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(ca) [Barcelona] MERCADONA: Van 87 días de huelga
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Jun 17 18:50:34 GMT 2006

Ya van 87 d&#xED;as, y con la moral m&#xE1;s alta que nunca. Se reafirma la lucha,<br>
se reafirma una huelga que ya es hist&#xF3;rica. Una de las huelgas m&#xE1;s largas<br>
de Barcelona. Los 18 huelguistas de CNT en Mercadona siguen manifest&#xE1;ndose<br>
junto con miembros del sindicato por las calles de la ciudad condal. Hoy<br>
s&#xE1;bado 17 de junio no ha sido una excepci&#xF3;n. Saliendo de plaza<br>
Universitat, pasando por calle Pelai, llegando como ya es habitual en<br>

(nl) Fabel Nieuws] Nieuwe Fabel-krant
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Jun 17 13:59:40 GMT 2006

Binnenkort verschijnt nr. 77/78 (zomer 2006) van de anti-racistische krant<br>
De Fabel van de illegaal met daarin de volgende onderwerpen:<br>
- (Boekrecensie) Amerika voor de komst van Columbus<br>
- (Boekrecensie) ID-plicht onder de loep<br>
- Zwarte en gekleurde adel weggemoffeld<br>
- COA voert schrikbewind in Leids azc<br>
- Poolse arbeiders inzet dicussie tussen liberalen en conservatieven<br>
- Afrocentrisme is geen goed antwoord op eurocentrisme<br>
- &quot;Allochtone&quot; jong...

(tr) Yunan &#xF6;&#xF0;rencilerin m&#xFC;cadelesi kesin zafere kadar devam ede cek!
a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Jun 17 13:05:18 GMT 2006

Hareketin savunmadan sald&#xFD;r&#xFD;ya d&#xF6;n&#xFC;&#xFE;mesi ancak m&#xFC;cadelenin s&#xFD;n&#xFD;fsal bir<br>
y&#xF6;nelimle &#xF6;rg&#xFC;tlenmesi ile m&#xFC;mk&#xFC;n olabilir.<br>
M&#xFC;cadele kesin zafere kadar devam edecek! ?Yeni Demokrasi? (YD) h&#xFC;k&#xFC;metinin<br>
&#xFC;&#xE7;&#xFC;nc&#xFC; e&#xF0;itim seviyesi (&#xFC;niversiteler) yasas&#xFD;n&#xFD;n oylama prosed&#xFC;r&#xFC;n&#xFC;<br>
?dondurma? lehine d&#xFC;nk&#xFC; resmi karar&#xFD;(not: karar 13 Haziran S...

(en) Canada-France, Alternative libertaire faced with an unusual repression
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Jun 17 07:31:29 GMT 2006

An ugent appeal for support Alternative libertaire faced with an unusual repression<br>
The goal of repression is to silence the social revolts that an unjust<br>
society necessarily generates: the revolts of undocumented workers, anti-GMO<br>
activists, the November 2005 rioters, anti-CPE strikers. What<br>
these struggles have in common is self-evident.<br>
Today, Alternative libertaire is the target of a repression unusual in<br>
scope and timing: in less than three (3) weeks, six (6) ...

(en) US, WORKERS SOLIDARITY, Workers of the Skies Unite! The 2005 Northwest Airlines Strike by Kdog - Twin Cities IWW GMB
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Jun 17 06:05:20 GMT 2006

<br>by Kdog NorthStar Anarchist Collective Twin Cities IWW GMB (personal capacity)<br>
In August 2005 the mechanics and cleaners at Northwest Airlines<br>
(NWA), the world&#x2019;s fourth largest passenger airline went out on<br>
strike. The workers were rejecting the company&#x2019;s final offer of<br>
massive concessions, including 53% job cuts, 26% wage reductions<br>
and sharp cuts to their benefits and pensions.<br>
This battle is in response to a new round of attacks by the old...

(en) Industrial Worker - Official Newspaper Of the Wrkers Of the World III.
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sat Jun 17 06:05:18 GMT 2006

Actions occurred all across the country,<br>
from Arizona to New York, from Alabama<br>
to here in California's Bay Area. Momentum<br>
for this new movement for immigrant rights<br>
and amnesty to all those undocumented is<br>
growing, and is being called the next civil<br>
rights movement.<br>
An example of the daily resistance in the<br>
San Francisco Bay Area was on March 21, as<br>
approximately 50 people gathered outside the<br>
San Francisco Federal Building to take par...

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