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(en) ONWARD vol. 2 iss. 2 out now! /Article: "America Under Attack?"/ Website is up!

From "Dan Berger" <dan@onwardnewspaper.org>
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2001 12:05:51 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

ONWARD vol. 2 iss. 2 is out now! In addition to the special editorial
below responding to the events and aftermath of September 11th,
this issue also features articles on the CHARAS community center in
NYC, the American Correctional Association protests in
Philadelphia, reports on various conferences that occurred over the
summer and reports from the World Conference Against Racism.
There is also in-depth analysis of Genoa and post-Genoa strategy
and a whole lot more!

Our centerfold this issue explores Anarchist Parenting and
Childraising. This issue also includes a history of the Red Army
Faction and other news, theory and opinion to hone our strategy and
more successfully work toward social revolution. 

We are pleased to announce the launching of our brand new
website. Check us out online at www.onwardnewspaper.org. Also,
note our new email address: info@onwardnewspaper.org. If you run
a website, please link us up! Special thanks to Ernesto Aguilar for
his help in setting up the site.

In the coming weeks, we will be collaborating with several different
anarchist publications to produce a newspaper devoted totally to
responding to the events and aftermath of September 11th. Money is
desperately needed to be able to print and widely distribute this
special issue. Donations can be sent to ONWARD earmarked
'anti-war issue.' Please get in touch to distribute this special issue
(note: the purpose of this issue is not just to have a radical analysis
for each other, but to make sure the radical ideas are spread to the
public at large in this time of racism, war-mongering and nationalist
hysteria. Therefore, our focus with the special issue is mass
distribution rather than single issues)

As always, copies of ONWARD are available for $2 postage paid in
the US, $3 outside. Subscriptions are $7-10 annually, $10-13
outside the US. Get in touch or check out our website for distribution
rates. Checks/money orders can be made out to ONWARD or
well-concealed cash is fine. Take care and keep in touch!

In Solidarity and Struggle,

The Onward Collective
PO Box 2671 
Gainesville FL 32602-2671

Special Onward Editorial: America Under Attack?
By Dan Berger

    Shortly before press time, four American commercial airplanes
were hijacked and crashed in what is being heralded as the largest
terrorist attack ever. Two planes demolished the World Trade
Center, one hit the Pentagon and one was forced down in a crash
outside of Pittsburgh. Thousands have died and many more are
injured. Everyone is on edge and wondering ‘what does this mean?’

    These are dangerous times and we have to be clear on what has
happened, what is currently going on and what the future holds. The
attacks are being attributed to anti-American, CIA-trained,
Afghanistanian nationalist Osama bin-Laden. The as of yet unknown
assailants’ attacks are indefensible; many of those killed or affected
by these actions are working class people with little role in US
policy. If it is to be done and done right, armed struggle must be
doubled with a revolutionary strategy based in a deep sense of
humanitarianism and respect for human life.

    While the methods used were certainly careless in the brutality
they inflicted on unsuspecting and innocent people, if the attack was
indeed carried out by Arab nationalists, we must be clear as to why
this incident occurred. As anarchists, we must be loud and present
on the role of US imperialism, militarism, nationalism, capitalism and
racism. As anti-racists, we must be vigilant in standing in solidarity
with Arabs, Arab Americans and other peoples of color currently
being assaulted for their race, ethnicity and/or skin color. The state
and its media are relentless in their references to Pearl Harbor (even
though the current attack was not planned by a nation) and their
persistence in claims of Arab involvement. Just like the days
following Timothy McVeigh’s attack on the Oklahoma City Federal
Building, people of color throughout North America are being
assaulted. We must be active in pushing back this racist, militarist

    Amidst cries of “God Bless America,” “Revenge,” and an unending
stream of American flags and reports of feeling “closer to fellow
Americans,” it is clear that much of the distress over what happened
on Sept. 11 is not because thousands of people died, but because
thousands of white Americans (the two are often used
interchangeably) died. The sanctity, safety and privilege of being a
‘white American’ have been shattered. The United States has and
continues to perpetuate acts of immeasurable cruelty and violence
against predominantly people of color throughout the world. Now that
a measurably small number of those people have struck back at the
world bully, the United States and its citizens are calling for blood.
We must be clear that the US started this through its
settler-imperialist policies that date back to the genocide of Native

    We are sorry for all the lives that have been needlessly and
carelessly lost in this event. We are angry at the loss of lives that
spawned this event and we are raging at the deaths that are likely to
occur from modern-day lynch mobs and/or US-sponsored war. We
remain, however, hopeful about the potential for mass resistance to
the onslaught of racist militarism and the possibilities for a mass
movement capable of bringing about revolutionary change
throughout the world. 

    Our task as revolutionaries, as anti-racists and as anarchists, is to
fend off the racist calls for blood and “heightened security” (read: the
taking of civil liberties and the open squashing of all dissent). We
must counter the state and media propaganda with a revolutionary
analysis and strategy. Now is not the time to bury our collective head
in the sand. We must continue our fight for a new social order based
on freedom, direct democracy and the elimination of all hierarchy.
That is our task. It’s time to build.

For up to date information and analysis, see www.indymedia.org,
www.zmag.org, www.ainfos.ca, www.commondreams.org,
www.alternet.org, and www.infoshop.org (this is by no means a
complete listing).

Dan Berger is a community organizer, student and member of the
Onward Collective. Contact him c/o ONWARD or at

ONWARD: Quarterly newspaper of anarchist news, theory, opinion
and strategy of today! Want to contribute, subscribe or distribute?
Get in touch!

PO Box 2671
Gainesville FL 32602-2671 USA

Onward: Anarchist News, Opinion, Theory, and Strategy of Today

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