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In the struggle for a free society, we distribute news and articles in several languages, covering a wide range of areas.
These include workplace, environmental and anti-imperialist struggles as well as the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia.

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The A-Infos Project is coordinated by an international collective of revolutionary anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist activists, involved with class struggle and who regard it as a total social struggle.

These are people who conceive themselves as revolutionary class struggle social anarchists, anarcho-communists, libertarian communists, syndicalists and others who hold similar opinions but use other labels.

A-Infos is organized by people who feel anarchism is a social theory, and that a revolution is necessary to bring about the new class-less social order, and that this revolution can only be made by the vast majority of the working people.

The specific kind of anarchism we talk about and promote is the anarchism of the Haymarket martyrs and those expelled by Karl Marx from the First International for criticizing his authoritarianism and the elitist, vanguardist degradation of the masses of The specific kind of anarchism we talk about and the working class...

We do not support the kind of anarchism proposed by some pseudo-modernists and pseudo-"revolutionaries" who regard symbolic activity as substitute to mass struggle, or the kind of anarchism of "humanists" who hold other tasks as equal or more important than the revolutionary struggle for abolishing the capitalist system.

A-Infos work is not inspired by egoistic and egocentric individualism, primitivism, "free capitalism without a state" or even a state without free capitalism - who oppose the present capitalist order but do not offer instead a viable model of modern social order of freedom, equality, and solidarity.

It is not enough for individuals and groups to use an anarchist label for their texts to be distributed by A-Infos.

In the struggle for a free society, we distribute news and articles in several languages, covering a wide range of areas of struggle. These include workplace and environmental struggles as well as the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia. A-Infos also distributes news on indigenous peoples anti-colonialist fight against settlers, occupation and marginalization, as well as anti-nationalist and anti-regional separatist struggles, because workers have no country but the world as a whole....

A-Infos is specialized press agency, in the service (as we see it best) of the movement of revolutionary anti-capitalist activists who are involved in the various social struggles against the capitalist class and its social system.

A-Infos is not an open "liberal" service that distributes anything "we" are sympathetic to -- it is not Indymedia. It is first of all a free distribution tool for information from and about collectives of anarchist (and other anti authoritarian revolutionaries) involved in the struggle.

A-Infos workers do not think we are the ones who should decide who, on the social anarchist camp, is a "real" anarchist or not. However, as resources are limited, we have the right and duty to (autonomously) choose what we distribute what we feel is best among the contributions and contributors. The freedom of association the A-Infos collective is based on means nothing without the freedom not to associate, if workers so choose.

A-Infos has a role to play in the world anarchist movement. Information is strength. A-Infos helps to build a sense of an international movement. A-Infos is, to a certain extent, one of the few international organizational tools of the movement. But to keep this role it must stay a tool in the service of the movement and not a free-for-all information service.

A-Infos is not just an internal movement tool. Like the Anarchist FAQ, it's also a means to present the movement to the wider audience and to a new generation, and acquaint them with international aspects of the movement.

A-Infos is an autonomous anarchist press agency that is not the bullhorn of any "social" movement. Even when self-proclaimed anarchists (or even if real ones) are involved is not a guarantee A-Infos will distribute contributions. Even if we ourselves sympathize with given movements is no guarantee articles will be posted.

Thus, A-Infos distributes the news and analysis its workers want to share with the world non-authoritarian activists community -- mainly posts from anti-authoritarian revolutionary collectives and reports about direct action of social struggle both of activists and of common people in their daily life.

Anyone who is not satisfied with the services we provide, is welcome to use other services or build her/his own.

A-infos is both an organizational tool, a propaganda tool, and an information tool of the movement -- and is not merely "news by, about and of interest to anarchists."

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(gr) Αντιφασιστική Συγκέντρωση στο Σύνταγμα
Thu Oct 19 08:36:56 GMT 2017

Την Κυριακή 22 Οκτώβρη θα στήσουμε ανάχωμα στην πλατεία Συντάγματος απέναντι στο κάλεσμα φασιστικών- παρακρατικών οργανώσεων με τις οποίες σαν Στέκι Δίστομο βρισκόμαστε σε πολιτική-υλική αντιπαράθεση. --- Το Aντιφασιστικό Στέκι Δίστομο εχει επιλεξει εδώ και 3 χρόνια τον εδαφικοποιήμενο μαχητικό αντιφασισμό ως πρακτική διαδικασία εδραίωσης και μονιμότητας απέναντι στους φασίστες, ως όχημα κοινωνικής οχύρωσης και οικοδόμησης ενός ακηδεμόνευτου μετωπικού μαχητικου αντιφασιστικού κινήματος. Πάνω σε αυτή την λογικη δεν θα επιτρέψουμε σε ένα μικρό τσούρμο ταγματασφαλιτών να περιφέρονται στους δρόμους της Αθήνας. --- ...

