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(en) Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, the joint struggle continue in spite the provocation of the armed forces and the local youth who despise the joint nonviolent struggle.
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Fri Jul 14 18:51:55 GMT 2006

The demonstration of last Friday of 14-7-06 was marked by the wedding of Mantsur -<br>
coordinator of ISM international demonstrators. After some wedding rituals in the<br>
hours preceding the demonstration, the new couple entered their car that traveled<br>
at the head of the demonstration towards the route of the separation fence. Along<br>
the march, interwoven with the usual chants, singing, and dancing, components of<br>
the Palestinian celebration of wedding. At noon, 150 of us starte...

(en) US, NYC, 7/22 SAT: big NY Anarchist meeting Fourth General Assembly of (NYMAA)
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Fri Jul 14 16:49:13 GMT 2006

New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists Saturday, July 22nd, 1:00 P.M. until 5:00 P.M.<br>
221 West 107th St. betw. Amsterdam &amp; B`way<br>
You know it's really summer when school is out, the World Cup is over,<br>
the bulls of Pamploma have run (they scored big this year), and<br>
anarchists can celebrate the Fourth of July -- the Fourth General<br>
Assembly of NYMAA -- The New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists -- that<br>
is! There may not be any fireworks, but hopefully our agenda and<b...

(en) The Nestor Makhno Archive update
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Fri Jul 14 14:24:20 GMT 2006

The Nestor Makhno Archive has been updated, with the addition of severa new documents.<br>
Some time ago, we began the process of revising the existing English translations of<br>
the 1926 Organizational Platform, the result of which was published last week.<br>
We also took the opportunity of checking the translations of other articles by<br>
Makhno and can now present revised translations of four Makhno articles (see<br>
below), together with the Russian opriginals. Most astonishing was o...

(en) [French speaking anarchist federation] Solidarity against repression in St-Petersburg
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Fri Jul 14 14:19:04 GMT 2006

As the G8 is about to begin in Saint Petersburg, where the Lords of the<br>
World will once again make decisions in the name of those concerned,<br>
oppressed, and poor and will impose strategies and policies that will<br>
benefit only the rich and powerful, repression against those who dare to<br>
raise their voices against social injustice and the political hypocrisy of<br>
the G8 has been underway for several days already.<br>
The Russian State is not known for its respect for human rig...

(en) US, WAR AND REVOLUTION: The Hungarian Anarchist Movement in World War I and the Budapest Commune (1919)
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Fri Jul 14 14:13:49 GMT 2006

The latest KSL pamphlet gives you a chance to learn about Hungarian<br>
anarchists in the Budapest Commune of 1919, and the stories of figures<br>
like Ervin Szabo (anarchist librarian and anti-war conspirator), Otto<br>
Korvin (agitator) and Ilona Duczynska (the assassin who didn't).<br>
New pamphlet: &quot;War and Revolution: the Hungarian Anarchist Movement in<br>
World War I and the Budapest Commune, 1919&quot; by Martyn Everett<br>
The First World War ended in 1918 - everywhere that i...

(ca) Nos ha dejado Marie Laffranque (fr)
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Fri Jul 14 12:39:52 GMT 2006

Marie Laffranque luchadora de todas las causas generosas nos ha abandonado<br>
Has seguido siempre toda tu vida un l&#xED;nea &#xE9;tica ejemplar de la que nunca<br>
te has apartado. Esta comenz&#xF3; durante la &#xFA;ltima guerra, donde con tus<br>
padres, la casa familiar, serv&#xED;a de refugio a los exilados perseguidos por<br>
el r&#xE9;gimen nazi.<br>
Nunca ha faltado tu solidaridad . A pesar de tu mayor limitaci&#xF3;n, tu<br>
estabas siempre en primera l&#xED;nea ...

