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(en) Palestine-Israel, 100th weekly Friday joint demonstration in Bil'in against the separation fence and occupation
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Fri Dec 22 16:56:48 GMT 2006

The Israeli state still do not like the joint Friday demonstrations
against the separation fence and occupation, (as was expressed by the
patrolling armored car who found us waiting to the car to Bil'in and
declared the area as closed military zone and ordered us to return to
the Israeli territory.. which we ignored). However they adopted a less
belligerent pattern. As usual there were Palestinians from the village,
from neighboring villages, and from Ramallah, and as usual ISM

(en) France: Virgin, give Amandine back her job! [fr]
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Fri Dec 22 14:24:18 GMT 2006

Amandine, a sales assistant with the Grands-Boulevards Virgin Store in Paris
since 1998 and a member of the SUD trade union, was finally fired on 19th
December last on a flimsy pretext (looking after a customer badly, calling the
management into question and threatening the regional manager). This is however
clearly an act of anti-union repression on the part of the Virgin management,
and not the first of its kind.<br>
Moreover, Virgin did not observe the correct procedure for the dis...

(en) Canada, Montreal, Today :: Manif-Action-Artistic for OAXACA Solidarity Action (22 decembre, 4pm, metro Jean-Talon)
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Fri Dec 22 14:18:39 GMT 2006

In response to a call for national and international mobilizations by
the Otra Campana (a political initiative of the the Zapatista National
Liberation Army (EZLN)) . Artistic-Demo-Action, with moving street
theatre. A child-friendly event to inform the general public. --
Corner of Chateaubriand and Jean-Talon metro Jean-Talon AT 4PM<br>
Since October 27, thousands of federal police and the Mexican army
continue to occupy and terrorize Oaxaca, aiming to shut down a people's

(it) Francia: Virgin, Amandine deve essere reintegrata! [fr,en]
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Dec 22 14:04:25 GMT 2006

Amandine, un'addetta alle vendite presso il grande magazzino Virgin di<br>
Grands-Boulevards a Parigi dal 1998 e militante del sindacato SUD, &#xE8; stata<br>
licenziata il 19 dicembre scorso sotto un pretesto fantasioso (essersi male<br>
occupata di un cliente, aver messo in causa la direzione e minacciato il<br>
direttore regionale). Si tratta chiaramente di una misura di repressione<br>
antisindacale da parte della direzione di Virgin, nemmeno la prima di questo<br>

(it) Comunicato Comm. Antirazzista FAI: Solidariet&#xE0; agli anarchici torinesi. I CPT vanno chiusi!
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Dec 22 09:04:17 GMT 2006

Esprimiamo la nostra solidariet&#xE0; agli anarchici torinesi<br>
arrestati e denunciati per aver occupato per alcune ore gli<br>
uffici della Croce Rossa della loro citt&#xE0; con l'intento di<br>
denunciare pubblicamente il ruolo di questa come di altre<br>
organizzazioni che gestiscono i Centri di permanenza temporanea<br>
per immigrati e spacciano per assistenza umanitaria lo squallido<br>
business della segregazione.<br>
Segnaliamo inoltre il particolare accanimento con il quale si &...

(en) Ireland, Anarchist journal, Workers Solidarity #94 - Big gains for contract workers in UCD by Joe Black - (UCD SIPTU member)
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Dec 22 06:57:33 GMT 2006

Like many other employers UCD has sought to save money in the last
couple of decades by refusing to create permanent pensionable posts.
Instead, a growing percentage of the workforce have been left on
short-term contracts without any pension rights. Union organisation in
UCD has been quite weak; of some 3,000 workers fewer than a third are
union members. Most of these are in SIPTU. Over the last two years
management has been engaged in an aggressive &#x201C;restructuring&#x201D; exer...

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