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(en) US, Boston, Festival del Pueblo! A Convergence Against Capitalism, May 1-5

From "Barricada Collective" <barricadacollective@hotmail.com>
Date Tue, 9 Oct 2001 07:17:40 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Get Involved in putting together the Festival del Pueblo!

Boston, MA
May 1-5
Converge Against Capitalism
Organize to Build Dual Power and the Culture of Resistance
The five day long Festival del Pueblo will consist of many activities, some 
of which include:
*Homebrew Festival
*Art Exhibit
*A Bookfair
*Revolutionary Soccer Tournament
*Ultimate Frisbee
*Three Nights of Concerts
*A Community Carnival
*Demonstrations and Direct Actions
...and More!
This email contains 11 sections.  These are...
*Statement of Purpose
*Anarchist Bookfair and Free School
*Revolutionary Music Festival
*Direct Actions and Demonstrations
*Revolutionary Cultural Gathering
*Revolutionary Soccer Tournament
*Community Carnival Against Capital
*Participant Registration
*Organizing Structure

*Statement of Purpose

      The purpose of this festival is multifaceted.
      First, it is a conscious attempt to build links between the "protest 
movement" and more community oriented initiatives, without compromising the 
militant flavor of the large mobilizations.  It is a recognition of the need 
to reconcile the emerging anti-capitalist and anti-war movement with the day 
to day struggles of our communities and workplaces.  It is also a 
recognition that the myriad of different issues and struggles, ranging from 
environmental to labor, can all be attributed to one root cause: capitalism.
       Furthermore, because we are not flocking to a gathering of the elite, 
but instead acting on our own initiative, it is a festival of a proactive 
nature, rather than a reactive one.    As such, it is an opportunity for us 
to set the tone, thus dictating the when, where, and why of the festival.
       Finally, by encouraging a wide variety of cultural and social events, 
we hope to strengthen the culture of resistance by providing opportunities 
for individuals and groups from across North American (and hopefully beyond) 
to interact, socialize, and share ideas.

*Anarchist Bookfair and Free School

      The 4th New England Anarchist Bookfair and Free School will be held in 
Boston on May 1st.
      We are looking for groups, collectives, publishers, infoshops, and 
whoever else to table the event.  If you are interested in having a table at 
the bookfair, please fill in the relevant information on the registration 
form.  Full tables are 20$ to 40$, half tables are 10$ to 20$ (give what you 
can).  Space will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.  If 
registering online, please pay promptly after registration.
     We are also looking for people or groups who wish to speak, do 
workshops, give presentations, and organize debates.  Please use the space 
at the end of the registration form to tell us a little about your activity. 
  The deadline for submissions is January 15th.

*Revolutionary Music Festival

      The Festival del Pueblo will include three concerts.  One the night of 
May 1st, another on the night of the 2nd, and a large concert the night of 
th 4th.
      We are currently looking for individuals, bands, and groups of all 
musical tendencies to participate, with the sole condition tha the group or 
act put forth a revolutionary message.
      Please keep in mind that we will give priority to musical forms 
outside of the "punk/hardcore subculture scene" in order to give a greater 
diversity to the event.  This is not to say that there will not be a fair 
amount of punk and hardcore style bands, but we strongly encourage people or 
groups performing other types of music to contact us.
      If you are interested, please get in touch with us as soon as possible 
and, ideally, send a demo tape.  Also, use the registration form space to 
provide us with the relevant contact information and the writing space at 
the end to tell us more about your band or act.

*Direct Actions and Demonstrations

      Every year in our respective cities across North America we have 
small, primarily activist oriented, Mayday celebrations.  Invariably, these 
events do not have the impact we would hope, and they fail to involve the 
working class communities that the first of May is all about.  Furthermore, 
in our isolation, we often become easy targets for police repression.
      Therefore, this year we urge revolutionaries of all anti-authoritarian 
stripes to converge on Boston for a massive show of working class solidarity 
and strength in a demonstration side by side with the impoverished and 
oppressed communities of the city, be they immigrants (legal or otherwise), 
unemployed, working poor, or any other sector of the community victimized by 
capitalism.  Together with these communities, we intend to take the battle 
to our oppressors.


