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(en) Palestin-Israel, Bil'in, A very successful joint demonstration against the separation fence and occupation - 20-1-06
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 20:47:26 GMT 2006

The 20-1-06 demonstration of this Friday in Bil'in was in many aspects the most<br>
successful of the more than 10 months weekly ones since February 2005. This Friday<br>
demo was on a special day - 11 days before the Israeli Highest court deliberation<br>
about the route of the separation fence on the lands of Bil'in, Five days before<br>
the election of the Palestinian Parliament a villager of Bil'in (which have only<br>
600 valid voters) is on the regional list of candidates, few days af...

(en) US, Invitation to a network: deleteTheBorder.org
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 20:32:01 GMT 2006

Hello. The site <a href="http://deleteTheBorder.org";>http://deleteTheBorder.org</a> is an open posting site, much<br>
like indymedia, designed to create a network of movements against<br>
borders. If you are working on border issues or anti-racist issues, we<br>
would like to invite you to post your news on our site.<br>
By clicking this link: <a href="http://deletetheborder.org/user/register";>http://deletetheborder.org/user/register</a><br>
You can create an account. Once we approve your...

(en) Statement of Federation of Anarchists of Greece (OAE) on the armed robbery in the centre of Athens
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 17:55:29 GMT 2006

On Monday 16/01/2006, and the events following.<br>
We denounce the constant tactic of the state of penalisation of the anarchist ideas<br>
on the occasion of the bloody robbery in the centre of Athens. In other similar cases,<br>
anyone who is violating the law by a robbery he/she is not declared by his/her<br>
political identity, but in this particular case this has been declared with more...<br>
We are enemies of the capitalism and the class exploitation at the expence of the<br>

(ca) [Venezuela] Muestra de documentales FSA-Caracas-2006
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 16:30:21 GMT 2006

Programaci&#xF3;n de la Muestra de documentales independientes y<br>
videoactivismo, a presentarse los pr&#xF3;ximos d&#xED;as en el marco del Foro<br>
Lugar: Organizaci&#xF3;n Nelson Garrido (ONG) [Para ubicar la direcci&#xF3;n, ver <br>
LUNES 23<br>
Sala A // 7:00 pm<br>
- &quot;Nuestro Petr&#xF3;leo y otros cuentos&quot;, 2004 (Venezuela). Gattacicova Films:<br>
Gabriel Muzio, Max Pugh y otros...

(en) Call for a PGA meeting in Caracas
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 15:53:17 GMT 2006

Greetings comrades of the PGA network going to Caracas!<br>
We propose a first meeting of the network at 19H, Tuesday the 24th<br>
At the Centro Nelson Garrido, venue for a large part of the Alternative<br>
Social Forum activities.<br>
To get there: From the Metro station Los Simbolos, take the direction of<br>
Avenida El Parque for 6 blocks. Its a three story building on the left,<br>
called &quot;Carmencita&quot;. It is also close the the bus station La Bandera,<br>
Las Acacias and Univ...

(en) Canada, Autonomy &amp; Solidarity*, &quot;Upping the Anti #2 - Introduction
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 14:39:14 GMT 2006

Welcome to the second issue of Upping the Anti. We would like to start by letting<br>
you know that we have made new additions to the editorial staff of our journal.<br>
Erin Gray of Toronto has joined our editorial collective, and Dave Mitchell of<br>
Regina has joined us in the capacity of reviews editor. We are excited to have<br>
our project grow and develop, and in this issue we again provide you with a<br>
collection of writings addressing a wide variety of issues and debates concerni...

(en) US, Phoenix, Upheaval* #2 - Fighting for your reproductive health by the Secret Speculum
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 14:38:05 GMT 2006

Everyone should have equal access to<br>
adequate healthcare; unfortunately, this<br>
country doesn't make that easy. Women<br>
in the US are especially in need of better<br>
healthcare, as Christian interference in<br>
government is doing its best to deprive<br>
women of their basic reproductive rights.<br>
Without the right to control when, if, and<br>
how she has children, a woman is<br>
unable to control her livelihood, her iden-<br>
tity, or her destiny.<br>
Working within th...

(it) Milano: Anticipata al 25/1 la riunione del comitato contro lo scippo del TFR
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 12:48:49 GMT 2006

La riunione del comitato contro lo scippo del TFR &#xE8; anticipata a Mercoled&#xEC;<br>
25 gennaio alle 21 in Viale Liguria 49 a Milano.<br>
Al comitato hanno aderito Unione Sindacale Italiana, Unicobas, Slai Cobas,<br>
Sin Cobas, Rete 28 Aprile, PRC di Milano, Coordinamento Nazionale RSU,<br>
Confederazione Cobas, Centro Sociale Vittoria, Attac Italia, Asbel-CNL, i<br>
collaboratori di www.tuttoata.it ed inoltre svariate RSU del Comune di<br>
Milano, Regione Lombardia, ...