(fr) Hommage a la revolution espagnole
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Fri Jul 14 10:30:40 GMT 2006

Rassemblement, 19 Juillet, 19 heures, Allee Federica Montseny - Toulouse<br>
(boulevard des Recollets, entre la rue du Feretra et la Cite Empalot<br>
Daste. Autobus lignes 38 &amp; 53, arret ?Recollets)<br>
( Journalistes &amp; medias non souhaites )<br>
Mille neuf cent trente six. Le talon de fer de l'Etat et du capitalisme<br>
ecrase l'Europe. En URSS le capitalisme d'Etat s'installe dans une<br>

(fr) Marie Laffranque , lutteuse infatiguable de toutes les causes g&#xE9;n&#xE9;reu ses nous a quitt&#xE9;-e-s
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Fri Jul 14 10:29:36 GMT 2006

Tu as poursuivi toute sa vie une ligne etique exemplaire dont tu ne t'es<br>
jamais ecartee. Cela avait commencee deja pendant la derniere guerre, ou<br>
avec tes parents, la maison familiale servait de refuge aux exiles<br>
pourchasses par le regime nazi. Jamais ta solidarite n'a fait defaut.<br>
Malgre ton handicap majeur, tu etais toujours en premiere ligne<br>
n'hesitant pas a payer de ta personne dans des situations parfois<br>
perilleuses. Deux illustrations, issues de la memoire...

(fr) Russie - Solidarite avec les manifestant-e-s anti-G8
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jul 14 10:07:49 GMT 2006

L?Internationale des f&#xE9;d&#xE9;rations anarchistes salue la lutte des<br>
anarchistes en Russie et en ex-URSS, qui organisent des manifestations<br>
anti-G8 dans ce qu?il faut appeler un Etat policier. Le r&#xE9;gime russe a<br>
montr&#xE9; sa d&#xE9;termination &#xE0; empecher toute opposition &#xE0; l?h&#xE9;g&#xE9;monie du<br>
capitalisme mondial en criminalisant toute tentative d?organiser des<br>
manifestations lors du sommet du G8. Tandis que les huit chefs d?Etat des<br>
pays le...

(en) Sweden: SUF Call - Help break Jobbjakt.se
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jul 14 05:54:56 GMT 2006

Swedens first wagedumpingsite has been launched. With the german page<br>
<a href="http://jobdumping.de";>http://jobdumping.de</a> as a rolemodel Vashal Nindal, Aleksandar Goga,<br>
Valdemar Vogel and Jeffrey Singh have started the site jobbjakt<br>
(workhunting or jobhunting). jobbjakt.se&#xB4;s motto is that the person who<br>
accepts the lowest salary gets the job. Workers register themselves free<br>
of charge on the homepage, and are then supposed to lay bids on the<br>
avalible jobs,...

(en) Sweden, Gothenburg: Action against the russian generalconsulate
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Fri Jul 14 05:50:19 GMT 2006

Today the 13th of July, The Swedish Anarchosyndicalist Youth Federation in<br>
Gothenburg held a protestmeeting outside the russian generalconsulate at S:t<br>
Sigfrids plan in Gothenburg on account of the G8-meeting in S:t Petersburg<br>
and the repression of activists there right now. We stood there for a half<br>
an hour and handed out leaflets as we held a speech about the persecution of<br>
people that have gone to the city for the purpose to take part in the<br>
different arrangement...

(en) Britain, Anarchist Federation Organise #66 - ROSSPORT SOLIDARITY CAMP
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Fri Jul 14 05:08:01 GMT 2006

Grassroots anti-capitalism in the west of Ireland<br>
Rossport is a very small village on Ireland's western Atlantic coast. It<br>
is a part of Erris, a sub-region of county Mayo, and is a very remote area<br>
characterised by small holdings on poor land, small scale fishing, low<br>
population, and, Celtic Tiger or not, high rates of outward migration.<br>
Over the last year its name has become synonymous with the<br>
struggle against the plans of Shell, Statoil, Marathon, and the state,<...

(en) US, LA, Next Meeting to organize a tour on the Struggle in Oaxaca
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Fri Jul 14 05:05:39 GMT 2006

A speaking tour is being organized to support the Magonista and Libertarian<br>
movement in Oaxaca and the struggle of the people in Oaxaca in general.<br>
There will be speakers from the Consejo Indigena Popular de Oaxaca -<br>
Ricardo Flores Magon, we're also organizing and raising money to bring<br>
speakers from Mexico who are part of the Alianza Magonista Zapatista<br>
The next meeting for the Los Angeles speaking tour to support the struggle<br>
in Oaxaca will be this Sunday at 1pm J...

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