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[A-infos-index24] A-Infos-index of last 24 hours

Date Mon, 10 Nov 2014 23:59:01 +0100 (CET)

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(en) Palestine-Israel - the joint struggle in turbulent times.
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 21:48:58 GMT 2014

The popular unarmed struggle of Palestinian communities joint by Israeli anarchists
against the wall and others is not a struggle for the &quot;national liberation&quot; or &quot;self
determination&quot; of the Palestinian nation. It is the struggle of Palestinian people which
overwhelm majority of them are working people against the threat of transfer, and the
suppression and exploitation by the Israeli Zionist settler colonialist project. No one of
the involved in the struggle who ar...

(pt) Brazil, Coletivo Quebrando Muros - [RP - Alagoas] Resist&#xEA;ncia Popular convida - Consci&#xEA;ncia Negra!
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 16:19:07 GMT 2014

Retirado de:
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://resistenciapopular-al.blogspot.com.br/2014/11/resistencia-popular-convida-consciencia.html";>http://resistenciapopular-al.blogspot.com.br/2014/11/resistencia-popular-convida-consciencia.html</a>
---- H&#xE1; mais de 400 anos surge onde hoje s&#xE3;o terras alagoanas a maior resist&#xEA;ncia &#xE0;
opress&#xE3;o que j&#xE1; existiu no nosso pa&#xED;s. O Quilombo dos Palmares persistiu por quase 100
anos numa experi&#xEA;ncia que envolvia os negr...

(pt) It&#xE1;lia, Libert&#xE1;rio Alternativa Documento Final do IX Congresso do FDCA (en, it) [traduccion automatica]
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 15:57:10 GMT 2014

O IX Congresso do FDCA, que teve lugar no dia 1 e 2 de Novembro de 2014, o munic&#xED;pio de
Cascina Cingia na cidade Cingia de 'Botti (CR), decide adotar e adaptar o nome da
Federa&#xE7;&#xE3;o Libert&#xE1;ria Alternativa / FDCA, tanto a n&#xED;vel nacional e International.
<br>. 1 Libert&#xE1;rio Alternativa / FDCA como uma organiza&#xE7;&#xE3;o pol&#xED;tica do anarquismo militante e
classe revolucion&#xE1;rios libert&#xE1;rios em italiano, classifica e direciona sua a&#xE7;&#xE3;o pol...

(pt) It&#xE1;lia, Libert&#xE1;rio Alternativa / FDCA - Documento Final do IX Congresso do FDCA (en, it) [traduccion automatica]
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 15:53:05 GMT 2014

O IX Congresso do FDCA, que teve lugar no dia 1 e 2 de Novembro de 2014, o munic&#xED;pio de
Cascina Cingia na cidade Cingia de 'Botti (CR), decide adotar e adaptar o nome da
Federa&#xE7;&#xE3;o Libert&#xE1;ria Alternativa / FDCA, tanto a n&#xED;vel nacional e International.
<br>Libert&#xE1;rio Alternativa / FDCA, que a organiza&#xE7;&#xE3;o pol&#xED;tica do anarquismo militante e classe
revolucion&#xE1;rios libert&#xE1;rios em italiano, classifica e direciona sua a&#xE7;&#xE3;o pol&#xED;...

(it) Alternativa Libertaria / FdCA - Documento finale del IX Congresso della FdCA (en. pt)
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 15:52:42 GMT 2014

Il IX Congresso della FdCA, tenutosi l'1 e 2 novembre 2014 presso la Comune di Cascina
Cingia in localit&#xE0; Cingia de' Botti (CR), decide di adottare ed adattare la denominazione
della Federazione in Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA, tanto a livello nazionale che
internazionale. ---- Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA, quale organizzazione politica dei
militanti dell'anarchismo di classe e dei rivoluzionari libertari in Italia, colloca ed
orienta il suo agire politico nelle classi sfruttate e n...

(en) Libertarian Communist Group (Welsh: Gr&#xC5;p Gomiwnyddol Libertaraidd) is an especifist organisation in Wales/Cymru.
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:55:35 GMT 2014

The LCG/GGL is primarily concerned with building working class counter-power. ---- We
identify as libertarian communists with the &quot;platformist&quot; or especifista tradition of
anarchism. We broadly identify with the theoretical base of this tradition and the
organisational practice it argues for - but not necessarily everything else it has said or
done - so it is a starting point for our politics and not an end point. The core concept
of this tradition is the need for a libertari...