A march through the city of Boston to denounce all that is wrong with 
capitalism; from high rents, to dead end jobs, harassment of immigrants, 
racism, sexism, and all forms of oppression.

Throughout the week, we would like to encourage participants to organize and 
carry out direct actions of all forms.  From banner-drops, to housing 
occupations, to lock-downs and everything in between.  These direct actions 
will culminate in the RAC march on the 5th.

*Revolutionary Cultural Gathering

      Come and experience firsthand the richness of revolutionary culture on 
May 2nd as we gather for an evening of homebrew tasting, art viewing, and 
movie screening.
      If you would like to participate by providing art for the exhibition, 
homebrew for the tasting, or movies for screening, please fill in the 
relevant information on the registration form.  The deadline for submissions 
is February 1st.

*Revolutionary Soccer Tournament

     Join us on Saturday, May 4th for the Revolutionary Soccer Tournament 
(RST).  Cheer on your favorite team as you feast at the people's picnic of 
food for all!
     Guidelines will be mailed to every registered team.  Teams should be 
comprised of 8 players (6 starters, 2 substitutes), of which at least 3 
should be women, and at least 2 women should be on the field at all times.
     On the general registration form, please include your team name and 
jersey colors as well as all other relevant contact information.
     Team registration costs 20$ to 50$ per team (give what you can), and 
the deadline for team registration is March 1st.  Please include payment 
along with registration (or please pay promtly if registering online).

*Community Carnival Against Capital

      Dunk the landlord!  Pin the badge on the pig!  Watch crusties eat 
fire!  Lose yourself in a sea of red and black balloons!  All this, and 
much, much more, on the evening of Friday, May 3rd at Boston's Community 
Carnival against Capital.
      If you woud like to be a part of the carnival by organizing an 
attraction, please contact us as soon as possible.


     What you hold in your hands (or are reading if you are viewing the 
online version) is a preliminary brochure intended to get the word out about 
the Festival del Pueblo and open it to participation from others.
     A second brochure will be distributed sometime in February or March of 
2002 which will include the full list of events, bands, speakers, and 
everything else.  This will also include information for housing, childcare, 
and a general registration form for people outside of Boston who wish to 
attend the event.
    However, before we can reach that point, we need to spread the word as 
extensively as possible in order to make all the activities listed above a 
reality.  For this, we need everyone's help.
     Please distribute this as much as possible.  Make copies if you can (or 
forward it if you have received the online version).  Ask us for outreach 
packets of brochures and posters.  Contact bands or individuals that might 
be interested, or give us the contacts so we can do so.  The possibilities 
are endless!


    As with any such event, the economic costs incurred will be high.  
Venues need to be rented, outreach materials printed (we intend to do 
intensive flyering and pasting in many communities), housing needs to be 
provided, as well as many other assorted costs that tend to arise.
    For this reason, we strongly urge people to collaborate economically 
with the Festival del Pueblo.  Please send checks or money orders to our 
mailing address (leave pay to field blank please).  Send cash at your own 

*Participant Registration

Individual Name:
Group Name (Or Team Name):

We are interested in making the Festival del Pueblo as inclusive and broad 
based as possible, and therefore are seeking contributions and participation 
from anyone interested.  If you are interested in conducting, or 
participating in, any of the following, please check the appropriate 

Soccer Tournament:
Give Presentation:
Musical Performance:
Bookfair Table:
Homebrew festival:
Legal Support:
Art Exhibition:
Film Screening:
*Under no circumstances will party front groups or electoral politics be 

If you are planning on participating in any of the following-giving a 
presentation, art exhibition, film screening, or theater- please use the 
following space to tell us more about your contribution.  Please ensure that 
your project is in some way related to revolutionary issues.  We reserve the 
right to reject proposals which do not meet this (very broad) criteria.

Description of Activity:

*Organizing Structure

      The Festival del Pueblo will be organized through open General 
assemblies held every two weeks beginning in January.   These general 
assemblies will be open to all who agree with the points of unity which are 
available on request.  A flyer and web mailing is being prepared for Boston 
based activists who wish to become part of the Festival del Pueblo 
organizing coalition.

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