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(ca) Entrevista a Akeron, militante del SOV de CNT AIT Madrid
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Sep 26 20:18:33 GMT 2006

Os enviamos una entrevista que realizado La Haine a uno de nuestros<br>
compa&#xF1;eros para que la difundais en vuestras p&#xE1;ginas. Podeis encontrarla<br>
en el siguiente link:<br>
<a href="http://www.lahaine.org/index.php?p=17314";>http://www.lahaine.org/index.php?p=17314</a><br>
-- <br>
Sindicato de Oficios Varios de la Federaci&#xF3;n Local de Madrid, de CNT<br>
Entrevista a Akeron, militante del SOV de CNT AIT Madrid.<br>
x L...

(pt) [Portugal] Boletim &#xAB;Luta Social&#xBB; N.19, &#xF3;rg&#xE3;o de apoio da AC-Interpr o j&#xE1; sa&#xED;u
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Sep 26 16:22:01 GMT 2006

Sum&#xE1;rio do N&#xBA;19 do Boletim &#xAB;Luta Social&#xBB;:<br>
Cr&#xF3;nica da Guerra de Classes<br>
S&#xED;tio Internet<br>
Resultados da AGS de 16 de Setembro<br>
Jornadas Interprofissionais<br>
Comunicado de AC-Interpro: Apoio aos<br>
trabalhadores de Mercadona<br>
Artigo:Chile, o outro 11 de Setembro<br>
Reportagem: Inaugura&#xE7;&#xE3;o da exposi&#xE7;&#xE3;o<br>
em Madrid &#xAB;La revolici&#xF3;n Libertaria&#xBB;<br>
-- <br>
Associa&#xE7;&#xE3;o de Classe Inte...

(en) Canada, MONTREAL: Wednesday! Lebanon: FIRES of WAR &amp; VOICES of RESISTANCE
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Sep 26 14:46:18 GMT 2006

Strategies for Solidarity with Lebanon in Montreal. WEDNESDAY, September<br>
27th, 8pm Frank Dawson Adams Auditorium 2nd Floor, 3450 University St.<br>
[Corner: Milton &amp; University; McGill metro]<br>
Presentations * Community Iftar Dinner * Poetry * Films * Free Child-care<br>
-&gt; A Panel Discussion Including Presentations from:<br>
* HASSAN EL AKHRAS: Surviving member of the El Akhras family, 11 of whom were<br>
killed on July 16th, 2006 in an Israeli air strike in Aitaroun in south...

(en) Britain, Direct Action #36 Spring/Summer 2006 content + editorial
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Sep 26 11:48:52 GMT 2006

Editorial: the state of us<br>
Regulars: Comment &#xB7; Plods, camera...direct action; Education, the State &amp; the Working Class<br>
International &#xB7; Spain 1936, 70 years on - Collectives in the Spanish Revolution<br>
Globalfocus: Southern Africa &#xB7; Anarchism in Southern Africa; Platformism and Anarcho-<br>
syndicalism; Anarchism in Swaziland; Red and Black Forums; Motsoaledi community organising<br>
Reviews: Features &#xB7; Past Tense: History is what&#x2019;s happening<br>

(en) Britain, Report from Manchester anarchist anti-war demo
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Tue Sep 26 06:09:40 GMT 2006

Anti-War ActivismThe anti-war demonstration in Manchester on September<br>
23rd was supported by a colourful and vocal 'anarchist block' with<br>
attendance from anarchist organisations and non-aligned anarchists from<br>
Manchester and across the county, at least 40 bodies in all. The block was<br>
called by the Anarchist Federation and Solidarity Federation, two of the<br>
class struggle anarchist organisations in Britain with international links.<br>
In the morning, prior to the demonst...

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