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From Lorenzo Ervin <komboa@yahoo.com>
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 03:20:57 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

Recently I visited Los Angeles for a speaking tour,
and learned of the harassment and frame-ups of
Anarchists in Long Beach/Los Angeles county,
California. It seems that repressive police And FBI
terrorism is being used to crush the Anarchist
movement there. During May Day protests against
capitalism held in Long Beach, police without
provocation attacked a street demonstration with
brutal violence, arresting about 100 persons, and
physically injuring several others. People were shot
with rubber bullets, beaten with baton, and sprayed
with chemical Mace.

One of those arrested, Robert Middaugh, was later
railroaded to prison with a three year sentence for
?assaulting? the one  of police officers attacking the
protesters.  He is now in prison as an Anarchist
political prisoner of the government at a California

Police justified the police riot by claiming
protesters threw rocks, bottles, and other
projectiles, and even feces at them, which has been
proven to  be a total lie.  These attacks were
unprovoked, and just designed to break up the
demonstration and stifle the organizing of the
Anarchist movement.  They were political repression.

Since those protests last year, several other
Anarchists have been arrested on bogus charges, and
others have received numerous threats and harassment
from the police, including constant visits to the
Anarchist  infoshop.  A goon squad of cops have
followed them at demonstrations, and tried to goad
them to violence. 

Yet, through it all they have continued to protest
pig/stage repression. And they are now being supported
by the Black community, especially folks who have
witnessed or been the victims of police brutality. The
Black community in not only Long Beach, but throughout
L.A. county, has been subjected to police racist
violence and police racial profiling.   

Add to this the continuing FBI spying and the January
arrest of Sherman A., founder of  the radical website,
RaisetheFist.com, then one can clearly see that the
American government?s police forces have singled out
the Long Beach area as a test for how to crush the
Anarchist movement in this period.

As has happened in the past, whenever Anarchism became
a dangerous and potent political force, the government
then engages in a policy of systematic political
repression. This is similar to the FBI?s COINTELPRO
campaign against the 1960?s Black Panther Party and 
New Left.  They framed activists, set groups against
each other to prevent joint support, and used massive
violence to put down protests.

We must support these Anarchists, or they will be
coming after us next. Today it?s Long Beach and L.A.,
tomorrow it will be those of us in New York, Chicago,
Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, or wherever Anarchists are
organized. The new ?anti-terrorist? laws give the
government a strong hand to put down political
dissent, but solidarity is our major weapon. We must
support each other, and not allow government lies and
misinformation lead us to inaction. 

I am calling on the international Anarchist Black
Cross movement, and Anarchists all over the world to
support the Long Beach Anarchists, Sherman A., Robert
Middaugh, and others caught up in the government?s
dragnet.  We cannot let this repression go unchecked,
and injury to one is an injury to all.


1.  Send donation for legal defense of these
Anarchists to: 
     Long Beach Infoshop, 684 Redondo Avenue, Long
Beach, CA. 90814-1453.
2. Send letters of complaint to Long Beach city and
L.A. County officials demanding that they drop these
prosecutions and end the harassment of Anarchists:   
Mayor Beverly O?Neil, 333 West Ocean Beach Blvd., Long
Beach, CA. 90802 e-mail: Mayor@ci.long-beach.ca.us;
Tom Reaves, City Prosecutor also needs to hear from
you: prosecutor@ci.long-beach.ca for bring the
misdemeanor charges, as does Steve Cooley, L.A. County
District Attorney, who is bring the felony charges,

3. Send letters of support for the victims of these
frame-ups or this repression to:  Los Angeles
Anarchist Black Cross, P.O. Box 3671, Anaheim, CA.
98203-3671 email: LA_blackcross@hotmail.com or

4.	Spread the word on the case of the Long Beach
Anarchists, and when the time comes for a mass
solidarity protest (Day of Action) and a tribunal on
police crimes, be ready to come there. (dates to be

For more information on the Long Beach struggle, or to
see pic(s) of the May 2001 police riot, plese go to:

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