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(en) SchNEWS 300, Friday 6th April, 2001

From "Jo Makepeace" <webmaster@schnews.org.uk>
Date Fri, 6 Apr 2001 11:23:26 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

This is SchNEWS, the weekly direct action newsletter published by Justice?
in Brighton, England. To subscribe, or to get in touch, see the bottom of this message.



Published in Brighton by Justice? - Brighton's Direct Action collective

ISSUE *300*, FRIDAY 6th April, 2001



"If a genuine and serious grievance arose, such as might result from a
significant drop in the standard of living, all those who now dissipate
their protest over a wide variety of causes might concentrate their efforts
and produce a situation which was beyond the power of the police to
handle." Frank Kitson, Low Intensity Operations

Last Saturday morning 200 police took part in a dawn raid on the Button
Factory in Brixton. Cops claimed that the centre was "A secret training
centre for anarchists who are planning to bring chaos to London on May
Day". Apparently, "Anarchists from across Europe were due to gather... this
weekend for riot training and planning."

The raid is part of the hysteria leading up to the planned Monopoly May Day
protests with stories in the papers getting more and more ludicrous as the
day approaches. The cops feed the media and the media feeds the cops until
broken skulls and mass arrests are seen as essential to stop marauding
anarchists from leaving the capital and city in ruins.

But it's also part of a wider picture - in this country and across the
world - of resistance and opposition to injustice, ecological destruction
and poverty being criminalised. As campaigners against single issues like
roads or genetics are increasingly cottoning on to the fact that it's the
whole damn capitalist system that needs to be overthrown, they're finding
themselves being described as 'terrorists'. The stakes are being raised.

The British State is the most experienced place in the world at quelling
resistance. General Frank Kitson (who worked in Malaya, Ireland and then
Britain in the early 80's) wrote the British state's handbook on dealing
with 'subversion' Low Intensity Operations way back in 1971. In it he
emphasises the importance of intelligence gathering using "a large number
of low grade sources", "psychological operations" such as propaganda
against opposition groups, use of the media to target individuals and the
use of infiltrators. The aim of this activity is to divide and destroy the
movement by encouraging ineffective opposition (voting for 'left-wing' MPs,
marching from A to B, listening passively to public speakers at rallies,
signing petitions...) at the same time as using the media, police, courts
and prisons to destroy effective opposition. As Kitson puts it, the way to
smash a movement is "to associate as many prominent members of the
population, especially those who may have engaged in non-violent action,
with the government" and "to discover and neutralise the genuine subversive

Since May Day 2000 this strategy has been actively pursued in Britain. The
police used May Day itself to gather an enormous amount of intelligence and
get its mates in the media to portray such actions in the future as
'unacceptable' and those involved as 'criminal'. Alongside the arrests,
raids and imprisonments, it was not long before "prominent" people
"involved in non-violent action" were joining in the police's attacks on
the Mayday action and specifically on alleged organisers. These people were
quickly used by groups uninvolved in direct action to promote some kind of
third way between direct action and doing nothing - a sort of being annoyed
at capitalism while tut-tutting people who do something about it. The
prominent individuals proposing this sort of ineffectual opposition soon
find themselves getting newspaper columns, appearing on chat shows and
generally being promoted by those in control of the media. Unless they show
support for effective opposition on the streets, that is - in which case
they can kiss goodbye to their newspaper columns.

Kitson pointed out that it's no good just repressing opposition when people
have genuine grievances - you must allow people to let off steam, but only
in ways that don't have any effect. Our job is to make sure that our
resistance isn't just about letting off steam, shouting at the telly and
cheering people at rallies - but about taking effective action.


Without any sbrand spanking new Terrorism Act came into effect just two
days after the UK and good ol' USA bombed Baghdad. We've mentioned the
law plenty of times, but going to the People's Global Action Conference in
Milan we heard first hand from across the globe how different governments
are dealing with the growing anti-capitalist movement. And hey what a
surprise, it's a pretty standard formula: spread propaganda that these
people will eat your babies and that the only way to stop them is more
repressive laws.

