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(en) US, Providence, Rhode Island, bookfair
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Thu Jul 06 19:08:47 GMT 2006

The 2nd Annual Providence Anarchist Bookfair is being held on Saturday, July 15th<br>
in conjunction with AS220's FOO FEST anniversary celebrations on Empire Street in<br>
Downtown Providence, Rhode Island. The Providence Anarchist Bookfair is being organized<br>
as an opportunity to exchange anarchist and anti-authoritarian ideas. The bookfair<br>
and all related street-fair activities are free to attend and open to the public.<br>
Tables are $25 (with sliding scale fo...

(en) G8 Summit St.Petersburg, Russia
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Thu Jul 06 11:25:29 GMT 2006

visit this link for all the connecting links to the anarchist/autonomist - horizontal<br>
networks, groups, activities - <a href="http://indymedia.org.uk/en/actions/2006/g8/";>http://indymedia.org.uk/en/actions/2006/g8/</a><br>
From July 15th to 17th the G8 will meet in Strelna, a suburb of St.Petersburg, Russia.<br>
While the Situation for protest in Russia is very different (Interview) from the<br>
UK during the G8 in Gleneagles, the &quot;Network against the G8&quot; calls for protest<br>...

(fr) Quebec : mouvements communautaire et anarchiste : une rencontre fructueuse ?
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Thu Jul 06 11:17:30 GMT 2006

&#xC0; la demande de militant-e-s de longue date, issu-e-s<br>
de traditions marxiste ou chr&#xE9;tienne, le Centre<br>
justice et foi (CJF) organisait &#xE0; Qu&#xE9;bec, le 30 mars<br>
dernier, une &#xAB; Soir&#xE9;e Relations &#xBB; sur le th&#xE8;me de la<br>
rencontre entre les mouvements communautaire et<br>
anarchiste. Concr&#xE8;tement, il semble que certain-e-s &#xAB;<br>
vieux de la vieille &#xBB; cherchent &#xE0; comprendre le sens<br>
de l?implication des nombreux/nombreuses &...

(fr) Une nouvelle lutte &#xE0; mener : d&#xE9;truire les illusions d'&#xE9;galit&#xE9;
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Jul 06 11:15:54 GMT 2006

Les discours antif&#xE9;ministes vont bon train aujourd'hui pour dire que la <br>
vie en soci&#xE9;t&#xE9; s'est compl&#xE8;tement retourn&#xE9;e &#xE0; la faveur des femmes et au <br>
d&#xE9;savantage des hommes: Elles auraient tous les droits, et eux seraient <br>
en crise identitaire, d&#xE9;boussol&#xE9;s et laiss&#xE9;s-pour-compte. C'est bien <br>
connu, l'article constitutionnel sur l'&#xE9;galit&#xE9; en 1981, la gr&#xE8;ve des <br>
femmes en 1991 et la loi sur l'&#xE9;galit&#xE9; (...

(en) Mexico City, Media, Zapatistas lead rally against vote
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Thu Jul 06 10:22:05 GMT 2006

North AmericaThousands of people have marched through Mexico city on the day of<br>
the country's general election in a protest against the major political parties.<br>
The protesters, led by the masked Zapatista rebel leader<br>
&quot;Subcommandante&quot; Marcos, claimed that the elections would not<br>
offer a solution to the millions of Mexicans who live in poverty.<br>
&quot;Our ideas of justice and liberty are bigger than the ballot boxes,&quot; the protesters<br>
chanted on Sunday as...

(en) Ireland, Belfast - Just Books Launch Website At Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre 19th July 2006
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Thu Jul 06 07:51:16 GMT 2006

The Just Books Collective will be launching a website and online bookshop<br>
on 19th July 2006 to coincide with the day of the 70th anniversary of the 1936<br>
Spanish workers' revolution that defeated fascism across much of Spain.<br>
Just Books Website launch: 7.30 pm, Belfast Unemployed Resource<br>
Centre, Lower Donegall Street, Belfast (next door to the John Hewitt pub).<br>
Just Books has a history in Belfast that stretches back to the opening<br>
of the original Smithfield ...

(en) History - Organizational Platform of the General Union of Anarchists (Draft)
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Thu Jul 06 07:41:03 GMT 2006

Translator's introduction: Organizational Platform of the General Union of<br>
Anarchists (Draft) by Group of Russian Anarchists Abroad - (&quot;Delo Truda&quot;<br>
Group) We now present a new English translation of the Platform.<br>
Eighty years have passed since the publication in the pages of the<br>
Russian anarchist monthly Delo Truda of the Organizational<br>
Platform of the General Union of Anarchists (Draft), but the<br>
question of anarchist organization remains an open one e...

(en) .Venezuela, Socialism to the Highest Bidder - Prepared by Nachie, for the Red &amp; Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) V. (5/9)
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Thu Jul 06 05:55:18 GMT 2006

Shortly after having ditched the disintegrating encampment at<br>
Vinicio Adames a day before the official start of the FSM, I made my<br>
way to Caobos Park to find a suitable place to sleep during the events<br>
of the coming week. What immediately caught my eye upon<br>
entering the park was a cluster of tents surrounded by trees around<br>
which yellow &quot;caution&quot; tape was wrapped; a Venezuelan flag was<br>
hanging from one of t...

(en) Ireland, Anarchist journal Workers Solidarty #92 - James Connolly and Direct Action
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Jul 06 05:54:16 GMT 2006

If we always obey the rules of our rulers, always con ourselves into believing<br>
that justice can be obtained by going through the `proper channels', we will<br>
usually lose. At the Dublin May Day rally, the guest speaker from the Belfast &amp;<br>
District Council of Trade Unions quoted from an article, Direct Action in Belfast,<br>
written by Connolly and published in the Irish Worker, September 16th, 1911.<br>
&quot;We have just had, and taken, the opportunity in Belfast to put into p...

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