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[A-infos-index24] A-Infos-index of last 24 hours

Date Sun, 7 Jun 2009 23:59:02 +0200 (CEST)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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Latest Headlines:

(it) Peru': decine di indigeni ammazzati durante proteste
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 21:02:50 GMT 2009

Peru': decine di indigeni ammazzati durante proteste<br>
Tradotto dal periodico La Jornada - Messico<br>
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.autistici.org/nodosolidale/news_det.php?l=it&amp;id=1384";>http://www.autistici.org/nodosolidale/news_det.php?l=it&amp;id=1384</a><br>
Peru': decine di indigeni ammazzati durante proteste<br>
In risposta, scontri, saccheggi e incendio di edifici pubblici a Bagua<br>
Repressione contro indigeni in Peru' lascia almeno 33 morti e 113 feriti<br>
Dei ...

(it) Nodo Solidale: Solidariet&#xE0; con i prigionieri politici del Chiapas e del Messico
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 20:53:40 GMT 2009

Solidariet&#xE0; con i prigionieri politici del Chiapas e del Messico<br>
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.autistici.org/nodosolidale/news_det.php?id=1374";>http://www.autistici.org/nodosolidale/news_det.php?id=1374</a><br>
Solidarieta' con i prigionieri di Bachajon (Chiapas)<br>
All'Altra Campagna<br>
Ai media indipendenti<br>
Alle comunita' indigene del Chiapas e del Messico<br>
Ai/lle ribelli/e di tutto il mondo<br>
Il collettivo Nodo Solidale di Roma (Italia) e il Collettivo Z...

(it) USI AIT: Comunicato di solidariet&#xE0; al compagno Roberto di VAlenza (AL)
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 20:09:36 GMT 2009

L' USI -AIT di Alessandria denuncia un nuovo caso di mancata riassunzione<br>
riguardi del compagno Roberto Regalli di Valenza (AL) avvenuta dopo un<br>
periodo di infortunio sul lavoro.<br>
Il compagno era da 4 anni (contratti a termine di cui l'ultimo di 1 anno)<br>
dipendente della cooperativa &quot;rossa&quot; denominata &quot;Lavoro e Liberazione&quot;.<br>
Nonostante il procedimento legale per la<br>

(it) Roma, LAD: Tien an Men, la lontra Spartaco, economie ribaltate. Bacheca 7.7.09
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 20:05:12 GMT 2009

Tien an Men, la lontra Spartaco, economie ribaltate. Bacheca 7.7.09<br>
4 giugno 2009<br>
notizie, appuntamenti, materiali<br>
per una societa' aperta, equa e sostenibile<br>
La forza degli inermi:<br>
ventennale del movimento di piazza Tie...

(en) Britain, Anarchist journal of the Solidarity Federation Direct Action Autumn 2008 #44 - I. (1/3)
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 17:14:45 GMT 2009

CONTENTS ---- * Direct Action; Inside this issue; * The Aims of the Solidarity Federation <br>
* Editorial: Privatising Profits Socialising Losses * Have your say: o The Shock Doctrine; <br>
o The Shape of Things to Come; o Financial Crisis: What Happened? What Next?; o Union <br>
Busters; * Credit Crunches and Capitalist Calamities * Our Health, our Care, our Say? You <br>
must be Joking - reports and comment from the health and social care frontline: o Putting <br>
Profits First; o...

(ca) [Uruguay] El &quot;modelo progresista&quot;... un pa&#xED;s a la venta
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 17:00:07 GMT 2009

En el siglo pasado la izquierda uruguaya defend&#xED;a la necesidad de una<br>
Reforma Agraria y defin&#xED;a a los propietarios de tierra con m&#xE1;s de 5.000<br>
hect&#xE1;reas como latifundistas. La expropiaci&#xF3;n de la estancia de Silva y<br>
Rosas con 30.000 hect&#xE1;reas se transform&#xF3; en la demanda central del<br>
movimiento de los ca&#xF1;eros del departamento de Artigas.<br>
La consigna &quot;Por la tierra y con Sendic&quot; desat&#xF3; un proceso de luchas que...

(en) Britain, Anarchist Journal, Organise! #72 - Second Life: Escape&#x2002;from&#x2002;gender&#x2002;or&#x2002;another&#x2002;form&#x2002;of&#x2002;enslavement?
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 16:56:03 GMT 2009

If you were communicating blindly with someone, as is often the case on the internet, what <br>
would you most like to know about the person? What would you most want to communicate <br>
about yourself? In other words, what are the significant features of your identity? In <br>
terms of what is socially significant, in the sense that there are important implications <br>
for how you are treated in society, then there is a well recognised list: social class, <br>
race/ethnicity, gender...