But the fact remains, it isn't anti-capitalists, environmentalists or even
those dastardly animal rights protestors who have been bombing Baghdad or
Belgrade (yeah, we know - it was 'humanitarian' bombing). It isn't
protestors who welcomed with open arms Russia's President Putin after he'd
bombed Chechnya back into the dark ages. It isn't protestors who sell Hawk
jets to dictators, refuse AIDS drugs to Africans because they're poor, dump
toxic chemicals in the poorest countries in the world . We could go on...

Quite by chance however, one clause under the UK's Terrorism Act states
that its OK to bomb Baghdad as "nothing in this section imposes criminal
liability on any person acting on behalf of, or holding office under, The
Crown." It's just when you protest against government policy that you
become a terrorist. As the saying goes, "you can't be a terrorist if you've
got an airforce".


The Button Factory was opened as a social centre late summer last year, and
has been used for a variety of different benefit gigs, get-togethers and
parties. But that's now all come to an end after the owner and his hired
heavies used mechanical diggers to make the place uninhabitable. So let's
get this straight - the police en masse raid an empty building and take
'materials' from it. The owners then smash up the building and make it
uninhabitable. The police then keep the building guarded and under
surveillance so anarchists don't try and meet there and make plans for er,
smashing up buildings.

                               REBEL ALLIANCE
         The premier of the new Prague video 'Crowd Bites Wolf- The
           Czech Connection' at the Rebel Alliance- the haphazard
         happening of Brighton's direct action crew, next Thursday
         (12th). Food at 6:30pm, videos from 7pm, also music, bar,
          workshops.Venue to be announced- call SchNEWS from next
                        Wednesday (11th) for details



Police chiefs from the European Union were joined by heads of police from
other countries and representatives from the European Commission, early
this year in Madrid. The meeting was the first European Conference on
Terrorism, organised by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior and Europol.
Out of this meeting Europol (the new European Union police similar to the
FBI) has started attacking anarchists, anti-capitalists and street violence
at mass demonstrations as terrorism. It now wants Europe-wide powers
against terrorism.

Special security intelligence agency for activist groups and are using
informers. The fear is that local people will start occupying things as
well, especially as they're so many completely useless infrastructure
projects happening at the moment.

Oscar was working for a Colombian human rights group when he was arrested
at a demonstration and charged with being a member of a guerilla group
under special Public Order legislation. "The intention of the special
legislation is to scare people and to attack opponents of the government. I
was put in a small room with a big mirror. Behind the mirror is the judge
who you can't see. He talks through a microphone that distorts his voice. A
secret witness accused me and it is impossible to know who that person is.
I refused to take part in the trial or use a solicitor - if you are charged
under the legislation you are going to be sentenced, everyone is found
guilty. If you kill somebody in Colombia you can be sentenced to 10 years
and you'll just be in prison for 5, but if you are charged with being a
terrorist you can be sentenced to 20 or 50 years. For example, if you are
sentenced for throwing a stone at a demonstration you can be put in prison
for 20 years. I was in prison for four years. I went on hunger strike and I
was temporarily released. Amnesty International bought me a ticket to come
to London where I got political asylum. If I go back to Colombia I face 10
years in prison."

When SchNEWS asked Oscar's wife what it was like living in London she
looked behind both shoulders: "At least we are not looking behind our backs

A new umbrella anti-terrorism law is currently before the Greek parliament
representing an attack on the mass movements in general and includes a very
broad definition of what constitutes terrorism. It encourages the use of
agent provocateurs, and allows facial mapping of suspects and DNA samples
to be taken by force.

An anti-terrorism bill has just been approved by the state government of
Oregon, and is waiting to be ratified by the US senate. Under the bill,
tree spiking and sabbing animal research or livestock production would be
reclassified as organised crimes with increased penalties. Protesters could
face up to 20 years in prison for such 'hate crimes', and victims of
'eco-terrorism' would be able to seek civil damages. The measure is aimed
at curtailing the activities of groups like the Earth Liberation Front,
which has caused $19.2 million in property damage since 1996. A Republican
supporter of the bill said, "The FBI recognises the Earth Liberation Front
as one of the nation's leading single-issue domestic terrorists," and went
on to compare the way that the ELF operates with the mafia!

