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Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 23:59:01 +0200 (CEST)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(nl) [Fabel Nieuws] Geen extreem rechts op El Cid-markt
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 21:45:40 GMT 2005

Reactie naar Leidsch Dagblad Geen extreem-rechts op El Cid-markt<br>
Hieronder een ingezonden reactie op een artikel van journalist Wilfred<br>
Simons in het Leidsch Dagblad van 17 augustus 2005. Het gewraakte artikel<br>
volgt daarna.<br>
Door: Eric Krebbers (namens De Fabel van de illegaal)<br>
Het artikel &quot;El Cid stuurt sympathisanten Eurodusnie weg&quot; van journalist<br>
Wilfred Simons, op de voorpagina van het LD van 17 augustus j.l., is een<br>
schoolvoorbeeld van belabberde ...

(nl) [Fabel Nieuws] Actie tegen kraam Nieuw Rechts in Leiden
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 21:38:18 GMT 2005

PERSBERICHT 16-08-2005<br>
Vandaag hebben wij, sympathisanten en leden van de anti-racistische<br>
organisatie De Fabel van de illegaal, actie gevoerd tegen de<br>
aanwezigheid van de extreem-rechtse partij Nieuw Rechts op de EL<br>
CID-informatiemarkt van de Leidse universitaire kenningsmakingsweek.<br>
Nieuw Rechts had daar, net als verleden jaar, een kraam. Wij<br>
protesteerden bij de Nieuw Rechts-stand met borden met opschriften als<br>
&quot;Pas op! Informatiekraam van rechts-extrem...

(en) Initiative against G8 2007 Summit in germany - Weekend of Discussion and Planning 7-9 October 2005 in Hamburg
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 21:33:09 GMT 2005

Why against it?<br>
The G8, that's the &quot;Group of Eight&quot; heads of government of the world's<br>
most powerful industrial nations. The pretext for this round will be to<br>
seek solutions for the world's problems. Hunger, war, and the<br>
destruction of the environment should be opposed. Under this cover, the<br>
G8 will in fact seek ways to improve and stabilize the capitalist system<br>
that produces these problems in the first place. G8 meetings are<br>
important occasions ...

(en) help needed for german anarchosyndicalist newspaper &quot;direkte aktion&quot;
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 21:28:48 GMT 2005

dear comrades, i'm publisher of the german anarchosyndicalist newspaper &quot;direkte aktion&quot;,<br>
and i'm looking for comrades wich are abel and willing to write reports<br>
about things that happend in your countrie's.<br>
every anarchist news are good, but we specially are intersted in anarchosyndikalist<br>
news. whats going on in the labourmovment, what's about wildcat striks, whats about<br>
the anarchosyndikalist groups and so on. but we are also interessted in anti-rasist<br>

(tr) dahke fanzinin eyl&#xFC;l'de &#xE7;&#xFD;kacak olan yeni say&#xFD;s&#xFD;
a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 18:03:06 GMT 2005

eyl&#xFC;l ortalar&#xFD;na do&#xF0;ru 7 senede &#xE7;&#xFD;km&#xFD;&#xFE; say&#xFD;lar&#xFD;ndan derlenecek i&#xFE;e yarar<br>
yaz&#xFD;larla olu&#xFE;turulacak split fanzin.140 sayfa olmas&#xFD; bekleniyor.i&#xE7;erik:punk,<br>
anar&#xFE;i, sokak k&#xFC;lt&#xFC;r&#xFC;, sokak futbolu, kar&#xFE;&#xFD; sanat, fanzinci amca bildiriyor,<br>
tan&#xFD;yal&#xFD;m-koklayal&#xFD;m(anar&#xFE;ist- aktivist- mahalle futbolu temsilcileri),<br>
&#xE7;e&#xFE;itli trib&#xFC;n gruplar&#xFD; ile vah&#xFE;i k...

(en) US, LA, Mujeres Libres Declaracion / Mission Statement [ca]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 09:45:32 GMT 2005

Mujeres Libres is a collective that works with and is part of the Los<br>
Angeles chapter of the Southern California Anarchist Federation<br>
if you're interested contact Ale, at intiale@yahoo.com<br>
<blockquote style="border-left: #5555EE solid 0.2em; margin: 0em; padding-left: 0.85em">We are revolutionary anarchists (1), women and men, opposing any form
</blockquote>of dominance, oppression, and exploitation of women by patriarchy (2)<br>
and capitalism (3). As anarchists, we are aware o...

