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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 415 28th August ­ 3rd September, 2000

From "Philip McCrory" <philmcc@melbpc.org.au>
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 16:03:39 -0400

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


Sometimes I think I live on Mars.  Take the latest government promoted
debate sweeping the nation.  MUTUAL OBLIGATION - people on Social Security
benefits are obligated to the State for providing them with a pittance to
live on.  What does this obligation imply?  They are to take on a job, any
job in order to escape what's laughingly called a "poverty trap".

Forty percent of Australians live on Social Security benefits, twenty-five
percent (1 in 4) of Australian children live in families which live on
Social Security benefits.  This isn't happening in Sierre Leone or Liberia,
it's happening in Australia, a continent with 19 million people.  This is
happening in what's laughingly called "the fair go society".  It's happening
in what's described as an egalitarian community.  Who's kidding whom?
What's the government solution to this problem?  Mutual Obligation, taking a
job, any job, even if it pays less than 400 dollars a week.

The government's recipe for removing "poverty traps" is a recipe for the
extension of the number of working poor in the Australian community.  Wages
are so low in this country that a single bread winner with three children is
better off on the dole or Social Security benefits.  Wages are so low the
taxpayer (other salary earners - salary earners pay 73% of the total tax
take) subsidises wages.  This means employers are being bankrolled by the
taxpayer to employ people.

It gets worse.  The government's solution for removing poverty is a recipe
for increasing the number of people who can be described as working poor -
people who work, but bring home so little pay they can't meet their day to
day debts, let alone save.  You and I know that there is only one way of
removing povery traps and that's by breaking down the strangle hold the
corporate sector has on wealth and creating a society where everybody has
access to the "common wealth".  Unfortunately governments won't take this
course of action because they represent corporate interests, not the
interests of the people who elect them into office.

It's my sad duty to inform the people of Australia that one of Australia's
most pre-eminent newspapers, The Age, is dying.  The newspaper that liked to
think of itself as brain food for the nation is starving to death because of
it's bland, boring, mundane diet.  The newpaper that was launched on the eve
of the Eureka Stockade (November 1854), the same newpaper that supported the
Eureka diggers has the death rattle.

How did such a proud, independent, fearless organisation with such a
glorious past reach this pitiful state?  The answer's very simple - garbage
in, garbage out.  Over the past decade the Age has become a shadow of its
former self.  In itıs attempt to reposition itself in the market place it
has lost it's soul and it's ability to provide a diversity of opinion on
it's once proud pages.

The Age's fixation with the corporate agenda has made it a perfect vehicle
to peddle the innane needs of the chattering chardonay classes.  It's no
accident The Age's pages are filled, overfilled with articles on food, real
estate, investment property and life's "finer points".  The paper's current
content reflects the aspirations and needs of only one section of the

Why do I bother putting pen to paper?  Why do I bother sending this epistle
to the Age's letters editor?  I bother because if you look hard enough and
sometimes you have to flick through a few issues, you occassionally stumble
across the spark that fed the Eureka rebellion.

Mr 77% Steve Bracks, the Labor Premier of Victoria has one major weakness.
One year after he was elected it's become apparent that Steve Bracks is a
peripheral man.  Stevie and the Victorian Labor Party are smart enough to
realize that governments, especially State governments, aren't part of the
main scene.  They may occassionally crumb the ball (very occassionally) but
they never play in the packs.  That position is left for the movers and
shakers in the corporate world.

No major decisions for Stevie and his boys and girls.  They know when
they're not wanted.  Forget about policies.  If Bernie wants to hold the
Grand Prix at taxpayers expense in a public park for a few more years ­ so
be it.  If the health sector is falling apart, don't worry, a few cosmetic
changes will do the trick.  Education, don't worry, the Lalor government
will continue to support the private sector at the expense of the public

Just in case you think we're saying Stevie does nothing, we're not.  This is
peripheral man we're talking about.  Just find some non-core issue and
peripheral man will be in there fighting for the people of Victoria.  Take
Grand Final ticket sales - peripheral man's interested in that issue.
Anything else, well the State government has to honour the contracts that
the Kennett regime entered into on their behalf.  All those old radicals who
put their faith in the Labor Party to at least honour it's election policies
are beginning to find out what peripheral man and his government is all
about.  They love tinkering at the edges and playing in the C grade but
don't expect them to play in the main game.  That's a job for the corporate
world not for periperal man and his team.