Chris is a well-known activist and cartoonist who went to last September's
demonstrations against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in
Prague. Police arrested her in a school field away from the Conference
Centre. What happened to her over the next few days is the stuff of
nightmares. "the police asked for my camera and I refused so about seven of
them started hitting me and then threw me into a police van knocking me

When I got to prison I just lay on the floor for the first six hours. After
a while when they kept refusing us phone calls, all the women in the cell
started making lots of noise until they handcuffed us onto the bench in
contorted positions. They made us pay a fine saying we would be released
but it was a lie and we had to stay the whole night. In the morning I asked
to go to the toilet and on the way back I just refused to go back to the
cell. I held onto objects while they hit me all over. I was bleeding really
heavily and eventually they took me to a hospital where I had loads of
stitches. They took me back to the cell and it was empty, all my friends
had been released, I freaked out and asked why I was still here and they
laughed really ugly. They then took me upstairs to the interrogation room
and they start telling me I was going to jail for 20 years minimum for
assaulting seven police officers! They said I'd be held for a few months
before I even got a hearing. I was afraid of being in four walls for a long
time; I couldn't imagine myself staying sane in there. I saw the open
window and jumped. I didn't know how high it was or what was at the bottom.
I hit the ground - it was the hardest thing I ever felt in my life, I
nearly vomited my insides and I started screaming. I thought if I went to
hospital they would treat me humanely and the police would have to leave me
alone - I was so wrong."

"The Ministry of Interior made the hospital like a fortress. These were not
normal nurses and doctors - basically I should have been operated on in the
first 24 hours to save my leg and they didn't do anything, they didn't even
give me ice or painkillers. They would shake my leg really strong and I was
screaming, and they would laugh informing me that I was a terrorist and
that's why they treated me like this: 'You come here to destroy Prague so
you deserve this,' and 'It's a war zone, you can't expect to have your
human rights respected.'They put a cage around my bed even though I had a
broken spine, and locked me in a storage cupboard with the doors closed
with guards outside so nobody could hear me scream. There was an
information embargo about me. My friends called the hospital who told them
I wasn't there - many dissidents and important Czech personalities called
as well and they got lied to too. I didn't know if anybody would ever find
out about me, that's why I was so scared, they refused me any contact with
the outside world. It wasn't until all the media hype that I was eventually
taken to Austria. My leg literally exploded, and for one month in Austria
they wanted to cut my leg off. While I was in hospital in Austria, I was
sent a big bouquet of flowers with a card 'with best recommendations - the
Czech Embassy.'! The last six months I've been in hospital or laid up in
bed. It really did stun me, and I lost a lot of motivation. I haven't drawn
any pictures - I was too vulnerable. I made notes in the Prague Hospital on
little bits of paper and when I re-read these I was so shocked. I'd
forgotten everything, I started shaking. All these memories were so
incredibly horrible, it was like a nightmare, I couldn't believe the whole
time that it was happening - it didn't seem possible that people could do
such cruel things." On the positive side (such as it is) Chris praised "the
wonderful solidarity of the people all over the world, regarding the
prisoners of Prague. I think that this kind of thing must fascinate even
the police and their likes, just because of the immense commitment and
frighteningly chaotic strength and self organisation that these campaigns

* Since the Prague protests the authorities have been rushing ahead with
new laws. Graffiti can now get you a lengthy prison sentence, and there are
plans to crack down on public gatherings.

Gay marriages, smoking cannabis on the streets, laws on euthanasia -
Holland is seen by many in Europe as a liberal paradise. SchNEWS spoke to
someone from Groen Front! (Dutch Earth First!) who helped dispel some of
the myths and tell us about some of the new Kafka style laws in operation.
"They have just introduced a new criminal organisation law specifically
targeted at anarchist groups. It describes leadership as 'inciting or
organising any initiative that other people can act upon.' This is exactly
what activists do - organise demonstrations and encourage people to come to
them, but it doesn't mean that you are the leader. Another new law is
public violence. Recently in the eviction of a squat in Amsterdam, people
who'd cooked the night and one person who took part in a pirate radio show
got arrested for public violence, after someone threw stones at the police.
This is because the new law says that if one person throws a beer can at a
police officer on a demonstration, that is public violence and everyone at
the demonstration can be arrested for it. Even more bizarre is that if you
make a sandwich for someone going to a demonstration you can also legally
be arrested!" (This is part of new 'collective responsibility' laws
introduced under the cover of stopping football hooliganism at Euro 2000!).
"On International Women's Day a group of Groen Front women occupied a
construction site and were held for six days. Some got 20 days in prison
when usually the fine for trespass is only 60 guilders (£20). During the
Climate Convention in The Hague there was an anti nuclear demonstration
that was surrounded by the police and everyone arrested. People were later
convicted of ignoring police orders and fined 200 guilders. They said they
didn't want this demonstration because they didn't have enough police but
there were 5,000 police in The Hague during the Conference!

