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Josh Harper Statement (nov 10, 2000)

From ban@dojo.tao.ca
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2000 03:38:52 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

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Hello again,

   I am writing this update about my case to inform
everyone of new developments and to thank all of
those people who have helped me thus far. This is a
very trying time for me, but it is made easier when I
think that I am not alone. People from all over the
world have written and sent donations. The Animal
Liberation Front have shown support for me as well by
breaking windows at a McDonalds and a Neiman Marcus in
Long Island and Beverly Hills. All of this activity is
inspiring, but sadly it doesn't change the facts of
this case.

   I am being charged with criminal contempt, a
federal felony, for failure to appear before a grand
jury. Criminal contempt carries no maximum sentence,
so any amount of jail time is possible if I am
convicted. This case is a first in our movement, and
will set a precedent that could be very harmful. The
government is essentially saying, "Snitch on your
friends or go to jail." Failure to cooperate with a
grand jury is going to start costing people years of
their lives. That is why we must fight this charge
to the best of our ability.

    I have finally found counsel in this case, but I
still need funds to pay for their assistance. We are
working on making some support fund merchandise, but
we need help setting up benefits elsewhere. Please
contact us below if you can do anything, a vegan
bake sell, a show, anything at all. We also need to
fight back on another front, and the ALF has certainly
taken the lead. The prosecution in this case planned
have this grand jury be an end to underground direct
action movement by knocking out the above ground
support structure. Craig Rosebraugh was targeted and
had his home raided because he speaks so eloquently on
behalf of those with compassion and respect for the
earth. I have been targeted because of my video
productions and speaking tours, as well as my
association with militant above ground action groups.
The government fears that people like Craig and I are
increasing the level of direct action in this country
simply by telling people that it occurs. I don't know
how true that is, but I do know that is difficult to
argue with the success of direct action. In one night
an earth raper can be forever put out of business.
With a few hundred dollars in equipment, animals can
be freed from a life time of slavery at the hands of a
vivisector. With long term planning and security, a
new movement could emerge to cast off the oppressive
state and it's industrial masters. If this charge of
criminal contempt puts me away for the next few
years, I at least hope that the grand jury doesn't
reach it's goal of crushing direct action.

   I see so many people fighting for a day when
the earth is wild again, and we live peacefully with
each other and the animal nations. Right now it seems
like such a far away dream, and I am at times
frustrated when I think how impossible it all seems.
But then I am given hope when I remember our radical
history, and all of the wonderful things we have
already accomplished. It remains to be seen whether or
not we will be willing to do what is necessary to
about the changes that are so desperately needed on
this planet, but I see a spark of hope in every broken
window, every torched police car, and every mink
running free as their hearts desire. I cheer every
time I hear that our movement has created a safe
space for wimmin, fed the hungry, or cast off one more
boss. Let us increase the momentum. Thanks for your


Please send donations (Payable to Josh Harper
Fund) to;
Josh Harper Support Fund
PO Box 45275
Seattle, WA 98145

E-mail; nevergivein@hotmail.com

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