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(ca) [Barcelona] Solidaridad con el compañero Daniel, delegado de la Sección Sindical CN T-Eurocen
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Sep 10 20:58:06 GMT 2006

Eurocen Europea de Contratas, S.A. es una empresa de log&#xED;stica que<br>
gestiona los servicios de una contrata en Zona Franca (Barcelona). En<br>
dicha contrata los trabajadores hacen tareas log&#xED;sticas como recogida de<br>
paquetes, clasificaci&#xF3;n y reparto a otras empresas cliente. En este<br>
contexto, un grupo de trabajadores de la empresa, que trabajan en la<br>
contrata de la filial de Telef&#xF2;nica Zeleris (con sede en Zona Franca,<br>
BCN), constataron su discon...

(ca) Manifiesto de la CNT de Catalunya 11 de septiembre
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Sep 10 20:02:28 GMT 2006

Contra el terrorismo patronal, solidaridad obrera!<br>
Catalunya est&#xE1; viviendo momentos de gran convulsi&#xF3;n laboral. Desde que se<br>
iniciaron las primeras deslocalizaciones de empresas ya hace unos a&#xF1;os, la<br>
conflictividad social que esto est&#xE1; comportando no ha disminuido. Por el<br>
contrario, los conflictos laborales se reproducen cada vez en m&#xE1;s<br>
empresas: ERE's, despidos, sanciones, muertos y heridos en los lugares de<br>

[Fwd: (nl) VS, De aard van de 'communistische' staten - Een anarchistische analyse van de Sovjet Unie door Wayne Price [en]]
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Sep 10 14:22:03 GMT 2006

De belangrijkste reden om de aard van de Sovjet Unie en soortgelijke<br>
staten te bestuderen is dat het licht werpt op wat we bedoelen met<br>
anti-kapitalisme en socialisme. Of we deze staten beschouwen als<br>
socialistisch bepaalt wat we denken dat het alternatief voor het<br>
kapitalisme is. Er is een groot aantal radicalen die worden aangetrokken<br>
door het model van de oude Sovjet Unie of van het Maoistische China, die<br>
onder de indruk zijn van Cuba nu of van de Nepalese Maoist...

(en) Israel-Lebanon, Roundtable on the Borderline
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Sep 10 12:42:30 GMT 2006

According to the Lebanese and Israeli governments (though more<br>
applied in Lebanon), communication between Israeli and Lebanese<br>
citizens is prohibited and in some cases punished with a court-martial.<br>
For this, this is an illegal roundtable &#x2013; part of it was a defying,<br>
challenging and painful conversation that did not go smooth without<br>
tears, rage, apologies, pain, guilt, affinity, discussion, smiles, and tight<br>
embraces. This conversation is not representative o...

(en) US, IWW**, More on the Reunion of the Union - Over 100 Wobblies and Supporters Rally for Shattuck Workers
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Sep 10 07:30:31 GMT 2006

In the largest turnout to date, the Bay Area Industrial Workers of the<br>
World rallied outside Landmark&#x2019;s Shattuck Cinemas in Berkeley,<br>
CA, in support of the theater&#x2019;s workers. The rally occurred one<br>
day before the IWW General Assembly, allowing the opportunity for<br>
fellow workers from all parts of North America to participate, putting<br>
our number at about 125 Wobblies and union-supporters.<br>
The rally began as a march, as over 60 Wobblies marched from the B...

(en) Britain, London anarchist bookfair - Update
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Sep 10 06:47:12 GMT 2006

Meetings so far Requests and suggestions for meetings are coming in daily for this<br>
year's bookfair, so the programme is continually being added to. However, to give<br>
you a flavour of the meetings so far, we have listed below what we knowof. The meetings<br>
with no text are either not confirmed or the facilitator hasn't got text to us yet.<br>
We haven't time-tabled meeting yet, as we are waiting for more to come in before we do so.<br>
This way we will try and make sure meetings aro...

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