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(tr) Mek@n: Anarþist yayýnlar, dergi, broþür ve Video CD'l er
a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 18:43:34 GMT 2006

Anar&#xFE;ist fikri ve eylemi yayabilmek ve anar&#xFE;istlerin sosyal merkezi<br>
MEKAN'&#xFD;n masraf ve giderlerini kar&#xFE;&#xFD;layabilmek i&#xE7;in haz&#xFD;rlad&#xFD;&#xF0;&#xFD;m&#xFD;z bro&#xFE;&#xFC;r,<br>
bildiri, stik&#xFD;r, fanzin, dergi, Video CD'ler ve kal&#xFD;p bask&#xFD;l&#xFD; t-&#xFE;&#xF6;rtlerden<br>
edinmek isterseniz bizimle ileti&#xFE;ime ge&#xE7;ebilirsiniz.<br>
&#xDD;leti&#xFE;im: mekanarsi@yahoo.com www.uzlasmayok.net<br>
MEKAN - Sadri Al&#xFD;&#xFE;&#xFD;k sok....

(pt) B&#xE9;lgica: For Mother Earth*Ac&#xE7;&#xE3;o de protesto pacifist a pelo fim das armas nucleares
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 15:24:21 GMT 2006

[*Uma organiza&#xE7;&#xE3;o ambientalista anti-capitalista e anti-autorit&#xE1;ria]<br>
Um grupo de cerca de 40 activistas de 13 diferentes pa&#xED;ses europeus<br>
juntamente com v&#xE1;rias personalidades p&#xFA;blicas e cidad&#xE3;os belgas<br>
procederam a um bloqueio &#xE0; base militar de Kleine Brogel, onde se<br>
encontram armazenadas cerca de 20 ogivas nucleares norte-americanas.<br>
Para al&#xE9;m de uma s&#xE9;ria amea&#xE7;a &#xE0; seguran&#xE7;a de milhares de civis, esta...

a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 15:01:39 GMT 2006

C\ Sagunto, 15 - 1&#xBA;. Madrid. Tf: 91 447 0572 y 448 6812.Fax: 91 445 3132<br>
E-mail: spcc.cgt@cgt.es<br>
Madrid, 1 de septiembre de 2006<br>
La Confederaci&#xF3;n General del Trabajo, ante los hechos actuales en el<br>
L&#xED;bano y Oriente Medio, quiere expresar su plena oposici&#xF3;n a la resoluci&#xF3;n<br>
1701 y al env&#xED;o de fuerzas de interposici&#xF3;n internaci...

(ca) En Barcelona , plaza Universitat a las 18 horas. Convocatoria de Mani festaci&#xF3;n obrera para el d&#xED;a 11 de septieManifestaci&#xF3;n obrera para el d&#xED;a 11 de septiembre
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 14:48:35 GMT 2006

Convocatoria de Manifestaci&#xF3;n obrera para el d&#xED;a 11 de Septiembre<br>
11 de Septiembre. Jornada de lucha para todos los sectores laborales y<br>
sociales que hoy mantienen conflictos activos en Catalunya.<br>
Desde la CNT y ante la conflictividad laboral y social que existe en<br>
Catalunya, vemos la necesidad de organizar una manifestaci&#xF3;n para el 11<br>
de septiembre, donde todos los sectores que actualmente est&#xE1;n en lucha<br>
en Catalunya, puedan unir...

(ca) [ORGANIZACION SOCIALISTA LIBERTARIA argentina] Una historia de la Federaci&#xF3;n Anarquista Uruguaya
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 14:45:18 GMT 2006

Acci&#xF3;n directa anarquista<br>
Una historia de la Federaci&#xF3;n Anarquista Uruguaya<br>
Desde su constituci&#xF3;n 1956<br>
hasta el golpe de Estado 1973<br>
Reportaje p&#xFA;blico con su autor<br>
Juan Carlos Mechoso<br>
Militante hist&#xF3;rico de la FaU<br>
Y autor de la investigaci&#xF3;n<br>
Homenaje a los militantes<br>
Hern&#xE1;n Ram&#xED;rez Achinelli<br>
Elsa Martinez<br>
Pablo Tello<br>
Rafael Tello<br>
A 30 a&#xF1;os de su desaparici&#xF3;n forzada<br>
Viernes 2 d...

