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(en) Italy, No Dal Molin: on the demonstration in Vicenza against the new US base - FdCA statement
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Dec 05 16:59:41 GMT 2006

The Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici will be participating in the national
demonstration against military bases in Italy and for the defence of communities
against the negative effects of militarism. The demonstration will be held in
Vicenza, northern Italy, on 2nd December 2006. In line with their anti-militarist
origins, anarchist communists actively support the efforts of local citizens'
committees which are vital if the struggle is to be a mass movement, able to put a
halt to ...

(en) Britain, Urgent! Oaxaca Solidarity - Week of Actions 9th - 17th Dec
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Dec 05 16:44:07 GMT 2006

The network of UK Zapatista solidarity groups is calling for a national week of
action, awareness raising, protest and fundraising in support of the people's
struggle in Oaxaca, Mexico.<br>
- We demand the immediate withdrawal of all Police and Army from Oaxaca City and the
release (alive) of the political prisoners of Oaxaca and Atenco.<br>
- We condemn the violence ...

(en) Europe, Prol-position* 7 now out
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Dec 05 15:53:18 GMT 2006

- CPE and labour contracts in France<br>
- The anti-CPE struggle and what remains of the anti CPE movement<br>
- Anti-CPE leaflets:<br>
- It is as workers that we are attacked and not as students! and Why pass exams?<br>
- A brief outline of the student movement in Greece, June 2006<br>
- Leaflet from Greek students movement: Occupation, not democracy!<br>
- Introduction to debate on the new 'underclasses', Germany<br>
- Cologne: 'Barmer housing estate' occupied; The feeling...

(en) Australia, g20 protests melbourne. the 'space outside, active intentions within ' squat gathering reader
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Dec 05 15:42:21 GMT 2006

anarchist/anarcho-punk/feral and autonomist gathering in melbourne before the g20 meeting produced this reader.<br>
The first few pages are extracted below - see the rest in the: <a href="http://www.aspaceoutside.org/wp-content/uploads/Space_Outside_Reader.pdf";>http://www.aspaceoutside.org/wp-content/uploads/Space_Outside_Reader.pdf</a><br>
For information on the actions the most militant by anarchists in several years can be read about in the features of melbourne.indymedia.org<br>

(pt) [Mexico] Mensagem da APPO ao EZLN
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Dec 05 12:40:14 GMT 2006

Saudamos com alegria a iniciativa do EZLN<br>
A Assembl&#xE9;ia Popular dos Povos de Oaxaca sa&#xFA;da com alegria a iniciativa<br>
que o EZLN tomou ao chamar uma grande mobiliza&#xE7;&#xE3;o mundial em solidariedade<br>
a este povo.<br>
Uma grande investiva contra as for&#xE7;as democr&#xE1;ticas da p&#xE1;tria planeja a<br>
extrema direita que hoje se posiciona na classe pol&#xED;tica, e sintoma dessa<br>
investiva &#xE9; o estado de exce&#xE7;&#xE3;o que se vive em Oaxaca, a...

(fr) Action de debaptisation massive - Montreal 10 decembre 2006
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Dec 05 12:13:30 GMT 2006

Invitation du collectif Anarkhia &#xE0; une action de d&#xE9;baptisation massive<br>
Dimanche 10 d&#xE9;cembre &#xE0; 19h &#xC0; la biblioth&#xE8;que anarchiste (D.I.R.A.) 2035 ST-Laurent<br>
(3e &#xE9;tage), Montr&#xE9;al<br>
&#xAB; L'existence de Dieu implique l'abdication de la raison et de la justice humaine,<br>
elle est la n&#xE9;gation de l'humaine libert&#xE9; et aboutit n&#xE9;cessairement &#xE0; un esclavage<br>
non seulement th&#xE9;orique mais pratique. &#xBB;<br>

(fr) Lettre d'information d'information de la librairie Quilombo - d&#xE9;cembre 2006
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Dec 05 12:11:21 GMT 2006

Vous trouverez ci-dessous l'annonce de notre s&#xE9;lection de 50 nouveaux DVD<br>
politiques &#xE0; d&#xE9;couvrir &#xE0; la librairie ainsi que le prochain d&#xE9;bat qui se tiendra<br>
fin d&#xE9;cembre.<br>
&#xE0; bient&#xF4;t,<br>
L'&#xE9;quipe de Quilombo<br>
Venez d&#xE9;couvrir notre s&#xE9;lection de 50 DVD politiques<br>
<a href="http://www.librairie-quilombo.org/infos.htm";>http://www.librairie-quilombo.org/infos.htm</a><br>
Du livre au film, le ...

(fr) Proces du refus de prelevement d'ADN - Macon 13/12/06
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Dec 05 12:10:08 GMT 2006

Salut &#xE0; tout(e)s,<br>
Camille BAUD est convoqu&#xE9;e au tribunal de macon le 13 d&#xE9;cembre &#xE0; 16h pour :<br>
Refus de prelevement ADN pour pr&#xE9;somption de consommation de CANNABIS<br>
Pour cette simple pr&#xE9;somption elle risque jusqu'&#xE0; 15000 ? d'amende et 1 an de<br>
prison ferme !<br>
Nous appelons toutes celles et tous ceux encore soucieux de maintenir les libert&#xE9;s &#xE0; :<br>
- venir soutenir Camille devant le tribunal de Macon<br>
- &#xE0; signer e...

(en) Britain, Anarchist Federation Organise #67 - The `vast machine' or anarchist communism? + INTERVIEW WITH Belarusian anarchist
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Dec 05 10:15:03 GMT 2006

&quot;Air travel was dangerous so she took a train to Paris and got on the daily charter
bus to England. When the bus reached the English Channel everyone got out and
wandered around the enormous ferryboat. Maya watched British tourists buy duty-free
liquor, pump coins into slot machines, and stare at a comedy on the television
screen. Life was normal- almost boring- when you were a citizen. They didn't seem to
care or realise that they were monitored by the Vast Machine.<br>
There we...

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