(en) suruc-kobane Suru&#xC3;
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:53:46 GMT 2014

We, to be in solidarity with Kobane as Istanbul Anarsi Inisiyatifi and Karakok Otonom,
took the road to Suruc from Istanbul on friday. Because the plane tickets were too
expensive, we preferred to go by bus. As we got off the bus in Aligel village at about 8
am, we changed to another bus to Suruc. In the village, Turkish soldiers staying on alert
like occupation forces and riot control vehicles (TOMA, akrep) are confronted everywhere.
First we went to the town hall and conversed with m...

(de) FAU - Gericht findet unerschwingliche Schiedsgerichtkosten ungerecht - Kategorien: Solidarit&#xE4;t Foreigners
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:50:52 GMT 2014

Im Fall von Eleftheria, die von der FAU Berlin Foreigners' Section durch Beratung und
Fundraising unterst&#xFC;tzt wurde, hat das Dresdner Landgericht einen ersten Beschluss
gef&#xE4;llt. ---- Eleftheria hat als freiberufliche Sachbearbeiterin f&#xFC;r eine in Dresden
registrierte, aber von Dubai aus gef&#xFC;hrte Firma gearbeitet. Ihr Auftraggeber weigerte
sich, ihr das letzte Monatsgehalt auszuzahlen. Eleftheria hat im April vor dem Landgericht
Dresden Anklage erhoben, mit der Begr&#...

(en) IIrish Anarchist Review #10 - The First Three Years Of The Workers Solidarity Movement - 1988
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:49:40 GMT 2014

A statement issued in 1988 after internal disagreements within the WSM had led to its
partial collapse. Those whom remained and rebuilt the organisation in the following years
offered this analysis of what had been acheived and what had gone wrong. ---- ANARCHISM
has no real history or tradition in Ireland. A few Irish emigrants such as Jack White or
Matt Kavanagh did become anarchists but that had no effect on things at home. In the early
1970s there was a small group of ex-republica...

(pt) France, cnt-f - RALLY DE MOVIMENTO SOCIAL CRIMINALIZA&#xC7;&#xC3;O - Montpellier - Outro Futuro (en, fr) [traduccion automatica]
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:49:06 GMT 2014

CNT educa&#xE7;&#xE3;o 34, 34 do Sul educa&#xE7;&#xE3;o e ao grupo um outro futuro para a Coordena&#xE7;&#xE3;o de
grupos anarquistas pedem: ---- Rally de movimento social criminaliza&#xE7;&#xE3;o ---- quarta-feira,
novembro 12 a 18 horas em frente &#xE0; gare saint roch para montpellier ---- Em solidariedade
com Fouad ativista condenado apenas a uma multa de EUR 40.000 para uma ocupa&#xE7;&#xE3;o coletiva
pista da esta&#xE7;&#xE3;o de trem durante o movimento chamado de &quot;anti-CPE&q...

(en) US, WSA Ideas &amp; Action: Anarcho-syndicalism in America - WSA 30 Year Anniversary By Steven Fake
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:48:40 GMT 2014

Part of a series commemorating 30 years of WSA ---- I am a relative newcomer to the WSA. I
did not join until 2006. I might have joined some years earlier had I only heard of its
existence. WSA is not exactly the most visible political organization in the country. This
is unsurprising as anarcho-syndicalism is scarcely known as an ideological tendency in
modern America. When I did eventually learn of the WSA it was via the byline of a member
writing in a leftist internet publication. T...

(pt) France, Coordena&#xE7;&#xE3;o de Grupos Anarquistas - Protesto para parar os despejos e moradia para tou-te-s! Habita&#xE7;&#xE3;o indocumentado,Lyon (en, fr) [traduccion automatica]
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:47:25 GMT 2014

Enquanto o direito de um telhado &#xE9; um direito vital e fundamental, milhares de mulheres,
homens, filhos de Rh&#xF4;ne-Alpes, regi&#xE3;o francesa ou estrangeira est&#xE3;o desabrigadas ou
amea&#xE7;ado de ser jogado qualquer tempo. Tal como no resto da Fran&#xE7;a. ---- As causas? ---- ?
A pol&#xED;tica das autoridades locais e estaduais n&#xE3;o cumprem sua obriga&#xE7;&#xE3;o absoluta
alojamento de emerg&#xEA;ncia ver&#xE3;o e inverno de qualquer pessoa, independentemente da sua

(fr) Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes - Manifestation pour l'arr&#xEA;t des expulsions et pour un logement pour tou-te-s ! (en, pt)
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:46:02 GMT 2014

Samedi, 15 Novembre, 2014 - 14:00 - 17:00 ---- Alors que le droit &#xE0; un toit est un droit
vital et fondamental, des milliers de femmes, d'hommes, d'enfants de la r&#xE9;gion
Rh&#xF4;ne-Alpes, &#xE9;trangers ou fran&#xE7;ais, sont &#xE0; la rue ou menac&#xE9;s d'y &#xEA;tre jet&#xE9;s &#xE0; tout moment.
Comme dans le reste de la France. ---- Les Causes ? ---- - La politique de l'Etat et des
collectivit&#xE9;s locales qui n'assument pas leur obligation absolue d'h&#xE9;bergement d'urg...