(nl) Historische bestraffing voor Mehmet Tarhan* [tr, en]
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 09:41:37 GMT 2005

Gewetensbezwaarde/totaalweigeraar Mehmet Tarhan, wiens rechtszaak<br>
bij het Militaire Hof van Justitie al meer dan 4,5 maand duurt, is<br>
veroordeeld tot een historische gevangenisstraf. In het verhoor in<br>
de rechtszaal, met twee aparte aanklachten namelijk &quot;ongehoorzaamheid<br>
tegenover bevelhebbers&quot; en &quot;ongehoorzaamheid tegenover bevelhebbers<br>
om te proberen te ontsnappen aan de militaire dienst&quot; volgens art.<br>
88 van de turkse militaire straf code, werd M...

(en) US, The Agitator Index - Anti-Authoritarian Organizing By Paul Glavin
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 09:35:58 GMT 2005

&#x201C;Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.&#x201D; - Gary Webb<br>
The ascendance and near-complete dominance of the US Empire<br>
propels globalization, the process we are now experiencing in which<br>
Capital expands and consolidates its rule. The US is the world&#x2019;s<br>
sole Superpower, demonstrating its ability to wreak destruction, and<br>
reorder societies, as in Afghanistan and Iraq.<br>
Much of the world opposes US rule but, as of yet, is powerless to<br...

(en) Strike! August issue - TorStar On the Rampagenorth america / mexico / workplace struggles / news report Workers Fight For Equality
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 09:35:39 GMT 2005

HAMILTON - TorStar, the corporation that owns the Toronto Star, controls<br>
virtually all southern Ontario newspaper media west of Toronto. A six month<br>
strike of 60 inserters, press operators, and pre-production staff working for<br>
a company owned by TorStar has been virtually silenced thanks to TorStar&#x2019;s reach.<br>
HAMILTON - TorStar, the corporation that owns the Toronto Star, controls<br>
virtually all southern Ontario newspaper media west of Toronto. A six month<br>

(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 656 15th August - 21st August 2005
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 08:32:25 GMT 2005

&#x2026; Incite - Urge or stir up<br>
&#x2026; Sedition - Conduct or speech - incite to rebellion<br>
&#x2026; Subvert - Weaken or overthrow government<br>
&#x2026; Treason - Violation by a subject of allegiance to his or her country<br>
Over the past few years the Federal government has put in place a series<br>
of laws that have greatly increased the powers the State is able to exercise<br...

(tr) &#xDD;stanbul: daire A'da bu cuma
a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 07:15:11 GMT 2005

bu cuma, yani ay&#xFD;n 19'unda, DaireA'da efsane grup Pink Floyd'a<br>
g&#xF6;zlerimiz ve bilhassa kulaklar&#xFD;m&#xFD;z doyacak..<br>
Video projeksiyon ile Pompei konseri<br>
ve ard&#xFD;ndan gece boyunca Pink Floyd par&#xE7;alar&#xFD;..<br>
bira da var.. yine 3ytl.<br>
is there anybody out there?<br>
s&#xFC;sl&#xFC; saks&#xFD; sok. no:10 kat:3 beyo&#xF0;lu<br>
(imam adnan sok. bitiminin &#xE7;apraz&#xFD;, ba&#xFE;ak cafenin &#xFC;st&#xFC;)<br>
From: daire A &lt;dair...

(tr) Avustralya , Brisbane: '&#xD6;&#xF0;leden Sonra Anar&#xFE;i' [en]
a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 06:44:43 GMT 2005

NEREDE: Paradise Park&#xFD;, cnr Paradise St and Sankey St, Highgate Hill.<br>
ne zaman:Pazar, 4 Eyl&#xFC;l, 2005<br>
AYRINTILAR: ?&#xD6;&#xF0;leden Sonra Anar&#xFE;i' ['Anarchy in the Afternoon?]<br>
radikal ve alternatif g&#xF6;r&#xFC;&#xFE;lerin sunuldu&#xF0;u bir &#xF6;&#xF0;leden sonra<br>
etkinli&#xF0;idir. Sunumcular&#xFD;n g&#xF6;r&#xFC;&#xFE;lerini ifade etmek i&#xE7;in 10-15<br>
dakikalar&#xFD; bulunmaktad&#xFD;r. Ard&#xFD;ndan bu g&#xF6;r&#xFC;&#xFE;ler dostluk<br>

(tr) Meksika , Chiapas, [&#xDD;ngilizce] Zapatista linki [en]
a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca</em -
Wed Aug 17 06:13:45 GMT 2005

Zapatista tebli&#xF0;i ve tart&#xFD;&#xFE;malar&#xFD;n&#xFD;n yeni ingilizce &#xE7;evirileri i&#xE7;in link<br>
Zapatistalar hakk&#xFD;nda &#xDD;ngilizce bilgi<br>
<a href="http://zaptranslations.blogspot.com/";>http://zaptranslations.blogspot.com/</a><br>
From: dr.woooo-A-nomasters.org<br>
A-infos-tr mailing list<br>
<a href="http://ainfos.ca/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/a-infos-tr";>http://ainfos.ca/cgi...

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