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From "el desaparecido" <desaparecido@gmx.de>
Date Tue, 1 Feb 2000 16:07:12 -0500

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> From:	"Com. Antagonista" <com_antagonista@hotmail.com>


It came true!
Under MEDIA spotlights in Davos, the revolt, after smouldering, exploded.
It happened that many people showed how they don't agree anymore with a 
world that is made of WEF, WTO, WB and NATO.
It happened that many people said NO to the barbarism of neoliberal thought 
and to its "human face".
In the "little big global city" the strength of Seattle revolt was logically 
carried on, a process that was invoked in Seattle by the direct action of 
thousands of activists in the streets.
It is possible to rebel, the volcanic magma  of those who undergo the 
effects of globalization is more and more resembling a real movement, which 
is able not only to unveil the barbarism of capital, but also to show and 
practice rebellion against it, generalizing a clear message for everyone: 
there is no more space for reforming barbarism, the only answer to property 
is to put back humanity in the first place.
And it is the necessity to put back humanity in the first place that gave 
the real capacity, in Davos like in Seattle, to unite different groups (from 
Bove's Confederation Paysanne to activists from social centres) who share a 
common goal, the battle against globalization, and who, reasserting their 
difference as a richness, can generalize and spread  the battle against 
We believe that the process of globalizing fights is a reality that no one 
can ignore: "world leaders" who have to pay for it, and especially movements 
and subjects who must play a major role.
We believe that here in Italy as well we must assume/adopt/follow this 
method and that in building our small or big battle everyday against 
neoliberal powers, being them D'Alema or Berlusconi, we must be able not to 
look at what divides us, but to focus clear and simple goals that can unite 
us, uniting the knots of ambiguity that often entangle us, as is the case of 
the "chameleon-wise" behaviour of those who think they can fight while at 
the same time managing the governments of neoliberalism.
This clear method must take us, starting from our partiality and local 
community work, to a leading role in a process that can impact and be 
credible in all the mobilizations that await us, from Genoa against 
biotechnology exhibition to Florence against NATO, to Mayday 2000 for 
humanity, so that these experiences will not be self-representative, but 
become protagonists of the building of a global movement which is able to 
destroy the barbarism of globalization to globalize humanity.

On our way back from Davos

Confederazione Nazionale COBAS
Movemento Antagonista Toscano
Officina 99 - SKA
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