(en) Greece, Anarchist Collectives Circle of Fire, Omikron APO: Demonstration of state and capitalist crime in the Saronic Gulf (gr) [machine translation]
Thu Oct 19 08:29:59 GMT 2017

The immeasurable environmental and social disaster of 10 September 2017 in the Saronic Gulf caused by the sinking of Agia Zona II tanker east of Psyttalia and the dispersion of thousands of tons of mazut at sea ---- IT IS A STATE AND CAPITALISTIC CRIME ---- which has come as an inevitable result of the uncontrolled pollution and pollution of shipping and oil companies at sea and the coasts of Piraeus and western Attica, tragically revealing the aggressive and destructive nature of the political and economic system on the natural environment and society. ---- FROM SARONIKO, TO PARNITHATA, ACHELOOS AND HALKIDIKI, STATUS AND CAPITAL LOAD THE GREEN ---- Through a giant enterprise to sell public natural resources and land to private capital, carried out by the Greek state under the tutelage of the EU. and the IMF. and the modernization of the legal framework in order to remove ...

(en) Poland, rozbrat: Curia evicts - WSL statement Wielkopolskie Association of Tenants [machine translation]
Thu Oct 19 08:29:37 GMT 2017

Wielkopolska Association of Tenants has been informed several times about the problems of people living in the premises belonging to the Catholic Church. Residents and residents of ecclesiastical properties are also experiencing difficulties with accidents (such as illness, loss of employment), as well as reasons for rent increases or excessive demands for tenancy - consequently they face the threat of eviction. Representatives of the Catholic Church act in these cases often in an absolute manner, guided by more free-market principles than by moral ones. The fact that many of these issues have not "come out" is primarily due to the fact that evictions and displacement have affected deeply religious people who do not want to be damned in the name of the Church, or fearing - in case of revealing their image in the media - reaction of the surroundings, mainly priests and ...

(pt) [Espanha] A CNT ante a situação na Catalunha By A.N.A.
Thu Oct 19 07:14:19 GMT 2017

Os fatos que estão acontecendo estes dias são tão transcendentais para a classe trabalhadora que a CNT considera necessário emitir um comunicado expondo sua posição. Nos parece evidente que o impasse em que se instala a questão da soberania catalã, depois que o presidente do Governo catalão suspendeu a declaração de independência, supõe o início de uma etapa turbulenta, principalmente como consequência do golpe que suporão as demandas de diferentes grupos de pressão do regime de 78 que pretendem que o Governo espanhol aplique sem demora o tristemente famoso artigo 155¹. ---- Claro que o cumprimento destas ameças seria letal para os direitos e liberdades de uma população catalã contestatória, e sobretudo para os setores obreiros, sobre cujas costas se carregariam majoritariamente, como sucede em qualquer sociedade capitalista, as imposições governamentais. Mas ainda ...

(pt) [Rússia] Acontecerá em Moscou um encontro em solidariedade ao preso Piotr Riabov,By A.N.A. on 14 de outubro de 2017 (en)
Thu Oct 19 07:14:04 GMT 2017

Hoje, 14 de outubro, o Centro de Cultura "Arkhe" (Moscou) convida para um encontro em solidariedade ao moscovita Piotr Riabov, encarcerado e em greve de fome há 4 dias na Bielorrússia. ---- Piotr Riabov é anarquista, mestre em filosofia, docente do Departamento de Filosofia da Universidade de Pedagogia de Moscou, historiador, filósofo, escritor, pesquisador da história e da filosofia do anarquismo e do existencialismo. ---- O formato de encontro pressupõe as falas de algumas compas de Piotr, o microfone livre, um debate com o público, assim como a discussão sobre a situação atual dele. ---- Compas de Piotr Riabov que estarão fazendo as falas: ---- * Vadim Damier (Doutor em História, pesquisador do Instituto da História da Academia de Ciências da Rússia). ---- * Dmitri Rublióv (Mestre em História, docente da Universidade Estatal de Moscou). ...

