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US, January 20th Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian Bloc Update and Call

From "Barricada Collective" <barricadacollective@hotmail.com>
Date Sun, 24 Dec 2000 05:15:18 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

The Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian Bloc has been working hard to make the 
January 20th mobilization a success, and so far it looks like interest is 
high, as we are currently networking with people from all over the USA who 
plan to come to Washington and march with us.  In order to keep people up to 
speed on what is being planned we are posting the following information, as 
well as re-posting the call for those who may not have seen it.  We also 
cannot urge people enough to subscribe to the email list, as it is our most 
effective method of communication.

	We strongly encourage people to help spread this information as much as 
possible, by forwarding it to lists that they may be on (especially city or 
regional lists) or by printing it and distributing it, in order to help 
continue to get the word out.

       If you want to help out or have any questions whatsoever, please do 
not hesitate to contact us at barricadacollective@hotmail.com

	The RAAB plans to take part in a variety of actions during inauguration 
day.  For a variety of reasons, we cannot at this time disclose the details 
for all the events planned for the course of January 20th.  For the moment 
the initial assembly point is around the large Class War banner that will be 
at Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th St. NW.  However, amongst other things, 
there is currently talk of a march which will start earlier than the 
International Action Center March.  This is however not yet confirmed.  
Therefore, for regular updates on this as well as other events please send a 
request to be subscribed to the Barricada e-mail list to 

	Also, we would like to take this opportunity to make it clear that the 
decision to march at the IAC march does not represent an endorsement of the 
IAC.  We are simply choosing to use the IAC march as the initial assembly 
point for the bloc because of issues of safety and convenience, as the IAC 
meeting location will be legal and crowded.  We will however be an 
independent bloc with our own banner and our own revindications.  During the 
course of the march “For Class War, For a Classless, Stateless Society,” 
information about the rest of the days events will be distributed through 
fliers and word of mouth.

	Needless to say, Washington on January 20th will be a city swamped with all 
the branches of the repressive forces of the state, including over 4,000 
policemen.  Therefore, we are providing some information that we feel it is 
important for people to have in order to minimize the risk of unwanted 
run-ins with police and to help those who come to Washington for this day.

-There will be what is being termed a “Hub,” for meeting during the day, 
although not necessarily a convergence center.  Again, for the address once 
it is available, contact Barricada.

-Groups of 25 people or less do not need a permit to demonstrate along the 
inaugural parade route.  Inaugurauction intends to eventually disperse into 
groups of 25 or less along the parade route and have a presence by being 
spread out around the city.  The bloc will decide, through consensus 
decision making when the time comes, what direction to take once the march 
has ended.  However, it is important that people who intend to come in 
“black bloc” are dressed in a manner that would make it at least to some 
extent feasible to mix in with the crowd.  For example, patches and easily 
identifiable pieces of clothing are not suggested.  This is always the case, 
but even more so for January 20th.

-Banners and flags our obviously suggested and welcome, but they may become 
a nuisance later in the day if you do not have a place to leave them and 
they are large and/or heavy.  Therefore, think about whether you want to 
have them with you or not.

-A legal team is in place in case it comes to be needed on the 20th.  
Unfortunately, the exact phone number that people need to have on them in 
case of an emergency is not yet available.  Once more, for information as 
soon as it becomes available, contact us.

-A final note, for those who receive Barricada’s monthly magazine:  In the 
January issue there is a text very similar to this one.  However since going 
to press we have decided to no longer work with the Justice Action Movement. 
  They have been showing themselves to be increasingly dominated by 
centrists and reformists, collaborating with police and welcoming even 
Democrats who clearly state that they are protesting simply because they 
feel Bush should not be president in their desperate pandering to the 
mainstream.  There has also been a lot of anti-anarchist, anti-Marxist, and 
pro-patriotic talk on their discussion list.  Therefore, while we wish them 
the best of luck, we are separating ourselves from them as, while we attempt 
to be inclusive and non-sectarian, we have to draw the line somewhere.

A Call For a United Revolutionary Presence At The Presidential Inauguration




	On Saturday, January 20th, 2001 thousands of people from all over the 
United States will converge on the streets of Washington, D.C to protest 
against the dictatorship of the corporate class, the circus of US 
representative “democracy“, and the international death machine that is the 
US government.

	The demonstration in Washington the day of the presidential inauguration is 
a great opportunity to demonstrate our opposition, not only to whoever it is 
that may eventually win the presidency, but to the entire state system, from 
the dictatorship of capital, to the sham of representative democracy by 
making Washington ours during inauguration day and disrupting the ceremony 
of the ruling class.  In the spirit of the mobilizations of the past year, 
from Seattle, to Washington, to Cincinnati, and everywhere in between, we 
are calling for revolutionaries to stand together as a bloc and refuse to 
serve as mere numbers for reformist and authoritarian organizations that 
don’t represent our desires, aims, or aspirations.  Instead, we propose a 
demonstration that not only highlights our opposition to the present order, 
but also puts forth revolutionary anti-authoritarian alternatives.

	Therefore, we are calling for anti-authoritarian revolutionaries to bring 
their banners and flags, be they black, red, red and black, black and green, 
or whatever else and gather in Washington at 10 am on Saturday, January 
20th, 2001 at Pennsylvania Ave. and 14th St. NW under the slogan “Class War 
Now...For a Classless, Stateless Society.” We are not calling for any 
particular tactics, simply for revolutionary anti-authoritarians to come 
prepared to march on the Presidential Inauguration and for a festival of 
resistance, struggle, and revolutionary alternatives to the capitalist 

	It will take a lot of work to make this mobilization a success and a show 
of force for the North American revolutionary movement.  If you wish to help 
make the January 20th initiative succeed , spread the word, organize 
caravans to Washington, copy and distribute this call,  make banners and 
flags, keep in touch as details of the mobilization become available, 
contact us to endorse the call, and come to Washington on January 20th ready 
for a festival of resistance.

The Barricada Collective
Sabate Anarchist Collective (NEFAC)
Agitate! (Baltimore)
The Onward Collective (Gainesville)
ABCF People of Color Caucus
Anarchist Black Cross Federation-Houston
Radio Sexto Sol (Houston)
People Against Racist Terror
Anarchist Soccer League (New Brunswick)

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