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(en) Mexico, Chiapas, Marcos Pays Homage to Fallen Zapatistas

From Andrew <mark.connoll@newmail.net>
Date Fri, 6 Apr 2001 10:44:48 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

In the Aguascalientes of the Morelia Ejido, 
Marcos Pays Homage to Fallen Zapatistas

 Jesu's Rami'rez and Hermann Bellinghausen, 

Ejido Morelia, Chiapas. April 2.

"It cost us war and blood for them to look at us 
and listen to us. We made this trip with the 
looking and the word given to us by our dead. 
When we looked, our dead looked. When we spoke, 
our dead spoke. And, looking and speaking, we 
were also looked at and listened to," said 
Subcomandante Marcos in front of hundreds of 
Tzeltales and Tojolabales from the Tzotzchoj 

When they arrived tonight in the Aguascalientes 
of this indigenous community, the EZLN delegates 
were received with music and vivas. They had 
come from Oventic, arriving at 8:00 PM, after a 
120 kilometer trip.

Later, a festival was held with cultural groups 
from various Autonomous Municipalities in the 
area. Following that, the zapatista delegates 
participated in an event in which Subcomandante 
Marcos was the main speaker.

The rebel chief spoke in front of a crowd hidden 
among the shadows of the night, and he told 
them: "It was not very easy for us, the 
zapatistas, to open up the word. We had to make 
a war, compa~eros like Sebastia'n, Severiano and 
Hermelindo had to die." These were indigenous 
from this town who were killed by the Army in 

Today's event was a continuous homage to the 
zapatistas fallen during these seven years of 
struggle. The EZLN spokesperson said, during his 
speech: "With those and other deaths we opened 
up our word, and with our word our eyes were 
also opened, and we were able to see the 

In front of members of the Clandestine Committee 
from the Tzotzchoj region and local and regional 
responsables, Marcos explained that, because of 
the example of the fallen zapatistas, "We had to 
fulfill three missions: the mission of pushing 
the three signals, the mission of engaging in 
dialogue with the Congress of the Union, and the 
mission of engaging in dialogue with civil 
society." And he stated: "We accomplished the 
three missions."

Referring to the Fox government commitment, he 
told the zapatista support bases gathered in 
this Aguascalientes that "the three remaining 
military positions will soon be left free. There 
are just a few remaining prisoners to be 
released. The Cocopa law is already being 
discussed. We have already spoken with the 
Congress of the Union. We are also speaking with 
hundreds of thousands of Mexicans."

During his speech, which was simultaneously 
translated into Tzeltal, Tojolabal and Tzotzil, 
Subcomandante Marcos noted that, at the events 
which took place during the zapatista march, "In 
our looking, we looked at many young people and 
children. In our word, we spoke with many 
children and young people, because most of those 
helping and accompanying us in this march were 
young people and children. They gathered 
together in all the cities, they came wanting to 
listen. They came seeking, they looked because 
the one who listens is seeking, because the one 
who looks is seeking."

He noted that "we spoke [to those children and 
young people] with the word of truth, that we 
were not what they were seeking. We were not, 
because we ourselves are seeking. We were they 
and we, seeking and seeking ourselves, and we 
each found each other."

Marcos also said that those children and young 
people represent, for the zapatistas, hope, 
rebellion, generosity and commitment, "the 

During his continuous references to the rebel 
indigenous who had died throughout this 
struggle, he said: "We can tell our dead that 
they were indeed right, that one day it is 
indeed going to dawn. That there shall be no 
concealed faces, that one day a face will not be 
concealed behind a mask. And on that day our 
dead shall live, and that day is going to dawn 
thanks to the children and young people."

Ending his reflection, Subcomandante Marcos 
said: "May our dead live forever. May death 
always die."

Following a resounding "Viva el EZLN!" shouted 
by the crowd, there was a great and deep silence 
in the Aguascalientes of the Morelia ejido.

 Originally published in Spanish by La Jornada
Translated by irlandesa

La Jornada Tuesday, April 3, 2001.

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