On Thursday the 24th of August fifteen protesters gathered outside ABC radio
headquarters in Melbourne.  As we discussed, the next step we will take ABC
management sent out a security guard to make sure we didn't invade the ABC
foyer.  Why will we be there in bigger and bigger numbers on Thursday the
14th of September at 11am?  The answer is very simple, we care about what's
happening to public radio and television in this country.

The True Blue Friends of the ABC have been set up to act as a ginger group
to stir up the Friends of the ABC and other interested Australians into
action to ensure that the ABC reflects the diversity of opinion that exists
in the Australian community.  As Shier and his ABC management team attempt
to turn around the culture of the ABC, the response from the staff and the
Australian people has bee almost non-existent.  The most tragic aspect of
our campaign is the almost a total lack of staff support for the True Blue
Friends of the ABC.

The time for petitions and working up the right channels has come and gone.
About the only tactic that will now work is Direct Action.  The True Blue
Friends of the ABC is a coalition of individuals and organisations who are
willing to use direct action to stop the ABC from becoming a clone of the
commercial networks.  Whether we succeed or not will depend on our ability
to break out of our marginal position and form alliances with other
activists who want the ABC to reflect the diversity of opinion that exists
in the general community.

Join us at our next rally outside ABC radio headquarters in Melbourne at
11am on Thursday the 14th of September and become part of a growing movement
to put the ABC back in the hands of the Australian people.  Even better,
form your own True Blue Friends of the ABC group and picket your local ABC
station on the 14th of September.  The more of us who take up this
challenge, the greater the possibility the ABC will remain in public hands.

Water cannons and tear gas were used by private security goons and
Australian Protective Services staff to put down a demonstration by 80
refugees at Woomera Detention Centre in South Australia.  In the name of the
Australian people, the Australian government and her loyal opposition have
combined forces to depict refugees as criminals.

Detained in isolated outposts behind barbed wire, refugees in Australia have
fewer rights than criminals.  Mandatory detention, long waits to process
refugee applications, physical isolation and intimidation by government
agencies is the lot of these people.  Although the government thunders on
about illegal immigrants, over 90% of boat people detained receive refugee

The situation for refugees in Australia is much, much worse than the
situation in the USA and Western European countries.  In a rearguard action
to keep these abysmal facts away from the Australian people and the world,
the Australian government has stated it will refuse United Nations agencies
permission to investigate complaints about how refugees are treated in this

The current state of affairs is an affront to all Australians.  The
government believes that it's on a good wicket when it stirs the illegal
immigration pot.  Although most Australians continue to support the
government's inhuman stand against refugees who reach this country, and
increasing number are becoming disturbed at the sight of refugees being
treated like a pack of rabid dogs.

Q.    Will jails disappear in an anarchist society?
A.    Well that's the theory, but I've got my doubts. Most antisocial and
asocial behaviour can be resolved within an anarchist society. The problems
arising with repeat offenders, serial rapists and serial murderers are an
example that rapidly springs to mind. What does an anarchist society do in
such a situation?  Do they execute, jail or banish the offender?
Although an anarchist society will not have such a thing as a death penalty,
anybody who exhibits this type of behaviour runs the very real risk of being
killed by relatives or friends of the murdered person. How does an anarchist
community prevent the advent of summary or mob justice is important, because
in these situations it's just as likely that an innocent person will be
killed than the guilty person. When emotions run high the chances of things
following a rational path are very slim indeed.
Banishment is the normal answer that anarchists give in such a situation.
Banish where?
Do you buy them a bus ticket to a neighbouring community and unleash them on
your unsuspecting neighbours? Of course not!!  Do you send them to the bad
If this is the community's policy, it's very short sighted indeed.  Before
they know it the community will be faced with an outlaw culture that could
threaten the very stability of the community itself.  Do you incarcerate
them to stop their attacks on the community and the community attacking
them?  When you think about it, in these very few extreme examples, it seems
jailing is the best course of action an anarchist community could take.