This sort of thing is happening more and more. It shows that they're really
scared and they're extremely paranoid of us. They often target individuals.
For example one person who has been doing covert actions was put in a
psychiatric hospital saying that he had a 'sickly love for nature' and
'disturbing non-realisation of authority.'You can smoke a joint on the
street, but if you pass a certain point, or when you get effective they try
to really smash you. They have now set up special security intelligence
agency for activist groups and are using informers. The fear is that local
people will start occupying things as well especially as they are so many
completely useless infrastructure projects happening at the moment."

GroenFront!, PO Box 85069, 3508 AB, Utrecht, Netherlands


                             AUTONOMOUS ZONES
     The demolition of the Button Factory is as good example of any of
   authority's fear of people coming together - unless of course they're
 shopping or paying for entertainment. Having your own autonomous space is
 crucial for organising, socialising, for breaking down the barriers that
              the media invents to set us against each other.

      Here's a few examples of European autonomous zones in action.

Italy has "three or four hundred autonomous social centres" and the
Leoncavello social centre in Milan is the oldest and biggest, kicking off
the whole movement in 1974 after two people were killed by fascists. It has
been forced to change location several times, once after being demolished
by the authorities who didn't leave a wall standing.

They have been in their latest location since 1994 - an impressive old
factory complex that is roughly the size of Huddersfield. It includes a
massive concert hall, skateboard ramp, cinema, courtyard, several bars
including an outdoor one with barbie, café, kids space, table-football, art
exhibitions and masses of workshop space. The centre employs full-time
office-workers, cleaners, cooks, organisers and printers.

One of the collective members told SchNEWS how important the centre is for
organising. "It's fundamental. Everything to develop needs a space." But
what really impressed us was the range of people using the place. At
Monday's open collective meeting ("every week we have an assembly where
manage the building, anything from 30 to 200 attend"), some are dressed
very straight like they've just come from their job in Milano, along with
all the people just mentioned who work at the Centro Sociale. SchNEWS saw
them all shouting, rolling their eyes, banging the table, standing up,
sitting down, pointing, heckling and talking over each other in a spirit of
communal unity and collective purpose. As far as we could make out (not
speaking Italian) the proposal to keep broccolli on the menu was carried.

On Saturday night 5,000 people came in to see Goldie play in a mini
Glastonbury style setting. While probably not all gemmed up on the politics
of the place the anti-corporate feel no doubt rubs off. For starters, it
was just £3 to get in and there were no overbearing bouncers to spoil your
fun. As our man told us, "we are very open to everyone as long as people
behave. What is important is what people are like not how they dress."

And maybe, just maybe when they see people who run the centre that helped
put on such a good night portrayed in the media as terrorists they will
remember buying beers at the Ya Basta bar and begin to question...

'La Marmite' is a new centre squatted after a Reclaim the Streets party at
the beginning of a month long Festival of Resistance in Rennes, Britanny.
SchNEWS spoke to one of those involved.

"The main focus of the festival was the opening of a new autonomous zone.
We opened on the day of the first ballot of the French local elections. A
lot of people from different backgrounds are using the centre, working
people, '68 survivors, squatters, organic farmers, students, unemployed
people, artists."

There's been daily hot organic meals at £1 a go as well as round-table
discussions, video showings, street theatre workshops, painting, actions,
an alternative library and musical activities with everything from acoustic
and salsa to punk and techno. "The occupation echoes a myriad of similar
actions round the world aiming at creating areas of freedom and creativity
safe from the grip of market. It is part of the global movement against
capitalist globalization, boredom and cultural homogeneity."

And perhaps the best thing of all is that "people who were not involved
before have now got involved."

As SchNEWS went to press La Marmite was facing eviction.

* La Marmite is based at number 7, rue de l'Hotel Dieu, Rennes.

