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(en) Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, the joint struggle still continur and kicking
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 19:26:12 GMT 2006

This Friday we kept the tradition of joint struggle against the separation fence and<br>
occupation demonstration in spite of the Ramadan fasting and hot whether. About 50<br>
people - Palestinians, internationals and a dozen Israelis from the anarchist against<br>
the wall initiative. We marched at noon from the center of the village to the gate to<br>
the route of the separation fence - chanting the usual rimes. When we arrived at the<br>
blocked gate to the route we found that the state ...

(nl) Griekenland, over de verkiezingen voor de gemeenteraden en de prefecturen door de anarchistische OAE [en]
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 17:03:25 GMT 2006

Verklaring van het pers kantoor van de OAE<br>
De deelname aan het electorale proces legaliseert de boden en de<br>
corruptie die zelf het burgerlijke kapitalistische systeem voortbrengen.<br>
In een periode van nieuwe onthullingen over boden en corruptie op het niveau<br>
van topfunctionarissen van de regering, komt de grap van de verkiezingen voor<br>
de gemeenteraden en de prefecturen als een komische onderbreking.<br>
Het is in ieder geval een grap te geloven dat we op 15 oktober, met ...

(fr) Lecture - Les dernieres brochures parues sur infokiosques.net
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 08:47:10 GMT 2006

Toutes ces brochures et bien d'autres sont disponibles (lecture, t&#xE9;l&#xE9;chargement...)<br>
sur le site <a href="http://infokiosques.net";>http://infokiosques.net</a><br>
** Pourquoi j?ai cambriol&#xE9; publi&#xE9;<br>
Alexandre Jacob<br>
Cette brochure pr&#xE9;sente une d&#xE9;claration de l?anarchiste ill&#xE9;galiste Alexandre<br>
Marius Jacob lors de son proc&#xE8;s &#xE0; Amiens en mars 1905.<br>
Au sommaire :<br>
- Jacob devant ses juges (l&#xE9;galisme et ill&#...

(fr) Soiree de soutien aux inculpe-e-s des manifs du printemps 2006 - Lille 12/10/06
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 08:44:01 GMT 2006

Soir&#xE9;e le jeudi 12 octobre en soutien aux inculp&#xE9;s des manifestations contre la<br>
pr&#xE9;carit&#xE9; des mois de f&#xE9;vrier,mars,avril 2006<br>
tous et toutes aux diff&#xE9;rents proc&#xE9;s, le prochain, celui de Marion, 8h30 ,11<br>
octobre 06, palais de justice, avenue du peuple belge, vieux lille Petit d&#xE9;jeuner<br>
en soutien a partir de 8h....<br>
Jeudi 12 octobre au squatt le Chtit Darras 18 rue Dupetit Thouars [ Lille ]<br>
en face de la poste de Mo...

(fr) Rebellion # 38 - Pour une egalite radicale : a tout travail, salaire egal !
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 08:38:41 GMT 2006

Le num&#xE9;ro 38 de Rebellion est paru et a &#xE9;t&#xE9; distribu&#xE9; &#xE0; la manif<br>
syndicale de Berne le 23.9.2006 (25'000 participantEs!). Ici un article sur le<br>
diff&#xE9;rentiel entre les salaires femmes et les salaires hommes qui reste tr&#xE8;s<br>
marquant en Suisse.<br>
Pour une &#xE9;galit&#xE9; radicale:<br>
&#xE0; tout travail, salaire &#xE9;gal!<br>
Nous avons d&#xE9;j&#xE0; parl&#xE9; dans Rebellion des illusions de l'&#xE9;galit&#xE9; dans les rapp...

(en) Britain, Edinburgh, Protest at US consulate
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 07:07:22 GMT 2006

A protest organised by Rising Tide Scotland* involving around 30 people<br>
took place outside the US consulate in Edinburgh. We were there to protest<br>
against the war and environmental destruction perpetrated by Washington in<br>
the name of maintaining the oil addicted &quot;American way of life.&quot; Our action<br>
was in response to the call by Rising Tide North America for an international<br>
day of climate action which coincided with the end of the G8 climate talks in<br>

(en) Canada, Montreal, NEFAC 13th conference
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 07:07:21 GMT 2006

The Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists (NEFAC) will hold<br>
its 13th conference on October 7th and 8th in Montreal, Quebec.<br>
As our young organization moves into its seventh year we hope to take some<br>
inspiration in the events that are taking course in Oaxaca and some cues from<br>
the hard work of generations before us and prepare for the long road ahead of<br>
us. This conference will focus on discussing our interventions in the social<br>
movements and our perspectiv...

