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[A-infos-index24] A-Infos-index of last 24 hours

Date Sun, 6 Jan 2019 23:59:01 +0100 (CET)

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(nl) Frankrijk, Alternative Libertaire AL #290 – Redactioneel: Het RIC, ja maar … (fr,it,pt,en) [machine vertaling]
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 07:14:51 GMT 2019

In enkele dagen lijkt het burger initiatief referendum (RIC) de oplossing voor alles te
zijn geworden. Het idee zou zijn om in staat te zijn wetten voor te stellen of af te
wijzen, om politieke vertegenwoordigers te ontslaan of de grondwet door middel van een
referendum te veranderen, als 700.000 ondertekenaars hierom verzoeken. ---- Op het eerste
gezicht begint het met een goed gevoel: de verwerping van burgerlijke politici. Het is
onmiskenbaar gezonder dan een voorzienige man aan de ...

(en) Poland, ozzip WORKERS' INITIATIVE: After the strike at PLL LOT - Growing worries in the global aviation industry [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 07:07:07 GMT 2019

The first day of the strike at PLL LOT (18/10/2018) ---- The article appeared in the
December issue of Le Monde Diplomatique - Polish edition. Reprinted with the editorial
board's consent. ---- On 1 November, a two-week strike in the Polish Airlines LOT Airlines
ended - organized despite judicial bans in the industry of key importance to the economy
and ended with an agreement in a form that is rarely achieved by trade unions. It is not
exaggerating to say that this was one of the most...

(de) FDA-IFA, Gai Dao #96: Der Konsensfetisch des politischen Anarchismus Von: Martin von Loeffelholz [Teil 2 von 2, Teil 1 in Gai Dao N o 95 11/2018]
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:28:15 GMT 2019

Dieser Artikel ist eine Neuauflage des bereits 2017 in der Gai Dao erschienen zweiteiligen
---- Artikels &quot;Der blinde Flecken des Anarchismus&quot;. Hier habe ich seinen zweiten Teil aus
inhaltlichen und stilistischen Gr&#xFC;nden &#xFC;berarbeitet. Des Weiteren habe ich hier das
Konzept der &quot;Anti-Macht&quot; eingef&#xFC;hrt. ---- Die Fixierung auf den Konsens als
Organisationsprin zip einer herrschaftsfreien Gesellschaft ist zu einem Fetisch verkommen.
In weiten Teilen l&#xE4...

(de) ag-freiburg: Auf die Stra&#xDF;e gegen die Versch&#xE4;rfung der Polizeigesetze!
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:27:43 GMT 2019

Unter dem Motto &quot;Au&#xDF;er Kontrolle gegen neue Polizeigesetze&quot; rufen verschiedene linke
Gruppen und Organisationen am 12. Januar zu einer Demonstration gegen die geplante
Versch&#xE4;rfung der Polizeigesetzte (u.a. in Baden-W&#xFC;rttemberg) auf. Los geht's um 17 Uhr am
Platz der alten Synagoge.
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.ag-freiburg.org/newsticker/auf-die-strasse-gegen-die-verschaerfung-der-polizeigesetze";>https://www.ag-freiburg.org/newsticker/auf-die-s...

a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:25:08 GMT 2019

In the United States, growing segments of the population are undergoing a period of
profound politicization and polarization. Political elites are struggling to maintain
control as increasing numbers of people seek out alternatives on the left and the right.
In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, political organizations on the left have
grown significantly, most notably expressed in the explosive growth of the Democratic
Socialists of America (DSA). Meanwhile, the Trump adminis...

a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:25:02 GMT 2019

Empieza el a&#xF1;o y la lucha sigue?.<br>
? Hoy 24:00 horas de huelga en Amazon por un convenio sin retrocesos.<br>
Hay que estar con los compa&#xF1;eras y compa&#xF1;eros del centro log&#xED;stico de San Fernando de
Henares que no se dejan exprimir por los vendehumos de una nueva comodidad enga&#xF1;osa para
el p&#xFA;blico consumidor - en realidad al servicio de la vieja explotaci&#xF3;n.
&#xA1;&#xA1;Recuerda que el d&#xED;a 6 el #BoicotAmazon es un buen regalo ...

