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(fr) Desertons la mascarade electorale, mais ne nous abstenons pas de lutter !
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Oct 14 13:38:51 GMT 2006

Nous refusons la mascarade &#xE9;lectorale et la d&#xE9;l&#xE9;gation de pouvoir parce que nous<br>
savons qu?il est possible d?organiser la soci&#xE9;t&#xE9; autrement, et que la<br>
transformation de la soci&#xE9;t&#xE9; passe par d?autres moyens. La d&#xE9;l&#xE9;gation de pouvoir<br>
consiste &#xE0; c&#xE9;der sa voix, son pouvoir de d&#xE9;cision &#xE0; une minorit&#xE9;. A accepter que<br>
celle-ci exerce le pouvoir et d&#xE9;cide &#xE0; notre place. O&#xF9; est le ? pouvoir du peuple ...

(fr) Show hip-hop pour le Collectif oppose a la brutalite policiere - Montreal 23/10/06
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Oct 14 13:12:57 GMT 2006

Avec :<br>
AZAZEL (UN1-T),<br>
KALIBRE &amp; D'TRACK,<br>
SOLA &amp; SYKARUIS,<br>
EGO R.I.P. -NYSROK Le Rabat-joie (CN) &amp; CHEAK,<br>
DJ HORG (Cavaliers Noirs),<br>
LUNDI le 23 OCTOBRE au CAFE CHAOS (2031 St-Denis)<br>
Portes : 20h SHOW : 20h30 (sans joke!) 5-10$<br>
Collectif Oppose a la Brutalite Policiere<br>
(514) 859-9065<br>

(en) US, NYC, SDS* notes, What's New At Next Left Notes: Police Riot At NYC Anti-Racist Protest
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Oct 14 06:10:09 GMT 2006

1) Police Riot At NYC Anti-Racist Protest <a href="http://antiauthoritarian.net/NLN/?p=70";>http://antiauthoritarian.net/NLN/?p=70</a><br>
Police Sergeant Mirabal arrests a youth for alleged &quot;spitting&quot; (Photo: T. G.)<br>
New York, NY - October 7, 2005. Brandishing his yellow taser pistol, NYPD<br>
Sergeant Mirabal told startled protesters they were being arrested for<br>
&#xE2;&#x20AC;&#x153;inciting to riot, disorderly conduct - the whole works!&#xE2;&#x20AC;? Police were<br>

(en) Canada, Montreal, Media, Unionizing McJobs
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Oct 14 05:23:01 GMT 2006

<a href="http://www.montrealmirror.com/2006/101206/front.html";>http://www.montrealmirror.com/2006/101206/front.html</a><br>
A year and a half ago, when an undocumented immigrant was denied wages by his<br>
manager for training hours at a Latin Quarter pizzeria, he returned with 40<br>
supporters for both his money and his dignity. Within seconds he got them both.<br>
The unsuspecting manager was dealing with the Workers Solidarity Network,<br>
a group dedicated to defending the rights of n...

(en) Canada, Vancover, NOII-Van* News and Articles Digest
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Oct 14 05:22:20 GMT 2006

This is the anouncement of the No One Is Illegal-Vancouver weekly digest, which includes<br>
news, analysis and articles. To subscribe, please email us at noii-van@resist.ca.<br>
1) TAKE ACTION: Support Columbia Students Protesting the Minutemen<br>
2) Minuteman Gilchrist and student Karina Garcia on Democracy Now<br>
3) Counterpunch: &#x201C;Why We Confronted the Minutemen at Columbia&#x201D;<br>
4) Indigenous communities at Border Summit of the Americas<br>
5) (Security Certificates) Ja...

(en) Australia, Melbourne, A Space Outside* #1 - Direct action: corporate engagement day
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Oct 14 05:22:17 GMT 2006

On Friday 17th November, let's give new meaning to the term &quot;Corporate<br>
Engagement&quot; On Wednesday 31st August 2005, affinity groups of between<br>
ten and forty people descended on different corporate targets in Sydney's<br>
CBD as part of the Forbes mobilisation that protested against the<br>
meeting of 300 of the world's richest CEOs.<br>
Due to the unexpected nature of these corporate visits, business as usual was<br>
successfully disrupted at ANZ Bank branches, coal exporte...

(en) European PGA* Conference Newspaper - Others workshops and reflexions
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Oct 14 05:21:50 GMT 2006

Other workshops and reflexions by Teresa Teran
<blockquote style="border-left: #5555EE solid 0.2em; margin: 0em; padding-left: 0.85em">My experience of one week at the decentralised PGA conference in Dijon
</blockquote>I participated in a screaming workshop for females only. It was<br>
organised by Lotte a girl from Germany. When Lotte told me about<br>
the workshop I understood it was a streaming workshop. I thought<br>
cool, a streaming video workshop for women only, we are probably<br>

(en) Ireland, Workers Solidarity issue #93 is - The New Middle East by Dec McCarthy
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Oct 14 05:21:24 GMT 2006

Justice and Democracy At Work<br>
Marwa is a ten year old refugee from the village of Marwaheen in<br>
the south of Lebanon. Following an Israeli ultimatum Marwa&#x2019;s<br>
family decided to flee. While driving away from the village the Israeli<br>
military fired on the pick up truck they were travelling in. Marwa<br>
recalls &#x201C;The wind carried me far away, I woke up on the nearby<br>
rocks. Next to me, Mama and Mirna were sleeping. I went to them<br>
to wake them up but the p...

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