(ca) [Barcelona] CNT AIT: otro intento de comprar la huelga en mercadona
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 14:42:57 GMT 2006

Mercadona, os lo decimos por en&#xE9;sima vez: las huelgas no se compran, se<br>
negocian Os volv&#xE9;is a estrellar al intentar comprar por 90.700 euros a<br>
cinco compa&#xF1;eros<br>
Parece ser que Mercadona no ha tenido suficiente con morder el polvo<br>
durante cinco meses de huelga, en sus actuaciones inmorales y poco<br>
&#xE9;ticas para intentar extinguirla, independientemente del rid&#xED;culo que<br>
est&#xE1;n llevando a cabo con estas actuaciones, solo consegu&#xED;s: cris...

(en) US, Anarchist Neighborhood: Toledo, Ohio
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 10:47:54 GMT 2006

Toledo is a city in Lucas County on the northern border of Ohio and<br>
the western end of Lake Erie. It is the county seat of Lucas County,<br>
and the principal city in the Toledo Metropolitan Statistical Area. In<br>
the 2000 census, the city proper had a population of 313,619. It is<br>
the fourth largest city in Ohio. Toledo is known as the Glass City<br>
because of its long history of innovation in all aspects of the glass<br>
industry: windows, bottles, windshields, and construction...

(en) Mexico, Two Days in the Life of Oaxaca's Revolution by By James Daria - The Ricardo Flores Mag&#xF3;n Brigade*
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 09:01:25 GMT 2006

Monday, around four o&#x2019;clock in the morning, the antennas and transmitter of<br>
the Oaxacan Radio and Television Corporation were attacked by police and hired<br>
thugs known as porros. A few weeks earlier, Oaxacan women took the offices of<br>
Channel 9 and the radio station at 96.9 FM, creating an audio and visual outlet<br>
for the demands of the social movement that is currently shaking the foundations<br>
of Oaxacan society. In the attacks, armed forces supposedly linked to the ...

(fr) Greve chez Ben's et piquetage de solidarit&#xE9; - Montr&#xE9;al
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 07:44:32 GMT 2006

Greve a la charcuterie chez ben's<br>
Prochaine ligne de piquetage de solidarit&#xE9; :<br>
samedi le 2 septembre a 11h am coin Metcalfe et De Maisonneuve<br>
Le 20 juillet dernier, les 22 employ&#xE9;es du restaurant Chez Ben's, &#xE9;coeur&#xE9;Es de<br>
leurs conditions de travail pourries et du manque de respect de la part de leur<br>
employeur, d&#xE9;cide d'entrer en gr&#xE8;ve &#xE0; l'unanimit&#xE9;.<br>
Les travailleuses et travailleurs du restaurant r&#xE9;clament une...

(en) US, Reminder: IWW Rally At Shattuck Cinemas, IWW Party At Humanist Hall tomorrow]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 06:18:58 GMT 2006

This year, the General Assembly of the Industrial Workers of the World<br>
will be hosted by the San Francisco Bay Area General Membership Branch<br>
at the Humanist Hall in Oakland, California, at 390 27th Street. On Friday<br>
Sept. 1st, the day before the Assembly is called to order, the IWW will be<br>
recieving Fellow Workers from throughout the Union at its headquarters in<br>
the Grassroots House in Berkeley at 2022 Blake St., just west of Shattuck.<br>
At 6:30 pm on Friday the IWW ...

(en) US, Another Report From 2006 Great Lakes Anarchist Gathering
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 06:08:44 GMT 2006

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio - Workshops and discussions centered<br>
around topics that varied from women's health, to sex toys, to<br>
hand-to-hand combat, to insurrectionary direct action at the 2006<br>
Great Lakes Anarchist Gathering held in Bowling Green, Ohio over<br>
the weekend of August 19th and 20th. Perhaps the most substantive<br>
thing to come from this radical convergence however, was a<br>
reinvigorating sense of unity among regional anarchists.<br>
People came from places like Col...

(en) Canada, Alt. media, Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair - What's Red and Black and Red All Over?
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Sep 01 04:20:16 GMT 2006

Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair returns for a fourth year of inciting<br>
revolution. Yes, there's a schedule. No, it won't be hard for them<br>
to get up before noon on a Saturday. Yes, you have to pay for the<br>
books. No, they didn't find the food in a dumpster. And yes, the<br>
organizers of this weekend's Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair have heard it<br>
all before. In fact, according to Desiree Schell, a member of the group<br>
behind the annual gathering of all things anarchist, challengi...

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