(en) US, Anarchist journal, Nor'easter #5 - Northampton Resists Anti-Panhandling Law BY DAVID BEYER OF POVERTY IS NOT A CRIME
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 16:46:55 GMT 2009

Since its proposal by Northampton City Council, anti-panhandling Ordinance 285-53 has seen <br>
a wide spectrum of public opposition, with resistance from the homeless, business owners, <br>
street performers, students and other community members. This ordinance would, in addition <br>
to adding civil penalties to the existent criminal punishments for &quot;aggressive <br>
solicitation,&quot; enforce a number of restrictions on asking for money, banning it in many <br>
downtown areas ...

(en) US, Anarchist journal Intersection #4 Who You Gonna Call? One another. by Andrew Hedden Direct Action Tactics in Trying Times
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 16:42:15 GMT 2009

Your boss won't pay you for hours you worked. The landlord won't fix your backed-up <br>
toilet. Your friend was detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement, and now she's facing <br>
deportation. &quot;Who you gonna call?&quot; You might call a lawyer, or a social worker, or you <br>
might file an appeal that may or may not receive a reply. But in an economy where these <br>
problems are becoming all too common, these solutions just aren't cutting it any more&#xAD; <br>
they can be t...

(en) Palestine-Israel, The AAtW join the intensified struggle and the 42th &quot;anniversary&quot; of the 1967 war of occupation
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 16:27:29 GMT 2009

During the week we have been invited to two meetings, one in Biddu and in one in the <br>
Kalkilia area (Izbet Tabib). On Thursday we went to Bi'lin for the a demonstration of the <br>
42nd &quot;anniversary&quot; of the 1967 war of occupation. On Friday, we participated in regular <br>
demos against the separation fence and occupation in Bil'in, Um Salmuna and Ni'ilin. In <br>
Ni'ilin the Israeli state force murdered Yousef Akil Srour (36) - the fifth martyr of this <br>
village. On ...

(de) FAU-IAA: Erneuter Aktionstag gegen die Arbeitsbedingungen by Ryanair
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 16:06:20 GMT 2009

Am 6. Juni fand zum zweiten Mal innerhalb weniger Wochen in mehreren <br>
L&#xE4;ndern ein Aktionstag wegen der Arbeitsbedingungen by Ryanair statt. <br>
Konkreter Anlass war auch dieses Mal u.a. die K&#xFC;ndigung eines <br>
Gewerkschaftsaktivisten der spanischen CNT an der Ryanair-Basis in <br>
Zaragoza. In der BRD informierte die FAU u.a. an den Flugh&#xE4;fen <br>
Berlin-Sch&#xF6;nefeld, Altenburg (&#xAB;Leipzig&#xBB;) und Weeze (&#xAB;D&#xFC;sseldorf&#xBB;) sowie <br>
am Busterm...

(de) Neue Brosch&#xFC;re f&#xFC;r &#xDC;bersetzerInnen und DolmetscherInnen von der FAU Berlin
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 16:05:48 GMT 2009

Berlin ist eine Hochburg f&#xFC;r Dolmetscher- und &#xDC;bersetzungsagenturen. <br>
Angesichts der vielen Ausl&#xE4;nder, die gern im szenigen Berlin leben, wo <br>
die Lebenshaltungskosten noch nicht besonders hoch sind, denken sich die <br>
Agenturen, hier den idealen Ort f&#xFC;r eine kosteng&#xFC;nstige und gleichzeitig <br>
profitable Zweigstelle gefunden zu haben. Deutsche, die ins Deutsche <br>
&#xDC;bersetzen, werden auch gern engagiert und ihre niedrige Bezahlung damit<br>

(de) 19.6.: &quot;Die wilden Schafe&quot;: Lesung mit Werner Portmann
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 16:05:06 GMT 2009

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde, ---- gerne machen wir euch auf unsere <br>
letzte Veranstaltung vor der Sommerpause aufmerksam:<br>
&quot;DIE WILDEN SCHAFE&quot;: Lesung mit Werner Portmann<br>
Freitag, 19.6., 20 Uhr<br>
BlackBox, Albrechtstrasse 1, Winterthur (CH) -&gt; Lageplan auf <br>
Das Buch &#x201E;Die wilden Schafe&#x201C;...