EuroDusnie is an amazing collective from Holland that sprang out of actions
against European Unification in April 1997. They have three squatted
buildings in Leiden, and have about 10 different projects on the go. These
are organised by independent groups whose 'representatives' meet up every
two weeks for a joint general meeting.

Amongst other things they produce a free monthly newspaper, run an
info-shop, food co-op and café, put on cultural evenings, make regular
visit schools to talk about the disadvantages of European unification and
help run a pirate radio station. They also have a pie-throwing group and a
'collective without money' which organises free train rides to capitalist
conferences because "demonstrators, just like the official assholes going
to political topsummits, don't have to pay for going there." They also run
a Free Shop where the motto is 'happiness is not for sale'. They are also
involved in fighting local unwanted commercial 'developments' by bringing
people together as well as showing alternatives with locally based

As they point out, "We are firm believers in the idea that when you want
something done, you have to go for it yourself rather than expecting that
politicians will do it for you. Parliamentary democracy has degenerated
into a puppet show. Politics has bartered people away to trade and industry
and international institutions like the European Union and the World Trade
Organisation. This shows clearly what happens when you let the government
make decisions on your behalf..."

Visit the EuroDusnie office, Boerhaavelaan 345 in Leiden. Open most
weekdays between 2-5pm. Tel/fax: 071 5173019 email:eurodusnie@squat.net

Send post to EuroDusnie, Postbox 2228, 2301 CE Leiden The Netherlands

                              COR BLIMLEY ...
             It's issue 300, so next week to recover from this
            momentous occasion we are taking a well earned week
              long break to plant seeds on our sorted assorted
           allotments and help the book crew get the next one to
           the printers in time for the festie season (as long as
          foot and mouth doesn't stop 'em 'appening). We'll still
             be updating 'Party and Protest' on our website for
            those of you with the technology because we're nice
                                 like that.

             We need some more help with writing stories, so if
            you've got any spare time on a Wednesday or Thursday
          come along to the next SchNEWS Training Day to find out
           how its all done. 12 noon onwards. Call the office for
             directions (01273) 685913 P.S. Don't forget extra
                    stuffers always needed on a Friday!


DISCLAIMER - Making these every week isn't a piece of cake. Honest.

               Launch of the Campaign Against State Terrorism
            Sunday 8 April 1-5pm University of London Union 3rd
                       floor Malet Street London WC1

             Tel 0845 458 2966 web: http://go.to/ta2000 e-mail:

Minister - we've got the pesticide resistant crop.
A species which can eat them is in the pipeline.


"I never put those plants on my land, The question is; where do Monsanto's
rights end and mine begin?" Percy Schmeiser, Canadian farmer.

Imagine you're a farmer growing a crop and saving some seed to sow the
following year. Now imagine that unbeknown to you, your crop gets
contaminated with genetically engineered pollen, then you get taken to
court and sued! Er, is this some kind of April fool?

Well, in Canada last week a judge ruled that a Canadian farmer, Percy
Schmeiser, violated Monsanto's patent by "unknowingly and unwillingly
growing genetically modified (GM) oil seed rape." He now faces a bill for
$105,000 and after 40 years of saving seeds and developing his own strain
has had to purchase new seed wasting a lifetime's work.

Under Canadian patent law, as in the US and many other industrialised
countries, it is illegal for farmers to re-use patented seed, or to grow
Monsanto's GM seed without signing a licensing agreement. If biotech
bastards such as Monsanto get their way, every nation in the world will be
forced to adopt patent laws that make seed saving illegal. The ruling
against Schmeiser establishes an even more dangerous precedent, meaning
that farmers can be forced to pay royalties on GM seeds found on their
land, even if they didn't buy the seeds, or benefit from them.

The GM oil seed rape that drifted onto Schmeiser's farm was engineered to
be resistant to Monsanto's weedkiller, Roundup. He didn't use poundup on
his crop, because that would have killed the majority of his oil seed rape
plants that were not genetically modified!. Schmeiser didn't take advantage
of Monsanto's GM technology, but the court ruling says he's guilty of using
the seed without a licensing agreement.

Monsanto are so zealous about protecting their fat profits that they send
around 'gene police' stealing crops from random farms and then testing them
to see if they contain Monsanto's gene to tolerate their own pesticides.
Monsanto has threatened to 'vigorously prosecute' hundreds of seed saving
farmers, but Schmeiser's was the first major case to reach the courts.

