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(pt) «A BATALHA» Nº217 - Sumário
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jul 09 21:06:24 GMT 2006

J&#xE1; sa&#xED;u o &#xFA;ltimo n&#xFA;mero de Maio-Junho<br>
do jornal* anarquista portugu&#xEA;s editado<br>
pelo C.E.L. (Centro de Estudos Libert&#xE1;rios).<br>
Visto da parv&#xF3;nia p. 2<br>
&#xC1;ngel Pesta&#xF1;a (1886-1973) pp. 3 e 4<br>
Guerra civil e revolu&#xE7;&#xE3;o social na Espanha (I) pp. 3 e 8<br>
A reforma pol&#xED;tica p.5<br>
C&#xCD;RCULO Joaquina Dorado e Liberto Sarrau p. 5<br>
ETA: o cessar fogo pp. 6 e 8<br>
Democrazy pp. 6 ...

(en) Anarchist Festival July 2006 Letter from Tokyo Anarchists to A - Festa
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jul 09 17:01:18 GMT 2006

Dear Filipino Anarchists,<br>
July 2006 is 70th anniversary of Spanish Revolution which was a<br>
culmination of anarchist movements in history. We are proud to<br>
have anarchist events both in Tokyo and Manila in this July.<br>
The political and cultural situations in Manila and Tokyo must be<br>
quite different. For our point of view, Filipino activists seem to be<br>
more militant than Japanese ones. However, Anarchism itself,<br>
which mainly have been theorized and practiced in the ...

(ca) [Rusia] Foro Libertario en Mosc&#xFA; del 8 al 12 de julio
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jul 09 16:42:54 GMT 2006

Entre los d&#xED;as 8 y 12 de julio tendra lugar en Mosc&#xFA; (Federaci&#xF3;n Rusa) el<br>
Foro Libertario Ruso. Organizado por la Red Contra el G8 planteara<br>
cuestiones fundamentales para el movimiento anarquista, sirviendo a su vez<br>
como primer punto de encuentro ante las acciones contra la cumbre del G8<br>
en San Petersburgo.<br>
Foro Libertario en Mosc&#xFA;<br>
La Red Contra el G8, entre cuyos integrantes destacan Acci&#xF3;n Aut&#xF3;noma, la<br>
Liga Anar...

(fr) Rencontres sur les &quot;Pratiques et resistances des espaces autonomes&quot; - Dijon 19 au 29 aout 2006
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jul 09 11:00:19 GMT 2006

Appel &#xE0; des rencontres sur les &quot;Pratiques et r&#xE9;sistances des espaces<br>
autonomes&quot; dans le cadre de la conf&#xE9;rence de l'Action Mondiale Peuples &#xE0;<br>
Dijon du 19 au 29 ao&#xFB;t.<br>
1. Intro<br>
2. Appel<br>
3. Quelques mots sur le mouvement des squats &quot;politiques&quot; en France<br>
4. Introduction g&#xE9;n&#xE9;rale &#xE0; la conf&#xE9;rence AMP/PGA<br>
Alors donc cet &#xE9;t&#xE9;, il y a la recontre europ&#x...

(en) US, Anarchists gather in Pittsburgh for annual celebration - The future belongs to the daring
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jul 09 08:04:26 GMT 2006

A mid-afternoon sun was shining, young children played on the ings, and<br>
a giant black flag flew in the breeze. On July 2, 70 people gathered in<br>
Schenley Park to celebrate anarchism and American traditions of resistance.<br>
The alternative July 4th event was organized by anarchist members of<br>
the Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) to celebrate the often forgotten<br>
history of peoples' struggles in the United States and to help foster<br>
the local anarchist community outside of...

(nl) Ierland, Anarchistisch blad Workers Solidarity #92 - Klimaat Verandering [en]
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jul 09 06:19:53 GMT 2006

Basis Oorzaken &amp; Radicale Oplossingen<br>
In het licht van de toename van de bezorgdheid over het tempo van<br>
klimaat verandering geeft Cian Lynch zijn inzichten over sommige van de<br>
voorgestelde oplossingen. De recente golf van ongebruikelijk<br>
verwoestende wervelstormen in de VS en de ernstige overstromingen in<br>
Oost Europa gedurende de laatste 2 jaar hebben ertoe geleid dat de<br>
kwestie van klimaat verandering opnieuw de krantenkoppen haalt. Een<br>
speciaal verslag in ...

(en) Venezuela, Socialism to the Highest Bidder - Prepared by Nachie, for the Red &amp; Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) IX. (9/9
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jul 09 05:28:51 GMT 2006

Being our first international effort, this trip was a notable milestone<br>
for the Red &amp; Anarchist Action Network and created many<br>
important opportunities for future projects in Venezuela. Both the<br>
Association of Artisans in Valencia and the Tupamaros in Caracas<br>
have offered to provide housing and assistance to any future RAAN<br>
groups studying the revolution. Although there are currently no<br>
plans for another such tri...

(ca) [M&#xE9;xico] Crece la represi&#xF3;n sobre el CIPO-RFM
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jul 09 01:05:08 GMT 2006

Crece la represi&#xF3;n para los del CIPO-RFM<br>
Santa Luc&#xED;a del Camino, Oaxaca, M&#xE9;xico a 7 de julio de 2006 .<br>
Alas organizaciones sociales<br>
A la sociedad organizada<br>
A los medios de comunicaci&#xF3;n honestos<br>
A las personas de buen coraz&#xF3;n:<br>
Hermanos y hermanas:<br>
Ante la impotencia del gobierno de Ulises Ruiz Ortiz para detener el<br>
movimiento popular que exige su destituci&#xF3;n como gobernador, crece la<br>

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