As anarchists we know how important a name is. Anarchists in the 21st
century still suffer from the stigma that the capitalist media was able to
weave around the anarchist movement. Although the anarchist movement's track
record on violence is almost non-existent, most people still equate
anarchism with violence.
The capitalist media played a central role in the creation of the figures of
the anarchist terrorist. It's time the shoe was put on the other foot. The
mass media sets the agenda about what is possible in our society. Although
the term mass media is used to describe the media, it only promotes a
limited number of ideas because it's controlled by a limited number of
people. People who are involved in forms of media that are not controlled by
these monopolies are described as alternative media. This term marginalises
non-monopoly controlled media because the main game is being played in
another arena.
In order to overcome these stereotypes it's time we stopped using terms like
mass and alternative to describe the media. The term mass media, a soft
non-judgemental term, should be replaced with the term corporate media.
Whether the media is State run (the A.B.C) or run by private monopolies they
both follow  a corporate agenda.  As more and more people are beginning to
feel the blowtorch of the corporate world, the term corporate has become a
liability. So forget about the term mass media and every time you talk about

the monopoly media call them the corporate media.
When we talk about the alternative media, the single most important aspect
of the alternative media is it's democratic nature. When you talk about the
alternative media forget about the term alternative and describe it as grass
roots media. The term grass roots has a democratic, people feel to it.  As
we know, perceptions are important.  Stop giving the mass media a free non
value kick and tell it as it is, they are the corporate media. On the other
hand we are not just an alternative, we represent the grass roots media.

Jack Grancharoff.
ASIO File A6.119/79 Item 976
Date range 1964-1965
Jack Grancharoff, one of Australia's more well known anarchists has reached
such a grand old age the State is willing to release a few bits of his
A.S.I.O. files. Thirty years after these files were compiled the State has
released sections of these files. The file consists of 17 heavily blacked
out pages. It contains the cover and contents page of Red and Black.  No.2
winter 1966, a publication Jack continues to publish and the contents page
of anarchy No.2, the 1965 publication of the Sydney Anarchist Group.
This is followed by a page stamped SECRET at the top and bottom of the page
(item No.15266) issued on the 2nd December 1966 that is very heavily blacked
out.  It has copies of letters and cables sent by William Dwyer to Jack.
This note is signed by the Australian Attorney General (name blacked out).
The next file 53/7/11 20th July '66 is labelled the Vietnam Protest and
Anti-conscription movements in Australia. Sydney anarchists and Libertarion
Society at University of Sydney. This well thought out four page report by
agent S.S.O. B1 gives a good overview of the philosophical nature of
anarchism. This is followed by a number of pages that outline where various
anarchists were living in Sydney at particular times. Jack's wanderings
through Sydney in the 1960's are well documented in these pages. It's
interesting to note that A.S.I.O had good links with the British Secret
Intelligence Agency and exchanged information with them. Terms like
"suspicious character" jump out at you between the blacked out sections.
In the file is also included a nice letter from Jack to an A.S.I.O agent who
has subscribed to Red and Black and wants to attend anarchist meetings
(hohum deja vu).
The most interesting part of the file is a 3 page report File no. 3/2/605 on
the Bulgarian National Committee issued on the 31st March 1955, a memorandum
issued from
A.S.I.O Commonwealth headquarters to Regional Directors in Victoria, South
Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, A.C.T., Northern
Territory and the territory of Papua and New Guinea. The report compiled by
Senior Field Officer B1 looks at all aspects of the Bulgarian National
Conference in Australia.
Section 12 states, among a few blacked out lines (still blacked out nearly
fifty years after they were collected) "Also in Sydney is also a small group
of Bulgarian Anarchists".  The leader of the group is Kristu ENCHEVER "The
group has a small private newspaper "will" circulating in Sydney. The
printer is J. Grancaroff of 269 Bay street, Botany.  The group is small but
extremely active."
Thanks to John Englart for providing me with Jack's old A.S.I.O file. I
wonder what type of information exists in his current file. As Jack has been
extremely active I assume it would have enough information in it for a
doctoral thesis. Any takers-apply to the Attorney General Darryl Williams.