About the ruling Percy said: "I was really alarmed at the fact that it said
in the decision that it doesn't matter how it gets into a farmer's field -
whether it blows in or cross-pollinates, or comes in on farm machinery - it
doesn't belong to the farmer. It belongs to Monsanto."

Percy is now considering an appeal and has filed a counter-suit against
Monsanto, but his family faces enormous legal costs. Contributions to
Schmeiser's legal defense may be sent to - "Fight Genetically Altered Food
Fund Inc", Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, 603 Main St, Humboldt SK,
Canada, SOK 2A0. For info about the case, go to: www.percyschmeiser.com

Sow What?

The verdict is being hailed as a landmark victory for Monsanto, but it may
spark a biotech backlash. North American farmers grow three-quarters of the
world's commercial GM crops, and now they're showing signs of biotech
battle fatigue. Illegal traces of Aventis' StarLink maize (unapproved for
human consumption) have disrupted grain markets and jeopardized exports.
Unsold stockpiles of US maize are at their highest level since GM crops
were commercialised. The US government announced last month that it would
spend $20 million in taxpayer money to bail out the biotech industry, using
money that would normally go to disaster relief for farmers!

Now American farmers are reluctant to plant GM crops, the chief executive
of the American Corn Growers Foundation complaining "Consumer resistance
Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil and the
growing resistance in the United States makes it unlikely that many market
opportunities will be available for GM crops".

Aventis in the UK

In last week's SchNEWS we told a tale that wamed our cockles about a Sussex
farmer who pulled out of a farm scale trial of oil seed rape. The farmer
had originally contacted the local press and said he was pulling out
because of the possibility that the scientists conducting the tests could
spread foot and mouth disease. When asked about whether the protests
against him had had an effect he said "I'm not bothered about the antis. I
enjoy a good debate". Two hours later though he changed his tune saying he
pulled out "due to the unbearable level of intimidation and threatening
behaviour that has been targeted towards me and my family." So why the
change of mind? Well considering that the new press release had Aventis'
(the biotech company running the trials) fax number at the top, it looks
more likely that he had his mind changed for him!

For a complete list of all test sites see www.geneticsaction.org/testsites

* Aventis' application for Chardon LL maize to be the first commercialized
GM seeds to be approved for the UK National Seed List has been indefinitely
postponed after it was discovered that French authorities had only tested
the crop for one year, rather than the two required under EU law. The
hearing brought up issues including the failure to test the GM maize on
cows, and 'suspicious' higher death rates among GM-fed chickens during

* How comes the countryside remains closed to everyone except anyone
involved in GM crops? Scientists from 5 institutions will be making regular
visits to all of the trials, moving between farms and counties. The trials
are non-essential and pose a serious risk of further spreading of the
disease. And the government tells us that foot and mouth travels miles but
that genetically altered crops somehow won't. Yeah right, try telling that
to Percy Schmeiser!


Outlawed Vegetables

In the UK 97% of the vegetable varieties available in 1903 were no longer
available just eighty years later. Does it matter? - well the Henry
Doubleday Research Association (HDRA) think so, and have set up the
Heritage Seed Library, because as one of their gardeners pointed out
"genetic erosion is a mass extinction every bit as important as the loss of
species from tropical rainforests."

Every year seed companies decide not to register certain seeds, and because
they aren't on the National Seed List they can't be sold. Plants that may
have characteristics that might be useful in the future would be lost if it
were not for the amazing work of the Library. You can join the Library and
choose some outlawed vegetables and they'll 'lend' you a few seeds.

Just 3 corporations control a quarter of the world's entire seed market:
Monsanto, Dupont and Syngenta. The corporations that have been steadily
buying all up all your favourite garden seed companies, are the very same
bio-tech giants that are trying to get us all to eat our genetically
modified greens. But as Bob Sherman from the HDRA points out, "the risk of
concentrating so much commercial power into the hands of one corporate
empire is that we have become subject to the dreams and aspirations of a
very few people. Do they care about bio-diversity? Not as much, I suspect,
as they do about profit." Heritage Seed Library 01203 303517

                       SchNEWS & SQUALL YEARBOOK 2001

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