(it) usi-ait: Bari: Lotta di Classe è in edicola
Thu Oct 19 07:13:57 GMT 2017

E' uscito il numero 135 di Lotta di Classe periodico dell'Unione Sindacale Italiana fondato, nel 1915, da Armando Borghi. ---- Chi risiede a Bari e provincia può richiedere una copia presso l'edicola sita in Largo Ignazio Ciaia a due passi da via Capruzzi e la stazione Centrale (vedi mappa riportata in basso). ---- In questo numero oltre alle motivazioni dello sciopero generale del 27 ottobre prossimo troviamo: ---- - Sanità: mobilitazioni a Milano e Firenze; ---- - Giù le mani dalle pensioni; ---- - La lotta del popolo Mapuche contro gli stati (cileno e argentino) e la famiglia Benetton; ---- - USI-AIT Educazione: Unificazione di tutti i contratti del settore ----
ed altro ancora. ---- Passaparola!

(fr) Aux différents réseaux et organisations libertaires: 17 novembre 2017: 9 militants en procès à Poitiers -- Vive la sociale
Thu Oct 19 07:13:42 GMT 2017

Camarades, ---- Le 17 novembre prochain aura lieu à Poitiers le procès de neuf personnes accusées d'avoir, le 19 mai 2016, «pénétré, circulé, ou stationné, sans autorisation, dans les parties de la gare SNCF non affectées à la circulation publique» puis d'avoir «refusé de se soumettre aux opérations de relevés signalétiques, notamment de prise d'empreintes digitales et photographies nécessaires à l'alimentation et à la consultation des fichiers de police». ---- Il s'agit là globalement d'une attaque, comme il y en a eu beaucoup d'autres, qui se situe dans la droite ligne des mesures contre la liberté de manifester et pour museler le mouvement social. ---- Or, ces neuf personnes (plus deux autres qui avaient été convoquées initialement par la police mais qui pour l'instant ne sont pas concernées par le procès) ont été ciblées avec précision par les pouvoirs publics, puisque ...

(fr) communistes libertaires cgt: Nantes: L'union locale interpelle la Confédération
Thu Oct 19 07:13:17 GMT 2017

Nous publions ici une motion de l'UL CGT de Nantes pour alimenter un débat compliqué sur la mobilisation contre les ordonnances. Comme en 2016, nombre de militants constatent que le premier obstacle à l'élargissement n'est pas le positionnement de telle ou telle confédération (qu'il est toujours bon d'aiguillonner!) mais bien le défaitisme qui règne dans une majorité d'entreprises. Ce qui nous oriente, ici, à axer davantage vers la reconstruction de liens dans les entreprises et les localités plutôt que vers la critique des faiblesses des directions syndicales, même si ces défaillances ne favorisent évidemment pas la confiance des travailleurs en leurs propres forces: ---- Motion de l'UL CGT de Nantes à la Confédération ---- À Nantes, le 5 octobre 2017 ---- Cher.e.s camarades,

(fr) França, Organização Comunista Libertarie (OCL) - Courant Alternatif #253 - Edito et sommaire
Thu Oct 19 07:12:59 GMT 2017

page 3 édito ---- social ---- page 4-5 La bourgeoisie à l'offensive comme jamais ---- page 6 Naissance ou pas d'un nouveau mouvement social ---- page 7 Bure: convergence des luttes et répression ---- page 8-9 Lille: l'état d'urgence contre le droit de manifester ---- page 10 Poitiers: la répression de la mobilisation contre la loi travail ---- page 11 NDDL: la lutte anti aéroport déborde ---- page 24 qui sommes-nous ---- éducation ---- page 13-14 Ecoles élémentaires, le cynisme à l'oeuvre ---- page 14-15 Rentrée 2017 dans un collège ---- page 16 à 17 big brother ---- page 18 L'économie en brèves ---- malbouffe ---- page 19-20 L'oeuf, le friponil et les filous ---- page 21 vertement écolo ---- débat ---- page 22-24 La fabrique du musulman - La racialisation de la question sociale - Nedjib Sidi Moussa ---- Notre mémoire: la révolution russe a 100 ans (7) ...