(en) New Kate Sharpley Library Pamphlet. An introduction to anarchism: &quot;You Anarchist, You!&quot; by Ernestan
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 15:48:17 GMT 2009

The Kate Sharpley Library (KSL) collective are pleased to announce our latest pamphlet, a <br>
Malatesta-style talk about anarchism and the state of the world between two workers, with <br>
satirical illustrations by Richard Warren. ---- &quot;You Anarchist, You!&quot; by Ernestan; <br>
translated by Paul Sharkey, illustrated by Richard Warren, introduction by Nick Heath <br>
Frank the anarchist meets his friend Pete; they chat about the state of the world and how <br>
to change it. T...

(nl) Ex-Joegoslavie, Nog een verslag over de antifascistische manifestatie in Slovenie en de verklaring van het Anarchistisch Initiatief [en]
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 15:07:06 GMT 2009

Op 27 april 2009 sloot het Anarchistisch Initiatief (AI) zich aan bij de mars tegen <br>
fascisme in Ljubljana, Slovenie. Hier is de verklaring van het AI over fascisme en diens <br>
band met het kapitalisme. Tegen fascisme en kapitalisme - voor sociale revolutie! ---- We <br>
kijken terug in de geschiedenis en zien de opkomst van het fascisme in de jaren '20 en '30 <br>
en we vragen ons vaak af hoe het mogelijk was dat de mensen het gevaar niet herkenden en <br>
zich er met alle nood...

(en) Poland, Conference in Warsaw - Education, Capitalism, Reproduction of Social Class and Student Protests
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 15:00:04 GMT 2009

On June 6 a conference was held in Warsaw entitled &quot;the Bologna Process: Adjusting <br>
Education to the Needs to Capital&quot;. The conference was quite a rare event in a country <br>
where, as participants in the conference noted, widespread commercialization of higher <br>
education went on without the social reaction which accompanied such changes in so many <br>
countries in Europe and around the world. ---- There were several reasons for including <br>
the theme of the Bolo...

(gr) &#x3A8;&#x3B7;&#x3C6;&#x3AF;&#x3B6;&#x3C9; &#x3C3;&#x3B7;&#x3BC;&#x3B1;&#x3AF;&#x3BD;&#x3B5;&#x3B9; &#x3C5;&#x3C0;&#x3BF;&#x3C4;&#x3AC;&#x3C3;&#x3C3;&#x3BF;&#x3BC;&#x3B1;&#x3B9;
a-infos-gr@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 07:05:06 GMT 2009

&#x393;&#x3B9;&#x3B1; &#x3AC;&#x3BB;&#x3BB;&#x3B7; &#x3BC;&#x3B9;&#x3B1; &#x3C6;&#x3BF;&#x3C1;&#x3AC; &#x3BA;&#x3B1;&#x3BB;&#x3BF;&#x3CD;&#x3BC;&#x3B1;&#x3C3;&#x3C4;&#x3B5; &#x3BD;&#x3B1; &#x3BA;&#x3AC;&#x3BD;&#x3BF;&#x3C5;&#x3BC;&#x3B5; &#x3C4;&#x3BF; &#x2018;&#x2019;&#x3BA;&#x3B1;&#x3B8;&#x3AE;&#x3BA;&#x3BF;&#x3BD;&#x2019;&#x2019; &#x3BC;&#x3B1;&#x3C2;. --- &#x393;&#x3B9;&#x3B1; &#x3AC;&#x3BB;&#x3BB;&#x3B7; &#x3BC;&#x3B9;&#x3B1; &#x3C6;&#x3BF;&#x3C1;&#x3AC; &#x3BF;&#x3B9; <br>

(en) US, NEFAC-New England e-Bulletin - Vol. 2, No. 10
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 07 06:51:59 GMT 2009

CONTENTS ---- Action Alerts ---- 1) Who is Getting Foreclosed on?: Rally and Press <br>
Conference (Rhode Island) ---- 2) Jobs and Homes Now! National Day of Action! (Metro <br>
Boston) ---- 3) March on Mayors (Rhode Island) ---- 4) Solidarity with Queer Bulgaria ---- <br>
News &amp; Views ---- 5) Former Bianco Factory to Close ---- 6) You Can Marry, But You Can't <br>
Work ---- 7) It's Not Working - Street Vendors Organize and Speak Up ---- 8) Union: GM <br>
parts center closing hits...

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