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(ca) CNT contra la Reforma laboral. 1 de abril [Madrid]
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 21:09:31 GMT 2006

Programaci&#xF3;n definitiva de la jornada de lucha de CNT contra la Reforma<br>
x La Haine - Madrid<br>
La CNT realizar&#xE1; el pr&#xF3;ximo s&#xE1;bado 1 de abril una jornada intensa de lucha<br>
para mostrar su repulsa a la reforma laboral. A continuaci&#xF3;n os detallamos<br>
la programaci&#xF3;n definitiva.<br>
Informaci&#xF3;n contra la Reforma Laboral:<br>
Gobierno, sindicatos UGT y CCOO, y organizaciones empresariales CEOE y<br>

(ca) Pl&#xE1;tica sobre la NEFAC: Federaci&#xF3;n Anarco-Comunista de l Noreste
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 21:00:16 GMT 2006

Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists (NEFAC)<br>
-Federaci&#xF3;n Anarco Comunista del Noreste-<br>
La Federaci&#xF3;n Anarco-Comunista del Noreste es una organizaci&#xF3;n biling&#xFC;e<br>
(franc&#xE9;s e ingles) de revolucionarios del noreste de Am&#xE9;rica del Norte<br>
(Canad&#xE1; y Estados Unidos) que se identifican con la tradici&#xF3;n comunista<br>
dentro del anarquismo.<br>
Bernardo, miembro de la ...

(en) US, Report from the Los Angeles Walk Outs: Rebels and Cops
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 18:12:46 GMT 2006

>From the Southern California Anarchist Federation -- Los Angeles Chapter 3/29/06<br>
Through out this week students from High Schools and Middle<br>
Schools have been walking out against the racist anti-immigrant HR 4437.<br>
On Tuesday March 28th, members of the SCAF-LA supported the<br>
student walk-outs by marching along with them, talking to them,<br>
and trying to connect them with a revolutionary vision.<br>
A middle school walk out had been organized by the teachers at Los<br>

(en) Canada: Benefit Concert for a veteran of the Spanish Revolution [fr]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 10:12:13 GMT 2006

SALUD Y ANARKIA! Benefit Concert to help finance a visit by a veteran of the<br>
Spanish Revolution, with:<br>
* LES ENCRIST&#xC9;S<br>
* P&#xC9;RESTRO&#xCF;KA<br>
Thursday 6th April at 8.00pm<br>
El Salon : 4388 St-Laurent<br>
Entrance: 5$<br>
To help finance a visit by George Sossenko, veteran of the Spanish Civil War<br>
who will be taking part in the forthcoming Montreal Bookfair. On 21st May,<br>
George will be presenting: &quot;A look back on the Spanish C...

(en) France: CNT statement - Three million reasons to go on! [fr]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 10:10:33 GMT 2006

Three million demonstrators on Tuesday 28th March! And it was a weekday... so that's three<br>
million on strike! Both public-sector and private-sector employees realised how important<br>
it was to strike, in order to achieve the greatest number possible on the streets to<br>
express their total rejection of the CPE, and indeed of precarious labour in general.<br>
But Monsieur de Villepin remains inflexible. It is not a question any more of<br>
believing that he is acting deaf. How can he ...

(fr) Les constestations montent d'un cran a Ouarzazate - Maroc
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 09:45:17 GMT 2006

Suite &#xE0; l'appel lanc&#xE9; par la CDT Union Locale de Ouarzazate, un<br>
rassemblement a &#xE9;t&#xE9; observ&#xE9; devant la municipalit&#xE9; de Ouarzazate &#xE0; 16:00h,<br>
suivi d'une marche contestataire jusqu'au si&#xE8;ge de la province de<br>
Ouarzazate. Cette marche a &#xE9;t&#xE9; un succ&#xE8;s et comptais a peu pr&#xE8;s 200<br>
manifestants issus des differentes organisations : CDT, AMDH, PSU, PADS,<br>
ANDCM, des habitants non syndiqu&#xE9;s ont rejoint la marche notamm...