(en) US, black rose fed - Rochester: FASCISM IN TRUMP'S AMERICA
Thu Oct 19 07:12:05 GMT 2017

"‘Fascism' has become a kind of a scare word. But many of the aspects of fascism are not far below the surface.... So, fascist-type structures without the crematoria, which is not a core, necessary part of fascism. It could happen." - Noam Chomsky ---- The 2016 election and subsequent political tire-fire has gotten people talking about fascism. Is Trump a fascist? Is the GOP turning into the Nazis? Just how afraid should we be? ---- The word fascism has become a generic term for far-right politics, authoritarianism, genocide, and for evil in general. Sometimes it's hard to pin down exactly what fascism is because it's not a coherent ideology. There are several common themes, such as nationalism, authoritarianism, propaganda, war, patriarchy, racism, and theocracy. Truth doesn't matter to them. Might makes right. ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - Hunting at HRD (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]
Thu Oct 19 07:11:46 GMT 2017

The HR of the CAC 40 companies invited the Minister of Labor Muriel Pénicaud, October 12, to come to their decrypt and comment on the reform of the Labor Code, the Pré Catelan, a three-star restaurant of the 15 th arrondissement of Paris. Intellectuals, artists and trade unionists propose to invite themselves en masse " not to suffer the future they prepare for us ". ---- When the HRDs of the CAC 40 companies gueulet together, it is evidently at Pré Catelan, in full XVI th arrondissement, in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne. When they celebrate one of their own, it is obviously Muriel Pénicaud, the " HRD of the company France " - as they say - that which overthrows the table of all conservatism with its petrifying Labor Act 2.

(ca) cnt valladolid es: En marcha en Traspinedo la IV Carrera Popular contra el paro
Thu Oct 19 07:11:16 GMT 2017

#CarreraContraElParo - La Solidaridad es el único camino ---- Otro año más CNT organiza la Carrera Popular contra el paro en el municipio vallisoletano de Traspinedo. Esta vez el recorrido transcurrirá por el casco urbano del pueblo y una pequeña parte por los alrededores recuperando la marcha por las bodegas. Es un trayecto en cuesta que hace más emocionante la carrera para quienes compiten. ---- La carrera ha contado siempre con una alta participación, ya que no es solamente competitiva sino que también se hace un recorrido en marcha para todas las personas de todas las edades solidarias que quieran aportar su granito de arena en la lucha contra el paro, y que en vez de correr hacen una marcha por el pueblo. ---- Al final del evento tendrá lugar una chocolatada casi simultánea con la entrega de premios para las personas más rápidas de las distintas ...

(ca) grupo via libre: Movilización Jornadas de la Indignación Octubre 12 de 2017
Thu Oct 19 07:11:06 GMT 2017

*Mira la galería de fotos al final del articulo ---- El pasado jueves 12 de octubre de 2017, Vía Libre participó en la principal de las movilizaciones organizadas en medio de la Jornada Nacional de la Indignación, en la ciudad de Bogotá, dentro de la pequeña pero activa columna liderado por la Coalición de Movimientos y Organizaciones Sociales de Colombia (Comosoc), la organización campesina ASOCAMPO y la articulación socio-política Otra Democracia es Posible. ---- Esta jornada, convocada por la Cumbre Agraria, Campesina, Étnica y Popular en el plano rural, el Comando Nacional Unitario en el plano sindical y la Coordinadora de Organizaciones Sociales a nivel urbano, se presentaba como actividad central del día nacional de la resistencia indígena y el inicio de una nueva semana de la indignación de los movimientos populares. La misma exigía el cumplimiento de los acuerdos ...

(ca) cgt.org.es: RNtv 25. Inmigración y Refugio
Thu Oct 19 07:10:48 GMT 2017

Empieza la temporada de Rojo y Negro Debate, en esta ocasión queremos hablar de inmigración, de las refugiadas que están a las puertas de Europa y de como se ejerce la represión sobre ellas, bien no dejándolas entrar y hacinándolas en campos de concentración, bien asesinándolas o hiriéndolas en las vallas. Además, muchas de las que consiguen entrar son recluidas de nuevo dentro de nuestras fronteras. ¿Hablamos de ello?
?NTV ---- Nos acompañan: ---- Nino Trillo, miembro de la Red Solidaria de Acogida y abogado Jesús Salido, de CGT Zaragoza y activista en la Caravana Abriendo Fronteras
Francesca Ricciardi, abogada y militante en Ecologistas en Acción
Presenta: Jorge del Olmo @SandokRN

(tr) DAF, Meydan #40: Röportaj: Kosta Rika'da Özgür Bir Durak A de Libertad
Thu Oct 19 06:22:19 GMT 2017

