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(en) RAIB (columbus day) website updated, and article from infoshop.org news (why anarchists should come to denver for columbus day.)

From "rob banks" <303can@onebox.com>
Date Wed, 4 Jul 2001 15:06:56 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

doing outreach at anarchist variety show/bookfair in Chicago about the
upcoming actions for Columbus Day in Denver, we we're really surprised
by the amount of apathy and ignorance. Some people had a very large problem
seeing the connection between big anti-capitalist white people protests
and anti-colonialist columbus day indigenous protest. This was really
confusing seeing the very green leanings of anarchy today. I hope i can
make these connections. 
I understand it's a long way to go but everyone's help is very much needed.
To me it is very important for the anarchist movement to really start
making connections with people of color and indigenous peoples on large
scale. The only time i really saw this was in LA at the DNC where there
were actually many Chicano and African folk. Not that i think we should
have 'token minorities,' but these connection were really important to
a feel of true solidarity. what better way to make these connections
then to support and work with American Indian Movement and other folk,
who are endorsing a variety of tactics and support real militants. In
fact last year a "mobile contingent of radicals" was even asked to attend.
(this was before the CD had been worked out) Columbus Day is a celebration
of genocide, of racism, of slave-trading, of imperialism, and of what
is no being called globalization or neo-COLONIALISM. Columbus Day is
the celebration of the systematic annihilation of all things wild and
There is reason it will be a state-sanctioned parade, and why the police
will be there in full force to stop us. they are protecting and perpetuating
that system of domination, which columbus is the poster-boy. As anarchists,
anti-authoritarians, folk trying to reclaim our wild(er)ness, columbus
day is day directed against us. It is a day that endorses the genocide
of our kind, of any dissent to dominate society. We not only owe it to
our indigenous, colonialized brothers and sisters in solidarity, but
to our selves as well. This is our time to not only end columbus day,
stop such a blatant offensive disregard of history and culture, but to
offer a full critique of a system that creates and perpetuates such a
thing, and offer a revolutionary alternative to radically transform society
into something beautiful and wild. 

for all things wild and free! 
for all our desires and dreams! 

transform columbus day. october (5th)7th-8th Denver Colorado. 

Colorado Anarchist Network (liaison)
303can@onebox.com - email
(303) 285-3481 x9759 - voicemail/fax

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