(fr) Pour l'unite des anarcho-syndicalistes
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 09:42:09 GMT 2006

Les militants du Syndicat Interco Paris Nord de la CNT AIT et de la 2&#xE8;me<br>
UR-CNT &#xE9;taient r&#xE9;unis aujourd?hui en Assembl&#xE9;e g&#xE9;n&#xE9;rale pour tirer les<br>
conclusions de leur communaut&#xE9; de vue anarcho-syndicaliste.<br>
C?est l?aboutissement de plus d?un an de r&#xE9;unions communes qui ont permis<br>
de conclure &#xE0; un total accord sur les principes, tactiques et finalit&#xE9;s de<br>
l? anarcho-syndicalisme, ceux qui fondent l?...

(it) Ponte: Tagli ritagli e censure
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 09:00:57 GMT 2006

Venerd&#xEC; 31 marzo per il ciclo &quot;Tagli ritagli e censure&quot;<br>
proiezione su grande schermo del film<br>
&quot;Viva Zapatero!&quot;<br>
Di Sabina Guzzanti<br>
Documento dell'Italia di oggi sospesa tra manipolazione dell'opinione <br>
pubblica, censure e Grandi fratelli televisivi.<br>
Circolo Anarchico Ponte della Ghisolfa<br>
Viale Monza, 255 Milano<br>
Da: ponte@ecn.org<br>
A-infos-it mailing list<br>

(it) Umanit&#xE0; Nova, n.11: L'Aquila 18 e 19 marzo. Internatio nal Day of Action
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 09:00:18 GMT 2006

18 Marzo. L'Aquila. Una primavera anticipata, quella che ha sorriso<br>
all'importante solidariet&#xE0; espressa da tutti quei compagni che dalla<br>
Sicilia, al Friuli, si sono stretti intorno ai compagni dello Spazio<br>
Libero 51 di L'Aquila e ai compagni del Coordinamento Anarchico e<br>
Libertario della Campania, del Lazio e dell'Abruzzo, per unirsi in corteo<br>
e manifestare contro la guerra e il militarismo, in una giornata, quella<br>
del 18 Marzo, indetta dall' Internazionale del...

(en) US, Hosts Needed for @ Speaking Tour
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 08:55:26 GMT 2006

Friends and Comrades, Right now, the CLASH collective in Hartford, CT and<br>
the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair folks are working on organizing a speaking<br>
tour of members of the Commission for Anarchist Relations (CRA -<br>
<a href="http://www.nodo50.org/ellibertario/seccioningles.htm";>http://www.nodo50.org/ellibertario/seccioningles.htm</a>)<br>
of Venezuela, and possibly the Cuban Libertarian Movement<br>
(<a href="http://www.movimientolibertariocubano.org/";>http://www.movimientoliber...

(en) Britain, Reminder: Manchester Anarchist Bookfair April 29th 2006
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 08:51:07 GMT 2006

This is a reminder that the second Manchester Anarchist Bookfair takes<br>
place from 9.00pm until 5.00pm on Saturday 29th April at the Basement,<br>
24 Lever Street off Piccadilly Gardens in central Manchester. If you would like<br>
a stall or can help distribute flyers/ posters please drop us a line.<br>
You can find out more by visiting the website at <a href="http://www.bookfair.org.uk";>http://www.bookfair.org.uk</a><br>
David -- For Manchester anarchist Bookfair<br>

(en) Ireland, Workers Solidarity* #90 - Anarchist youth group formed Interview with organisers
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 08:37:15 GMT 2006

Late last year some younger anarchists in Dublin and Wicklow got together<br>
and formed their own organisation. Workers Solidarity asked them why?<br>
How did this group come about?<br>
The group came about after a number of teenagers decided that a<br>
sort of anarchist youth group was needed in Ireland. We talked<br>
amongst our friends and posted on a number of anarchist listing and<br>
youth centred music forums. Many young people want to learn<br>
about anarchism and get involved bu...

(en) Social Anarchism, No. 39 - Paul Goodman's Anarchism by Wayne Price
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Mar 30 08:30:45 GMT 2006

In the Sixties, Paul Goodman was an influential figure among student radicals and<br>
militants. Todd Gitlin writes of his generation of radicals, &quot;...We scorned 'mere'<br>
intellectuals unless--like C. Wright Mills and Paul Goodman--they broke unequivocally<br>
with the tone and texture of established America....Goodman was the insider's outsider,<br>
the peripatetic freelance philosopher, enormously learned, yet economically and socially<br>
(and sexually, although we didn't know it ...

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