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(en) US, Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists (NEFAC)

From Mark Laskey <kronstadt@juno.com>
Date Thu, 11 May 2000 23:48:19 -0400

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The Founding of the Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists
"We are communists. But our communism is not of the authoritarian school:
it is anarchist communism, communism without government, free communism.
It is a synthesis of two chief aims pursued by humanity since the dawn of
history - economic freedom and political freedom."
                                   -- Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921)

Despite the recent resurgence of militant left-activism and a growing
interest in anarchist theory and practice, very little has been
accomplished in the way of revolutionary anarchist organization here in
North America. Since the collapse of Love & Rage over two years ago, few
attempts have been made to fill the void left behind. If anarchism is to
develop into a serious revolutionary movement, it is important that we
begin to establish revolutionary organizations that are capable of
maximizing the political impact of militant class struggle anarchist
ideas and action within social movements and popular struggles. For the
past several months, a number of anarchist-communists from the
northeastern region have been networking around the need for such an

>From April 7-9, the Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists
(NEFAC) was officially launched at a conference held in Boston,
Massachusetts. For three days, over two dozen anarchists met extensively,
discussing the need for more theoretical coherence, tactical unity and
collective responsibility within the growing anarchist movement, and
collectively working together in establishing a regional
anarchist-communist federation based around these principles here in the

Though the group was limited in what could be accomplished over just one
weekend, participants were able to formally adopt a 13-point 'Aims &
Principles' statement for the federation (or at least a draft version to
be refined at the next conference) and lay down the initial groundwork
for an internal organizational structure.  By the end of the weekend it
was decided that a follow-up conference would be planned for August in
order to consolidate and expand on the work that was accomplished at this
founding conference.
It was agreed that the basic structure of NEFAC would consist of a
membership based on active collectives, affinity groups and individuals
from the region who identify with the communist tradition within
anarchism. The activity of the federation will be organized around three
poles: study and theoretical development; anarchist agitation and
propaganda; and intervention within the class struggle. Overall, the
federation is not intended to act as a mass organization in itself, but
rather as a militant anarchist minority working within existing social
movements and popular struggles in an effort  to radicalize them, while
simultaneously furthering a specifically communist perspective within the
general anarchist movement.

In an effort to organize across national and linguistic borders, NEFAC
will maintain both French and English sections, uniting predominantly
English-speaking anarchist-communists from northeastern U.S. with
French-speaking Quebecois anarchist-communists. From now until August,
the Sabate Anarchist Group (Boston) and Groupe Anarchiste Emile Henry
(Quebec) will act as the respective English and French speaking
"coordinating collectives" responsible for the administrative task of
registering new members within NEFAC (only official members will have
voting privileges and decision making capabilities at the next
conference). A general election will be held in August in order to fill
administrative positions within the federation for the next year.   

To receive a copy of the NEFAC 'Aims & Principles', the draft
constitution, and information on how to apply for membership within the
federation, contact:

Sabate Anarchist Group 
PO Box 230685
Boston, MA 02123, USA


Groupe Anarchiste Emile-Henry
C.P. 55051 
138 St-Vallier O. 
Quebec (QC), G1K 1J0, Canada

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