(it) Umanit&#xE0; Nova, n.1: Bancopoli. I baffetti del quartieri no
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 12:47:27 GMT 2006

Come era abbastanza facile prevedere stiamo arrivando al capolinea. Lo si<br>
capisce dalle intercettazioni telefoniche.<br>
&quot;Geni&quot; della finanza che parlavano al telefono tra loro come neanche due<br>
tossici alle prime armi dello spaccio. Questi non sono solo pessimi<br>
finanzieri, pessimi politici, pessimi banchieri, sono anche pessimi<br>
malavitosi! Si sono fatti beccare con le mani nella marmellata dal primo<br>
giudice che ha deciso di indagare sulla questione, anzi dal ...

(it) &quot;Kronstadt Uprising&quot;: Alcune riflessioni sull?educazione...
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 12:47:01 GMT 2006

E? esistito ed esiste ? e soprattutto potrebbe svilupparsi sempre pi&#xF9; - un<br>
modo di concepire e di praticare l?educazione teso a favorire l?<br>
auto-educazione permanente, che &#xE8; un modo di educare contrario ad ogni<br>
ideologia educazionista prefissata, omologante e normalizzatrice, propria<br>
dell?autoritarismo istituzionale.<br>
Si tratta cio&#xE8; di alimentare un interscambio culturale libertario nella<br>
societ&#xE0; che cerchi di eliminare costantemente le condizioni...

(fr) Chat noir # 9
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 10:53:37 GMT 2006

Le num&#xE9;ro 9 nouvelle s&#xE9;rie du Chat Noir<br>
Au sommaire :<br>
- Solidarit&#xE9; avec Aubin<br>
- Pr&#xE9;vention de la d&#xE9;linquance<br>
- Colonialisme<br>
- Social<br>
- O&#xF9; va la CGT ?<br>
Aubin, &#xE9;tudiant en deuxi&#xE8;me ann&#xE9;e universitaire d?anglais/espagnol a &#xE9;t&#xE9; <br>
arr&#xEA;t&#xE9; avec un groupe de jeunes dans un quartier r&#xE9;mois &#xE0; proximit&#xE9; d?un <br>

(fr) Bolkestein : les dockers donnent l'exemple
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 10:36:23 GMT 2006

Le lundi 16 janvier, 10000 dockers venus de toute l?Europe ont manifest&#xE9;<br>
et ont ainsi obtenu le retrait du &#xAB; Bolkestein portuaire &#xBB;. Le projet de<br>
directive europ&#xE9;enne &#xE9;voque en effet un &#xAB; principe d?autoassistance &#xBB; dans<br>
lequel il est difficile de ne pas voir la d&#xE9;clinaison aux services de<br>
transports du &#xAB; principe du pays d?origine &#xBB; d&#xE9;fendu par la directive<br>
Si les services de transports n?entr...

(ca) Represi&#xF3;n policial contra los huelguistas de Iberia
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 00:58:42 GMT 2006

Hoy 19 de Enero el comit&#xE9; de Huelga ha convocado a los trabajadores frente<br>
a la sede de Iberia, Lae en Calle Vel&#xE1;zquez, 130 con intenci&#xF3;n de<br>
presentar un documento a la presidencia de la Compa&#xF1;&#xED;a, en la que se<br>
solicitaba el desbloqueo del conflicto laboral motivado por la pretensi&#xF3;n<br>
de la empresa de imponer unas medidas totalmente agresivas contra los<br>
intereses de los trabajadores incluidas en el Plan Director.<br>
A pesar de ...

(ca) [Barcelona] La cadena de restaurantes Buenas Migas roba a sus trabajadores
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Jan 20 00:49:17 GMT 2006

La cadena de restaurantes Buenas Migas se presenta como un lugar informal<br>
donde poder tomar comida tradicional italiana y de calidad. Tambi&#xE9;n ofrece<br>
a los consumidores la imagen de ser el resultado de la uni&#xF3;n de fuerzas,<br>
talentos y esperanzas de dos amigos, Patrick y Clare Helen Budden, que en<br>
1998 abren su primer local en la Pl. del Bonsucc&#xE9;s de Barcelona. Desde<br>
entonces su crecimiento ha sido espectacular, pasando a contar en la<br>
actualidad co...

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