(en) To strike, compa&#xF1;eras! Libertarias in 8M Por Libertarian Regeneration , Alas barricadas and Portal Oaca .
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:24:13 GMT 2019

On March 8, 2018 we experienced an unprecedented mobilization in recent decades. That day
the force of a movement determined to face the patriarchy was evident and with it, to
remove the very foundations of our society. ---- There are still several months left for
the next call, but the organizing assemblies of many localities and territories are
already gathering to prepare the next feminist strike, which will again have four axes:
work, care, consumption and student. In this context,...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #290 - Yellow vests: Trade unions: I love you, me neither (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:19:19 GMT 2019

As a whole, unionism has missed out on the dynamic that began well before November 17th.
Certainly the yellow vests placed us in front of an unprecedented situation. It is tragic,
however, that &quot; revolutionary &quot; militants will not be able to adapt to the original !
Major union sectors are trying late to &quot; hang up the cars &quot;, at the cost of a crisis in
the CGT. A crisis not useless to a few months of the next Confederal Congress. ---- It is
an understatement to s...

(en) Britain, anarchist communist group ACG: What hopes for 2019?
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:19:12 GMT 2019

One year ago, a handful of libertarian communists left the Anarchist Federation and went
on to found the Anarchist Communist Group. Our aim has been, and continues to be, the
building of an outward facing class struggle anarchist communist organisation that looks
towards the wider working class rather than inwards to a small, fractious anarchist scene.
<br>Since then, we have welcomed a number of comrades, old and new, into the ACG and have
doubled our membership since our founding conf...

(pt) resistencia libertaria: Anivers&#xE1;rio da ORL - 10 Anos de Anarquismo no Cear&#xE1;, Vivas a ORL!!!
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:18:59 GMT 2019

A todos os/as companheiros/as que fizeram parte dessa caminhada, ---- A Organiza&#xE7;&#xE3;o
Resist&#xEA;ncia Libert&#xE1;ria completou 10 anos de exist&#xEA;ncia. Sabemos que diante da conjuntura
pol&#xED;tica pela qual passamos, existir e atuar de forma p&#xFA;blica com um programa
revolucion&#xE1;rio de transforma&#xE7;&#xE3;o social radical, antiautorit&#xE1;ria e anticapitalista, &#xE9;, por
si s&#xF3;, uma raz&#xE3;o de RESIST&#xCA;NCIA! ---- Nossa resist&#xEA;ncia tem car&#xE1;te...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #290 - Editorial: O RIC, sim mas ... (en, fr, it)[traduccion automatica]
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:18:42 GMT 2019

Em poucos dias, o referendo de iniciativa dos cidad&#xE3;os (RIC) parece ter se tornado a
solu&#xE7;&#xE3;o para tudo. A ideia seria poder propor ou revogar leis, demitir representantes
pol&#xED;ticos ou de emendar a Constitui&#xE7;&#xE3;o por referendo, se 700.000 peticion&#xE1;rios a
solicitarem. ---- &#xC0; primeira vista, come&#xE7;a com um bom sentimento: a rejei&#xE7;&#xE3;o dos pol&#xED;ticos
burgueses. &#xC9; inegavelmente mais saud&#xE1;vel do que querer levar um homem providenc...