Raoal Vaneigem "J-E Dupuis"
Translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith
AK Press 1999
ISBN 1-873176-94-5
This little gem was  first published by Paul Vermont in 1977. It was
originally commissioned in 1970 by a French publisher to issue as a series
intended for high school pupils. This is an excellent introduction to
Surrealism for those activists who have trouble getting their head around
the idea. This 130 page booklet is divided into six distinct chapters: 1)
History and Surrealism 2) Changing Life 3) Transforming the World 4)
Promoting the image as object  5) Converting to Mysticism and 6) Now.
It's important to remember that the Surrealists were faithful "disciples
first to the Communist Party and later to Trotsky".  It wasn't until 1968
that they were able to loosen their association with the forces of left
authoritarianism. Even then, they couldn't shake off their love affair with
the Castro regime in Cuba. Raoal Vaneigem slashes through the Surrealist
claims that Surrealism is a revolutionary ideology.  Chapter 3 -
Transforming the World, exposes the strong links between Marxist ideology
and Surrealism.
Reading through the section in Chapter 3 labelled 'An Informal
Organisation', it's plain to see that the schisms that have been such a
constant feature of Surrealism can be laid at the feet of the consequences
of the tyranny of structurelessness. Reading through the who's who list of
expulsions, it's obvious that Surrealism's lack of structure was and
continues to be its Achilles heel.
Although this book is meant for high school students, it isn't an easy read.
If you've got the time and inclination to have a look at a movement that
promised so much but delivered and continues to deliver so little, 'A
Cavalier History of Surrealism' is the book for you.
Available from Anarres Books for $17.90.  Write to them at PO Box 150, East
Brunswick  3057, Melbourne, Australia or email your order to
mailorder@anarres.org.au.  If you've got a few minutes, look at their web
site:  www.anarres.org.au or write to them for their latest catalogue.

Travelling through a sprawling urban centre, you always sit up when you come
across an empty block.  Empty blocks can be divided into a few different
categories, on the outskirts of the city you can stumble across vast
wastelands.  Developers move in, level everything before them including the
grass and the trees and begin to build a never ending line of brick veneer
clones.  You know that these boxes will soon be full of life because it's
the only way many people can fulfil their great Australian dream - the
twenty-five year mortgage.
Another type of suburb that seems to grow empty blocks is the newly
gentrified suburb.  As older folk die off or move on, houses that have
provided shelter and comfort to two or three generations are no longer
fashionable.  These houses are sold for their land value, within a few
months the demolition derby begins and before you know it, there's a brown
scar in your street.  The more gentrified a suburb becomes, the more brown
scars appear.  Before you know it the corner shop's disappeared and every
house in the street has been redesigned or redeveloped.
Last but not least, you've got the house that's seen better days, that
slowly falls into a ruin, creating an opportunity for an eagle eyed
developer to make a buck.  The blocks I like best are those supporting
partially developed houses which are greying in the weather.  These places
stand as a monument to some builderıs or bankerıs folly.  Occasionally, just
occasionally somewhere in the urban sprawl you stumble on a block that's
hemmed in by a wire fence that's groaning under the weight of vegetables and
fruit trees.  An edible oasis in a brick veneered, concrete landscape.

What a month is coming up.  The Melbourne Asia Pacific leg of the World
Economic Conference on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September, the AFL Grand
Final next Saturday, the Royal Melbourne Agricultural Show in a week or two
and, to top it all off, the Sydney Olympic Games.  Some months literally
hang around, this one's laden with fruit.
The difference between the Sydney Olympics and the Melbourne Asia Pacific
leg of the World Economic Forum is that one is a passive spectacle, while
the other one needs your active participation.  You switch on the television
screen and watch events beyond your control unfold before your very eyes.
The other one, you make the move and write history.
One, a passive spectacle that fills the pockets of our corporate masters,
the other, an active attack on corporate power.  I know which one I'll be
attending.  So what if some professional athlete jumps longer, runs faster
or plays better than some other professional athlete.  So what if Cathy
Freeman wins a gold medal.  It's not going to do much for this country's
indigenous people or, for that matter, anyone else.
On the other hand, if tens of thousands mass together in Melbourne and bring
the corporate beast to it's knees the course of world history will be
changed.  We have the World at our finger tips.  We can hand it over to the
corporate sector or we can take it back and begin the long struggle to
create an egalitarian community.  The ball's in our court, we can watch it
or we can pick it up and run with it.  Be a devil, pick up that ball and
change the course of history.

Joseph Toscano / Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society

. ANARCHIST NEWSLETTER No17 Aug/Sept 2000, FOR JURA BOOKS, 440 Parramatta
Rd., PETERSHAM SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, P.O. Box N32 Petersham Nth 2049, Sydney
Australia Ph: (02)9530 9931, email jura@chaos.apana.org.au
. REBEL WORKER Vol19 No4 (166) Aug/Sept 2000, P.O. Box 92, BROADWAY 2007,
SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, email rworker@chaos.apana.org.au
. THRALL No13 & No14 May-Aug 2000, P.O. Box 22-076, Christchurch New
Zealand, email thralinet@yahoo.com
. ROJO Y NEGRO C.G.T. No123 June 2000, Companca 9, 1ş, 129 31001
PAMIONA/IRUNA, SPAIN, Tel 91 5931628, Fax 948 212 399, email
. SOLIDARIDAD OBRERA CNT No296 May 2000, C/- Joaquin Costa 34, Entresueto,
08001-BARCELONA SPAIN, Tel/Fax 93 318 88 34, email solcobrera@hotmail.com

