1984. 1988-90 the heat is 
on when the infiltration of racist skinheads and openly nazi element in 
the memorial demonstration increases. The law against agitation against 
ethnic groups existed, but hadn't yet gone into effect (!). At the same 
time massive police forces were mobilised (200-600 men costing between 
1 and 2 million kronor) in defence of the train. Lund is from now on a 
besieged city the 30th November, with police vehicles, barriers and 
containers in Lundagård and on streets and squares. A curfew is discussed 
and some shop owners close their stores. The racists are on their way to 
control over the streets in Lund. The politicians talk about silencing the 
problem to death and tell youth not to march against racism!

But over 2000 persons gathered despite all this. A blockade at the Södergatan 
supported by Danish antiracists prevents the march and the police with their 
bodies. During the night - after the demonstration was finished - the 
frustrated police force attack anti-racists outside Smålands nation, which 
triggers street fighting.

Similarly the march is prevented also the next year. In 1993 the fascists cop 
out again but police arrest 500 anti-racist youths. These events were huge 
successes in suppressing the nazi marches around Sweden and shows the special 
ties the event has to Lund.
Antifascist 30th november in Sweden

Translated from a report on Swedish libertarian activist portal 

Skåne region

The year before antifascists in Skåne celebrated that they for exactly 10 years 
ago put an end to the nazi marches on the 30th November in the town of Lund. 
The year before 20 nazis hade tried to march in Lund, whereafter they were 
chased away by antifascists. Last year the nazis also took the chance to hold 
a memorial march in Malmö, when all antifascists were in Lund, when Mikael 
Krussel, the nazi that the police shot in the back of the head the 29th November 
1991. But the info about their march spread quickly and antifascists managed 
to mobilize to Malmö and attack the fascists physically after a youth gang 
already had beat them up totally.

This year the antifascists in Skåne decided that they must have check on the 
place where they usually put down a garland of flowers for Krussell. On 
Friday (29th November) a number of antifascists patrolled Erikslust in Malmö 
where the ceremony usually happens. Not surprisingly some 10 nazis were 
discovered on the spot. When they realized that they were spotted they chose, 
armed with telescope batons, to attack three antifascists in the park. These 
were forced to retreat out to the street, where the fascists were physically 
attacked and chased away soon after.

The day thereafter, November 30th, a demonstration was held in Lund with the 
slogan "Offensive antifascism". The demonstration was a success with about 
250 participants. The demonstration was infiltrated by several undercover 
cops and was filmed by a gang of fascists along the way. All remaind calm 
though. At the same time our demo started nazis took the chance to hold a 
mini-march in Helsingborg, with 33 participants.

/ Antifascists from Skåne


This years 30th novemberdemonstration only attracted between 100-150 
antiracists. This was because bad information from the arrangers of the 
demonstration. They were out only a few days before the demonstration. The 
extra-parliamentary left hade more participants in the demo than both young 
left and the left party together.

The spirit was good and the slogans echoed on one of the parade streets of 
Norrköping, full of Saturday shopping families. As usual the police had 
mistook the day and watched the entrance of the fur store Southern Fur with 
two riot police. Everything was wrapped up at the main square where Ali 
Esbati of Young Left spoke and a member from the Syndicalist Youth 
Federation in Norrköping held a speech against racism and xenophobia. 
A rumour circulated that the nazi organisation National Socialist Front would 
stage a demonstration or some kind of activity in Norrköping. The police 
confirmed that the nazis were planning something. But as usual the nazis 
didn't dare to show up and no demonstration or attack appeared. Antifascists 
kept a watchful eye over local nazis for the  whole night. 

It is time for an offensive against the nazi and racist movement in Norrköping.

/ Rickard Karlsson 


During saturday AFA-activists in Stockholm had spontaneous watches in large 
parts of the old city and Södermalm. This resulted in that at least two known 
nazis got the shit kicked out of them and lost clothes. Militant antifascism 
at it's best. 

The National Democrats held a 30th novemberdemonstration from the Dramaten 
theatre to Riddarholmen. They moved on to Blåsut and were fewer than needed 
to fill a subway wagon.
No pasaran! / AFA Stockholm.

Transl. By Mikael Altemark

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