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(en) Freedom 6322 Nov 16th 2002 - What we say ...

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 1 Dec 2002 03:28:51 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

The people of Argentina will soon have had a year to
experiment with ways of living outside the capitalist economy.
The country has become a testing ground for radical social
change in the eleven months since financial crisis provoked a
popular revolt. The millions who took to the streets of Buenos
Aires on 20th December 2001 began with a simple demand
that the existing government should go. But they were
engaged in something much bigger than almost all of them
can have realised at the time.
The demand that President de la Rua's government should go
turned, in Argentina's case, into a practical move to abolish
government itself. The limited demand of the moment
became the more steely que se vayan todos heard today -
'they all must go'. Politicians, whatever their party, bankers,
judges, capitalists, all of them have to go, the people say. All
of them are the enemy now.
Although the savaged economy has worsened as the year's
gone on, Argentinians have continued to assert their belief in
a better way of doing things than authoritarian society can
provide. The piqueteros (unemployed workers) who began by
blockading roads have turned to building solidarity in their
communities. The ahorristas (savers) who began by
blockading the banks and asking for their money back have
joined the seven million members of the Trueque network,
whose bartering has, in some areas, rendered money almost
Factories have been collectivised and put under workers'
control. Communities are managed by assemblies which use
direct democracy, without the need for government.
The task of anarchists outside Argentina is twofold. We must
offer our comrades there whatever help we can, both to resist
attempts at counter-revolution and to put the freer society
they're creating on a more sustainable basis. We must spread
the message and practice of the Argentinian experience
wherever and however we're able to.
All around the world, the crackpot theories and strange habits
of liberal capitalism have been highlighted since the current
globalising trend began. We hope this newspaper has played
its part in doing this. It's certainly true that popular resistance
to capitalism has grown, even here in 'rich' western Europe.
Witness the thousands in Genoa last year, or the thousands in
Florence last week.
Other countries, and not just in south America, are teetering
on the edge of their own economic collapse. What are we
going to do when it happens? The well-meaning efforts of
Florence aren't enough.
Activists in the west are exercising themselves with opposing
Bush's war plans, and rightly so. But this can't be done in
isolation, as the liberals and peaceniks say it can. Whatever
the new Archbishop of Canterbury and concerned do-gooders
up and down the land would have us believe, war is not a
moral issue.
Bush is impelled on his lethal path, partly by vanity, but
mostly by the dictates of a globalising economy. If the United
States doesn't assert its hegemony, other chieftains will fill
the breach. The American empire only got where it is today
because of the fatal weaknesses of the British one, a lesson
which isn't generally lost on American presidents. Stoke up
the war economy, distract the people from what's going on -
but whatever you do, George, don't take your foot off the gas.
Anarchists oppose any war on Iraq. They oppose capitalism.
They support the grassroots movement of Argentina, and
wherever else it appears in the world. And they realise that all
these things go together, inextricably and inevitably,
necessary activities in the rebellion against authority.

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