(en) US, NYC, IWW*, [NYMAA] Defend Oaxaca! Tues, Oct 10 4pm-6pm; Picket the Mexican Consulate in New York!
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 07:07:14 GMT 2006

Join us from 4pm-6pm on Tuesday, October 10 in front of the Mexican<br>
Consulate, which is located at 27 East 39th Street (between Madison<br>
and Park), for a picket to defend the Oaxacan uprising from government attacks!<br>
Defend the popular uprising in Oaxaca! Picket the<br>
Mexican Consulate in New York!<br>
&quot;And when we have our march, you need to be there. Be concerned about<br>
your brother. You may not be on strike. But either we go up together,<br>
or we go down together....

(en) European PGA* Conference Newspaper - Movin' Europe - From one caravan, thousands
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 07:07:11 GMT 2006

In their 6th Declaration the Zapatistas declare that they are going to<br>
join together with resistance struggles in Mexico and the World<br>
against neo-liberalism and for humanity. They will do this by exchanging<br>
with mutual respect their experiences, histories, ideas and practice of<br>
democracy, liberty and justice. To do this they are going to seek those<br>
that want to organise, struggle and build 'another politics' from the<br>
grassroots. This new way of moving forward, leav...

(en) US, Press release, CAMPPO holds Mobilization in Santa Rosa in Support of Popular Struggles in Oaxaca
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 07:07:07 GMT 2006

What: We demand that Federal, State, and Municipal powers refrain from using<br>
any more military violence or the threat of it, against the population of<br>
Oaxaca. The popular movement taking place in Oaxaca reflects the sentiments<br>
of the Oaxacan people in Mexico as well as here in the United States, that<br>
the Governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, renounce his position.<br>
We will be holding a mobilization in support of peace, diologue, justice,<br>
and liberty fro the people o...

(en) Ireland, Workers Solidarity issue #93 is - A Bigger Slice For Domino&#x2019;s Staff
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 07:07:03 GMT 2006

The threat of strike action at Domino&#x2019;s Pizzas in Naas saw SIPTU<br>
members secure substantial pay increases. A ban on overtime showed<br>
management that the workers were serious, when they voted to strike<br>
the bosses caved in and conceded a pay increase of 15% over 27 months.<br>
The union also won improved holiday and service leave arrangements.<br>
According to the union&#x2019;s Kildare/Leixlip Assistant Branch Organiser,<br>
Frank Jones, &#x201C;The dispute was over manage...

a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 06:03:29 GMT 2006

Campanha de assinaturas da nova revista<br>
EDUCA&#xC7;&#xC3;O LIBERT&#xC1;RIA<br>
Revista quadrimestral, formato 17 x 24, ilustrada, 112 p&#xE1;ginas<br>
Assinatura anual (3 n&#xFA;meros) por R$ 48,00.<br>
Pre&#xE7;o de capa de cada n&#xFA;mero: R$ 25,00. Com a assinatura, desconto de 35%.<br>
Para assinar, depositar o valor de R$ 48,00 em nome de<br>
Pl&#xED;nio Augusto Coelho<br>
Banco Ita&#xFA; - ag. 2925 - c/c 00494-3<br>
E enviar o comprovante ...

(pt) [Brasil] V Express&#xF5;es Anarquistas
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 06:01:19 GMT 2006

Dias 14 e 15 de outubro em Santo Andr&#xE9;<br>
Evento &#xE9; organizado pelo GIEPS (Grupo Independente de Estudos Pol&#xED;ticos e<br>
Sociais), Fenikso Nigra e Ativismo ABC.<br>
No evento deste ano ser&#xE3;o discutido os seguintes temas: Anarquismo Atual;<br>
Esperanto e Anarquismo; Augest&#xE3;o; Pedagogia Libert&#xE1;ria; vegetarianismo,<br>
veganismo e muito mais.<br>
Para demais informa&#xE7;&#xF5;es, entre em contato (estadia, alimenta&#xE7;&#xE3;o,<br>

(en) US, Please Forward: Candle Light vigil in solidarity with Oaxaca in Santa Rosa*
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Oct 06 02:37:25 GMT 2006

6:30pm Friday October 6th, 2006 or sooner if attack occurs at Albertsons Parking<br>
lot on Sebastopol Road, in Roseland, Santa Rosa Come join the Oaxacan community<br>
and those who stand in solidarity with the Oaxacan community for a candle light<br>
vigil and demonstration against the threat of military troops engaging in the<br>
state of Oaxaca. Oaxaca is currently under extreme alert due to the threat of<br>
up to 30,000 PFP and military troops invading. The Mexican Federales want to...

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