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[A-infos-index24] A-Infos-index of last 24 hours

Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 23:59:01 +0100 (CET)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(en) Anarkismo.net: Who Rules South Africa? by Lucien van der Walt
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 21:45:22 GMT 2013

An Anarchist/Syndicalist Analysis of the ANC, the Post-Apartheid Elite Pact and the
Political Implications ---- 2012 is the centenary of the African National Congress (ANC).
The party that started out as a small coterie of black businessmen, lawyers and chiefs is
today the dominant political formation in South Africa. It was founded by the black elite
who were marginalised by the united South Africa formed in 1910, and who appeared at its
Bloemfontein inauguration &#x201C;formally dres...

(pt) [S&#xE3;o Paulo-Brasil] Atualizado o Blog do SINDIVARIOS-SP-FOPSP/COB-ACAT/AIT
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 21:36:34 GMT 2013

<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.grupos.com.br/blog/sindivariosspfospcobacatait/";>http://www.grupos.com.br/blog/sindivariosspfospcobacatait/</a><br>
16 E 17 DE FEVEREIRO<br>
E-mail para contato:<br>
A - I n f o s Uma Agencia De Noticias<br>
De, Por e Para Anarquistas<br>

(pt) Brazil, Palavras De Luta - 1 - O QUERELA
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 19:13:43 GMT 2013

85 anos sem Sacco e Vanzetti ---- &#x201C;Durante os tr&#xEA;s ou quatro &#xFA;ltimos dias, muitas pessoas
interessadas no caso Sacco-Vanzetti tinham chegado a Boston, vindas de todos os pontos dos
Estados Unidos. Quando a decis&#xE3;o final do governador do estado no sentido de que Sacco e
Vanzetti seriam executados &#xE0; meia-noite do dia 22 de agosto se tornou conhecida, muitas
pessoas em muitas cidades dos Estados Unidos pensaram poder escutar o surdo mas amargo
lamento de ang&#xF...

(fr) France, France, Alternatif Curant OCL #225 - Toulouse: Vous avez aim&#xE9; AZF, ne loupez pas SNPE/SME-SAFRAN/HERAKLES
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 17:23:55 GMT 2013

Le vendredi 21 septembre 2001, &#xE0; 10h17 &#xE0; Toulouse, 300 tonnes de nitrate d&#x2019;ammonium
explosent &#xE0; l&#x2019;usine chimique Azote Fertilisants (AZF, une entreprise impliqu&#xE9;e aussi dans
la fabrication d&#x2019;explosifs &#xE0; usage civil et militaire). Le bilan officiel quelques mois
apr&#xE8;s, fait &#xE9;tat de 31 morts, (mais oublie de parler des dizaines de d&#xE9;c&#xE8;s suivant les
jours de l&#x2019;explosion), des milliers de bless&#xE9;-es (mutil&#xE9;s &#...

(en) France, France, Alternatif Curant OCL #225 - Toulouse AZF LOVE YOU, do not miss SNPE-SAFRAN (fr) [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 17:23:13 GMT 2013

Friday, September 21, 2001 at 10:17 in Toulouse, 300 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in
chemical factory Nitrogen Fertilizers (AZF, a company involved also in the manufacture of
explosives for civil and military). The official few months later, reported 31 dead, (but
forgets to mention dozens of deaths following the day of the explosion), thousands of
wounded-es (maimed for life, trauma, burn, blind, deaf. ..), more than 50,000 people
suffering from psychological disorders, 27,000 ho...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire #224 - Utilities: The mobilization of emerging precarious (fr) [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 16:36:53 GMT 2013

The fierce opposition research organizations and universities to apply the law Sauvadet
absorption of insecurity in the public led precarious sector to organize themselves. --
Higher education and research have seen the proportion of CSD explode past decade,
following the reforms generalizing financing &quot;project on&quot; limited in time, instead of
recurrent research funding backed tenured positions . The proportion of CSD oscillates
between 25% CNRS and universities and nearly 50%...

(fr) France, Alternative Libertaire #224 - Services publics: La mobilisation naissante des pr&#xE9;caires
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 16:35:31 GMT 2013

L&#x2019;opposition acharn&#xE9;e des organismes de recherche et des universit&#xE9;s &#xE0; appliquer la loi
Sauvadet de r&#xE9;sorption de la pr&#xE9;carit&#xE9; dans la fonction publique conduit les pr&#xE9;caires de
ce secteur &#xE0; s&#x2019;organiser. ---- L&#x2019;enseignement sup&#xE9;rieur et la recherche ont vu la
proportion de CDD exploser ces dix derni&#xE8;res ann&#xE9;es, suite aux r&#xE9;formes g&#xE9;n&#xE9;ralisant les
financements &#xAB;sur projet&#xBB;, limit&#xE9;s da...

(en) France, Alternative Libertair AL 11th Congress -- Topical Motion: Against airport Notre-Dame-des-Landes (fr) [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 16:15:48 GMT 2013

The fight against the airport project Notre Dame des Landes is currently under the
spotlight. The project, 40 years old, should lead to the construction of the third airport
in northern France Nantes, over 2000 hectares of wetlands and groves, wealth, social and
ecological recognized. ---- Illegal, this project does not include any measure of
ecological compensation for the destruction of the area. Wide land use plan of the Great
West, totally useless for the local population, this pro...

