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(ca) [Sevilla] CNT realiza dos mítines contra la precariedad laboral en la UPO
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Feb 08 21:45:01 GMT 2006

CNT realiza dos m&#xED;tines contra la precariedad laboral en la Universidad<br>
Pablo de Olavide<br>
En sendos m&#xED;tines se denunci&#xF3; la subcontrataci&#xF3;n en la UPO y las<br>
vulneraciones de derechos a las empleadas de la limpieza.<br>
A las seis de la tarde CNT dio un mitin para expresar &#xAB;la precariedad<br>
laboral en la UPO&#xBB; y denunci&#xF3; &#xAB;diversos despidos arbitrarios en la<br>
Universidad Pablo de Olavide bajo la contrata Clece&#xBB;. CNT ...

(nl) Ierland, WSM - Workers Solidarity #90 - Wat is anarchisme? Denkend over anarchisme door John Flood (en)
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Feb 08 16:03:11 GMT 2006

Veel mensen brengen het anarchisme nog steeds in verband met geweld,<br>
vernietiging, en chaos<br>
&quot;Rise, like lions after slumber, In unvanquishable number, Shake your chains<br>
to earth like dew, Which in sleep had fall'n on you. Ye are many They are<br>
few&quot; - Shelley, The Mask of Anarchy.<br>
Gedurende de afgelopen vijftien jaar is de wereldwijde anarchistische<br>
beweging ontwaakt uit een lange sluimering. In Ierland krijgen<br>
anarchistische idee&#xEB;n en methoden van...

(en) 1936-2006 - The 70th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution and Civil War
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Feb 08 15:20:06 GMT 2006

The year of homage to the victims of Francoism<br>
Hi: our internet tv site is now up and running with four films made by the<br>
CNT between July 1936 and 1938:<br>
1) Report on the movement of 19th July 1936 (documentary)<br>
2) Victory in Teruel (Teruel ha caido!) (documentary)<br>
3) Solidarity with Madrid (documentary)<br>
4) Nosotros Somos Asi! (That's the way we are) (musical comedy)<br>
A further six CNT-FAI films will be uploaded over the coming weeks, plus<br>
other more recent...

(it) Portogallo: Creato il Sindacato Studentesco Libertario a Coimbra [pt,fr]
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Feb 08 14:44:48 GMT 2006

E' stato creato a Coimbro, Portogallo il Sindacato Studentesco Libertario<br>
[Sindicato Estudantil Libert&#xE1;rio] su iniziativa di membri del Collettivo<br>
portoghese della FESAPortugu&#xEA;s che fa parte della Federazione Europea del<br>
Sindacalismo Alternativo dell'Educazione (FESAL-E). Segue il manifesto di<br>
presentazione che &#xE8; stato distribuito nella citt&#xE0; di Coimbra tramite<br>
* * * * * * * * * *<br>
Perch&#xE9; lottiamo per la scuola pubblica, g...

(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue - Another outpost established in Bil'in]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Feb 08 08:35:45 GMT 2006

Just distributed in the mailing list of the Anarchists Against The Wall (againstwall@yahoogroups.com):<br>
Another outpost is built on the the lands of Bil'in, West side of the separation<br>
fence (in addition to the one of the Bil'in Center For Joint Struggle For Peace -<br>
also on the West side of the separation fence in adjacent place to the illegal settler<br>
town neighborhood in construction). The building of this outpost was as protest to a<br>
new confiscation of land of Bil'in vi...

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