(it) Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA - Fuori dalla repressione fuori dai Pantani (en, pt)
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:45:12 GMT 2014

L'8 novembre saremo in piazza a Reggio Emilia. Vogliamo che questa piazza si riempia di
persone e di associazioni, vogliamo che si riempia con coloro che della solidariet&#xE0;, della
giustizia sociale e della libert&#xE0; fanno la propria bandiera. ---- Riteniamo profondamente
ingiusto e spropositato che 15 compagni siano costretti all'obbligo di firma, quindi alla
limitazione della propria libert&#xE0; personale, per quanto accaduto il 25 aprile a Reggio
Emilia, quando un corteo di a...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #244 - novembro 2014 (en, fr) [traduccion automatica]
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:43:15 GMT 2014

FN congresso em Lyon; Controle no ensino superior; Mobiliza&#xE7;&#xE3;o de 16 de Outubro; Vento
industrial; Entrevista com Camillle cortador volunt&#xE1;ria; Kokopelli, Curdist&#xE3;o; Entrevista
com anarquistas DAF; Rojava; Evolu&#xE7;&#xE3;o do PKK; Anti-Terrorism Act; Anti-Capitalista Frente
du Gard; Repress&#xE3;o Lyon-2; A medicaliza&#xE7;&#xE3;o do corpo das mulheres; Sara Ocidental; A
repress&#xE3;o no Egito; Hist&#xF3;ria: A grande greve de PTT. ---- Editorial: Koban&#xEA; n&#xE...

(fr) Alternative Libertaire #244 - AL de novembre 2014 (en, pt)
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:41:03 GMT 2014

Congr&#xE8;s du FN &#xE0; Lyon; Lutte dans l'enseignement sup&#xE9;rieur; Mobilisation du 16 octobre;
&#xC9;olien industriel; Entretien avec Camillle, faucheur volontaire; Kokopelli; Kurdistan;
Entretien avec des anarchistes de DAF; Rojava; &#xC9;volution du PKK; Loi antiterrorisme; Front
anticapitaliste du Gard; R&#xE9;pression &#xE0; Lyon-2; M&#xE9;dicalisation du corps des femmes; Sahara
occidental; R&#xE9;pression en &#xC9;gypte; Histoire: La grande gr&#xE8;ve des PTT. ---- &#xC9;dit...

(en) Italy, Libertarian Alternative Reggio Emilia - AL / FDCA - Outside the repression, out of Pantani (it, pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:39:05 GMT 2014

The 'November 8 we'll be square in Reggio Emilia. We want this square is filled with
people and organizations, we want to be filled with those of solidarity, social justice
and freedom are its flag. ---- Outside the repression out of Pantani ---- On November 8
we'll be square in Reggio Emilia. We want this square is filled with people and
organizations, we want to be filled with those of solidarity, social justice and freedom
are its flag. ---- We deeply unfair and disproportionate tha...

(it) Italy, USI - AIT - Ancona: gli Anarchici accusano ...
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:38:40 GMT 2014

REPRESSIONE ANCONA ---- Il gruppo anarchico Malatesta di Ancona e l'Usi-Ait, Unione
Sindacale Italiana Marche preso atto che alcuni nostri compagni hanno ricevuto nella
giornata di ieri le notifiche delle denunce per presunte &quot;violenze&quot; avvenute presso la
sede del PD il 6 febbraio 2014, all'indomani dello sgombero militare di Casa de Nialtri e
della criminalizzazione e deportazione dei suoi occupanti. ---- DENUNCIANO ---- il clima
di repressione messo in atto dal governo Renz...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #244 November 2014 (fr, pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:37:20 GMT 2014

FN congress in Lyon; Control in higher education; Mobilization of 16 October; Industrial
wind; Interview with Camillle voluntary mower; Kokopelli, Kurdistan; Interview with
anarchists DAF; Rojava; Evolution of the PKK; Anti-Terrorism Act; Anti-Capitalist Front du
Gard; Repression Lyon-2; Medicalization of women's bodies; Western Sahara; Repression in
Egypt; History: The great strike of PTT. ---- Ediorial: Koban&#xEA; is not dead ---- Spotlight:
FN Congress in Lyon ---- against Social F...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #243 - Solidariedade com os imigrantes em Calais, s&#xED;mbolo de uma era (en, fr) [traduccion automatica]
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:35:06 GMT 2014