(fr) 11e congr&#xE8;s d&#x2019;Alternative libertaire AL (Toulouse, 2012) - Motion d&#x2019;actualit&#xE9;: Contre l&#x2019;a&#xE9;roport de Notre-Dame-des-Landes (en)
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 16:12:50 GMT 2013

La lutte contre le projet d&#x2019;a&#xE9;roport de Notre Dame des Landes est actuellement sous les
feux de l&#x2019;actualit&#xE9;. Ce projet, vieux de 40 ans, doit aboutir &#xE0; la construction du 3e
a&#xE9;roport de France au Nord de Nantes, sur plus de 2000 hectares de zones humides et de
bocages, &#xE0; la richesse sociale et &#xE9;cologique reconnue. ---- Ill&#xE9;gal, ce projet ne pr&#xE9;voit
aucune mesure de compensation &#xE9;cologique pour la destruction de cette zone. Large ...

(en) southern africa, Anarchist Communist Front - ZACF - Zabalaza #13 Out Now
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 13:57:19 GMT 2013

Issue number 13 of the ZACF's organ, Zabalaza: A Journal of Southern African Revolutionary
Anarchism now available online. ---- Editorial ---- Red and black greetings, comrades!
---- It&#x2019;s been well over a year since the last issue of Zabalaza and much international
attention has focused on the socio-economic problems facing the European Union. Despite
the ravages of capitalism, and its neo-liberal form, the European ruling classes have
responded, generally, with more of the same...

(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue along with the mounting tension for the nearing post-election earth quack*
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 13:52:27 GMT 2013

The tactic of tent(s) building direct actions continue with internationals but Israelis
only as media and support part. The harsh escalation of suppression expressed more in
house demolition than in direct actions clashes, but even in the Friday demos we
experience an escalation of harassment of the state forces. Both in Israel Media and the
public arena the mounting international pressure and the stubborn refusal of the ruling
elite to yield bring the aura of an imminent disaster. The...

(pt) Brazil, Anarkio.net: A-Info #17 - Fevereiro 2013
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 05:55:41 GMT 2013

Est&#xE1; dispon&#xED;vel o informativo anarquista A-Info de Fevereiro de 2013, boa leitura! Clique
na <a rel="nofollow" href="http://anarkio.net/Pdf/ainfo_periodico17.pdf";>http://anarkio.net/Pdf/ainfo_periodico17.pdf</a> para abrir arquivo em PDF. --- A opress&#xE3;o
e explora&#xE7;&#xE3;o n&#xE3;o param. ---- Uma cultura de opress&#xE3;o e explora&#xE7;&#xE3;o n&#xE3;o acaba de um dia para
o outro e nem &#xE9; destru&#xED;da por qualquer grupo institucional com a l&#xF3;gica do sistema....

(en) Brazil, Anarkio.net: The A-Info #17 - February 2013 (pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 05:55:26 GMT 2013

The newsletter is available anarchist A-Info February 2013, good read! Click on
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://anarkio.net/Pdf/ainfo_periodico17.pdf";>http://anarkio.net/Pdf/ainfo_periodico17.pdf</a> to open PDF file. --- The oppression and
exploitation do not stop. ---- A culture of oppression and exploitation not just one day
to another and is not destroyed by any group with the institutional logic of the system.
Not a mutation occurs antagonistic that the plug will fall and all will l...

(fr) Canada, La Commune UCL Montreal: Non, l&#x2019;homosexualit&#xE9; n&#x2019;est pas impos&#xE9;e aux Arabes par l&#x2019;Occident* (en)
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 04:41:20 GMT 2013

Le paternalisme et l&#x2019;ignorance ne sont pas venus cette fois de l&#xE0; o&#xF9; je les attendais. ---
Selon l&#x2019;article de Street Press repris sur Rue89, les Indig&#xE8;nes de la R&#xE9;publique affirment
que l&#x2019;homosexualit&#xE9;, identit&#xE9; occidentale, n&#x2019;est pas adapt&#xE9;e au monde arabe et africain.
Et, par analogie, qu&#x2019;elle n&#x2019;est pas vraiment la bienvenue dans ce qu&#x2019;on appelle, en
France, &#xAB; les quartiers populaires &#xBB;. ---- ...

(en) Canada, La Commune UCL Montreal: No, homosexuality is not imposed on the Arabs by the West* (fr) [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Feb 12 04:40:03 GMT 2013

Paternalism and ignorance did not come this time where I was waiting. ---- According to
the article listed on Rue89 Street Press, Indigenous of the Republic argue that
homosexuality Western identity is not adapted to the Arab world and Africa. And, by
analogy, it is not really welcome in what is called in France the &quot;neighborhoods&quot;. --- If
we follow this logic through the marriage for everyone is not the priority. It would not
even a new offensive &quot;gay imperialism&quot; ...

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