DEBT ELIMINATION APPEAL      -------     DEBT 30.8.2000 - $696.40
Our debt is now $696.40.  If we can continue to keep it below five hundred
dollars we can continue to publish till the cows come home.  It costs around
1500 dollars a month to produce the weekly, quarterly, radio program and
finance our other activities.  The Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed
Society provide 800 to 900 dollars per month of this total.  The other 700
to 800 dollars needed to keep this level of activity going needs to come
from our subscribers and supporters.  Itıs important to remember to keep
those subscriptions and donations rolling in.  If you are sending relatively
small amounts (twenty dollars or less) send us 45cent postage stamps (this
saves you bank and money order charges) and help us to pay our 400 dollar
per month postage bill our second  biggest expense after our radio costs.
Make out cheques and money orders to LIBERTARIAN WORKERS and send them to
P.O. Box 20 PARKVILLE 3052, Melbourne AUST.

Saturday 2nd September 2000, St Augustines Parish Hall, 61 Somerville Road
Yarraville, (under bridge beside railway)
$25per person (kids free), 7pm start food served until 8:30pm
>organic vegetarian/vegan buffet, >live music by Scooter (popular covers),
Leons & Seagull Frenzy (blues/reggae/jazz) and others, >comedian Matthew
Dean, >bar with drinks at pub prices >kid friendly/smoke free venue
Tables of 10 available, book your table today by calling Grasslands Grocery
& Information Cafe 9362 0830

Do you live in Melbourne? Are you attending the demonstration against the
Asia Pacific leg of the World Economic Forum on the 11th, 12th, & 13th of
September? Then think about Billeting an anarchist/s for the protest.
Anarchists from across Australia are coming to the demonstration by car,
bicycle, plane, bus and train. The least we can do is put them up for a few
days. Ring the Anarchist Media Institute on (03) 9828 2856 anytime and leave
a telephone number and name if you can billet an anarchist/s.  Youıve got to
be in it, to win it ­ bigger than Ben Hur - the peoples pre-olympic festival
outside Crown Casino in Melbourne on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September.

Politically manipulated and scorned?  Sick of being a peripheral player
every time a Federal election comes around, then join:- VOTE INFORMAL TODAY,
DIRECT DEMOCRACY TOMORROW, a "political party" that is putting the boot into
the Australian Parliamentary Process.  Send a stamp self-addressed envelope
PO Box 20, Parkville. 3052. Melb. Aust  (03)9828 2856 (24 hour answering
service).  We will send information about how to join this unique 21st
century Australian phenomena.  DON'T PUT IT OFF.  JOIN THE PUSH FOR CHANGE
NOW.  Written and authorised by Joseph Toscano (National Convenor 205
Nicholson St Footscray 3012  Melb Australia). Write to us for a copy of our
bimonthly newsletter.  Look at our web site and join
today.http://direct-democracy.8k.com E-mail us on
directdemocracy@netscape.net  Telephone us on 03) 9828 2856 anytime at the
Anarchist Media Institute.  CURRENT MEMBERSHIP 130, 390 TO GO TO REGISTER
ADDRESS -http://www.freespeech.org/anarchistAge
Want to help us find new listeners for the Anarchist World This Week, then
send us a few stamps to AWTW, PO Box 20, Parkville 3052, Australia & we'll
send you out a colour poster (A3) for your use & a black & white poster you
can photocopy & put up to help us increase the number of people who listen
to the Anarchist World This Week.

7.30pm Thursday 7th September (3 days before the 11th) at Grassland
Groceries, 205 Nicholson St, Footscray, Melb
All Welcome All Welcome  This is a chance for like minded people to get
together in an informal environment. ANARRES ANARCHIST BOOKSHOP WILL HAVE A
BOOK STALL ON THE NIGHT.  Food, Drinks (non alcoholic) and Groceries
(Organics) can be purchased on the night.

Has been awarded to the Corporate Media for their hysterical response
towards the legitimate legal demonstrations that have been organised in
Melbourne against the Asia Pacific leg of The World Economic Forum.

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Society/Anarchist Media Institute. They do not necessarily reflect the
opinions of The Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society/Anarchist
Media Institute.

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SOCIAL REVOLUTION ­ Harold Beyer-Arnesen


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