(it) Federazione Anarchica Reggiana: 6 gennaio 2019 - RICORDANDO ENRICO ZAMBONINI by usi_re
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:18:32 GMT 2019

Il 6 gennaio 2019 alle ore 11 a Villa Minozzo (RE) in piazza del comune ricorderemo Enrico
Zambonini, nato a Secchio di Villa Minozzo il 28 aprile 1893, anarchico e tenace
antifascista. ---- Enrico Zambonini si avvicin&#xF2; all'anarchismo nel primo dopoguerra, con
l'ascesa del fascismo fu esule in Francia e in Belgio. ---- Militante della Rivoluzione
Spagnola (1936-1939) ,durante la Resistenza fu partigiano sulle nostre montagne, il 30
gennaio 1944 venne fucilato al Poligono del Tiro ...

(it) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #289 - Renault: nello stabilimento di Douai, &quot; produzione ? E 'la morte &quot; (en, fr, pt)[traduzione automatica]
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:18:19 GMT 2019

In fabbrica, da quando le battaglie sono andate perdute contro le leggi del Lavoro, il
sindacalismo si &#xE8; indebolito e l'atmosfera grigia come il nostro lavoro blues. C'&#xE8;
abbastanza per la rivolta: violenza e lavoro ripetitivo pericoloso, imbrogli,
intimidazioni e minacce ... Sono i lavoratori temporanei che soffrono di pi&#xF9;. ---- Gi&#xE0; le
4 del mattino, la sveglia mi tira fuori dal letto. Pochi minuti dopo sono in cucina, in
lavori di blu, ingoiando un caff&#xE8; e ......

(ca) puerto real cnt.es: EL CASO ALMERIA
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:18:07 GMT 2019

El Caso Almer&#xED;a comienza el 10 de mayo de 1981, cuando aparecieron tres cuerpos abrasados
dentro de un Ford Fiesta, en un barranco de la carretera de G&#xE9;rgal, Almer&#xED;a. El informe de
la Guardia Civil se&#xF1;alaba que eran &quot;tres etarras, que hab&#xED;an intentado huir, responsables
del atentado contra el General Valenzuela&quot;, que hab&#xED;a sucedido un par de d&#xED;as antes.
Incluso les pon&#xED;an apellidos: eran &quot;Mazusta, Bereciart&#xFA;a, y Goyenechea Frad&...

(ca) cnt.es: COMUNICADO - &#xA1;VIVA LA INTERNACIONAL! - La IWW se afilia con la Confederacion Internacional del Trabajo
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:17:48 GMT 2019

A principios del pasado mes de diciembre se anunciaron los resultados del refer&#xE9;ndum que
IWW de Norteam&#xE9;rica (Estados Unidos y Canad&#xE1;) hab&#xED;a convocado entre su afiliaci&#xF3;n sobre la
inclusi&#xF3;n de esta central sindical en la Confederaci&#xF3;n Internacional del Trabajo, CIT.
---- &#xA1;El resultado fue abrumadoramente positivo! IWW-Nara forma ya parte, oficialmente, de
CIT. ---- IWW-Nara ven&#xED;a ya acompa&#xF1;ando el proceso de construcci&#xF3;n de CIT desde...

(en) Iran, asr anarshism: The series of interviews with Anarchists - first: Farshid Yasayi [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:11:24 GMT 2019

site of the Anarchist era in the last few decades - the first interview is with Farshid
Yasayi ---- The site of the anarchist era to record the history of anarchism in Iran has
since interviewed a number of anarchist activists and writers who have been active in the
last few decades and have translated many articles or books about anarchism. We will
publish texts written, and so we will discuss with individuals and authors and translators
so that we can historically, in their history a...

(en) Greece, mauro kokkino - APO: Greetings in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jan 06 06:11:10 GMT 2019

Comrades, we welcome the celebration of the Zapatista revolt. Twenty-five years have
passed since the cry of &quot;thousands of men and women, native Zapatista&quot; has been declared
to have been the war against oppression and exploitation by the Mexican state and a
partisan and shaken all over the world. Your voice, even though we are thousands of miles
away, has reached our place and boiled our hearts. ---- Our last meeting (in the 1st
international, political, artistic, athletic an...

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