A presen&#xE7;a de um grande n&#xFA;mero de migrantes do sexo masculino e feminino em Calais &#xE9; um
lugar especial para os fascistas de qualquer tipo, para o qual a fantasia de &quot;invas&#xE3;o
Africano&quot; est&#xE1; finalmente se tornando realidade. Enquanto as pol&#xED;ticas europeias deixar a
situa&#xE7;&#xE3;o se deteriorar, os d&#xE9;magos e mais ou menos racista vantagem politicos da
situa&#xE7;&#xE3;o... ---- Calais &#xE9; um sintoma de capitalismo decadente tende a afundar...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #243 - Solidarity with migrants in Calais, symbol of an era (fr, pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:34:34 GMT 2014

The presence of a large number of male and female migrants in Calais is a special place
for fascists of any kind, for which the fantasy of &quot;African invasion&quot; is finally becoming
reality. While European policies let the situation deteriorate, the d&#xE9;magos and more or
less racist politicos advantage of the situation... ---- Calais is a symptom of decaying
capitalism tends to sink more deeply into barbarism. Even in a region devastated by
poverty, the situation in Calais cla...

(fr) Alternative Libertaire AL #243 - Solidarit&#xE9; avec les migrants: Calais, symbole d'une &#xE9;poque (en, pt)
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:34:06 GMT 2014

La pr&#xE9;sence d'un grand nombre de migrants et migrantes &#xE0; Calais en fait une place de choix
pour les fachos de toutes esp&#xE8;ces, pour qui le fantasme de &#xAB;l'invasion africaine&#xBB; devient
enfin r&#xE9;alit&#xE9;. Pendant que les politiques europ&#xE9;ennes laissent pourrir la situation, les
politicards d&#xE9;magos et plus ou moins racistes profitent de la situation... ---- Calais est
le sympt&#xF4;me du capitalisme pourrissant qui tend &#xE0; sombrer de plus en plus pr...

(de) FAU, Direct Action #225 - Theoretisch nett gedacht - praktisch aber so nicht gelebt -- Ein &#xDC;berblick &#xFC;ber betriebliche Mitbestimmung und soziale Realit&#xE4;t in den baltischen L&#xE4;ndern
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:33:21 GMT 2014

Analog zu den anderen ehemaligen L&#xE4;ndern des &quot;Ostblocks&quot; wurden in den baltischen L&#xE4;ndern
zu Beginn der 90er Jahre betriebliche Interessenvertretungen der ArbeitnehmerInnen
eingef&#xFC;hrt. &#xC4;hnlich wie in der ehemaligen DDR gab es hier zudem nur eine
Pflicht(pseudo)gewerkschaft, die jedoch keine Streiks oder Tarifverhandlungen durchf&#xFC;hren
konnte, betriebliche Mitbestimmungsorgane gab es praktisch nicht. Dies beeinflusst bis
heute die nur marginale gewerksc...

(en) Turkey, Anarchist Federation DAF - Meydan #22 - Gypsy - &quot;Who Killed y&quot; - Kranc of Ebru (tr) [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:33:14 GMT 2014

Co violence concept of the religious beliefs of society we live in when assessing the
socio-economic structure, and the historical process through which a foot of each
evaluation we do without addressing the structural problems will remain idle. Because the
&quot;public morality&quot; are forming the structure we call this concept. Therefore; individual
violence from male violence, the basis for many events up to societal violence from state
violence &quot;public morality&quot; concept...

(fr) Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - Courant Alternatif #242 - L'&#xE9;conomie en br&#xE8;ves
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Nov 10 14:32:51 GMT 2014

Qui parle &#xE0; la t&#xE9;l&#xE9;? ---- Le CSA recense les caract&#xE9;ristiques des personnes qui
apparaissent &#xE0; la t&#xE9;l&#xE9;, que ce soit dans les &#xE9;missions de divertissement, les magazines ou
les fictions. Son rapport 2013 vient de sortir. Parmi les personnes qui prennent la parole
&#xE0; la t&#xE9;l&#xE9;vision, on compte 57 % de cadres sup&#xE9;rieurs contre 2 % d'ouvriers (Les cadres
repr&#xE9;sentent 7% de la population, et les ouvriers 9%). Les personnes sans acti...

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