Kosta Rika'da 2016 yılında kurulmuş bir kolektif A de Libertad. Paylaşma dayanışma kültürü ve anarşist hareket arasında önemli bir bağı, San José'de, kolektifin mekanında somutlaştırmış. Toplumsal ilişkileri dönüştürmeyi kendine ilke edinen ve bunun anarşizmle ilişkisini açıkça vurgulamaktan kaçınmayan A de Libertad ile yaptığımız röportajı sizlerle paylaşıyoruz. ---- Meydan: A de Libertad'ın başlangıç süreci ve kurulma amacından bahseder misiniz? ---- 2016 yılındaki 1 Mayıs eylemlerinden sonra yapılan bir toplantıyla başladı süreç. Önce niyet sadece bir gazete oluşturmaktı. Sonrasında, farklı anarşist yapıları içerisinde bulunduran federasyona döndü bu fikir. Bir mekan üzerinden ve birkaç kişiyle başlayan pratik, tartışmalarda gözden kaçırdığımız alandı. Somut olarak işleyen kolektif, bu tartışmaların ulaştığı son nokta. ...

(tr) sosyal savas: Exarchia'da Alexis ve Berkin'in yanına Vatan da katıldı (Atina)
Thu Oct 19 06:22:10 GMT 2017

Katledildiğinde Alexis'in tişörtünü giyen Vatan'ı türkiyeli anarşist yoldaşları unutmadı.
Atina'nın anarşistler tarafından kurtarılmış mahallesi Exarchia'da bulunan Alexis ve Berkin duvarına 20 Temmuz 2015'te Suruç'ta kaybettiğimiz anarşist yoldaş Vatan Budak'ın da fotoğrafı asıldı.
Devlete ve faşizme karşı uluslararası savaşta düşen yoldaşlar asla unutulmayacak!

Anarşist Gruplar Koordinasyonu


(pt) [Rússia] Protesto em embaixada bielorrussa de Moscou pede libertação de anarquista detido By A.N.A.
Thu Oct 19 06:21:55 GMT 2017

Em Moscou são proibidas manifestações sem autorização prévia da Prefeitura, portanto ativistas usam a tática de protestos solitários (quando somente uma pessoa fica com um cartaz protestando, e depois reveza com outra pessoa; pela lei russa, o protesto solitário não é considerado manifestação). ---- Professor do Departamento de Filosofia da Universidade de Pedagogia de Moscou, Riabov foi preso em Baranóvitchi (cidade bielorrussa), acusado de vandalismo e sentenciado pelas autoridades, no último dia 11, a seis dias de prisão. Desde então ele iniciou uma greve de fome em protesto. ---- Piotr Riabov é um reconhecido pesquisador da filosofia anarquista, autor de vários livros e artigos. Ele participa ativamente da divulgação das ideias anarquistas, realizando palestras de história e de filosofia. Nesta oportunidade, ele viajou à Bielorrússia para ...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL September 2017 - Notre-Dame-des-Landes: que futuro da ZAD ? (en, it, fr) [traduccion automatica]
Thu Oct 19 06:21:47 GMT 2017

O novo governo herdou a espinhosa questão de construir o novo aeroporto no oeste. Desde o início de junho, três mediadores foram nomeados para encontrar uma " solução ". Eles vão fazer o seu relatório o mais tardar até 1 st de dezembro. A luta e as experiências que engendra não aguardam para continuar seu caminho. ---- Como a cada ano, no início de julho, havia uma grande reunião de opositores e opositores do projeto do aeroporto em Notre-Dame-des-Landes. Mais de 20 mil pessoas participaram dos debates e concertos em uma atmosfera especial este ano. De fato, a mediação iniciada pelo governo de Macron sugere que o abandono do projeto está mais que nunca na agenda. ---- Mesmo que seja necessário permanecer mais do que suspeito, é claro que a configuração da mediação é peculiar com dois dos três mediadores que se opõem ao projeto, dos eleitos na marcha que declararam ...

(it) France, Alternative Libertaire - Qual è l'uso della scuola ? il 13 octobtre a Fougères da AL Fougères (en, fr, pt) [traduzione automatica]
Thu Oct 19 06:21:18 GMT 2017

L'osservazione che si può fare è che la scuola genera spesso malessere e crea forti disuguaglianze. Alcune competenze sono valutate a scapito di altri ritenuti inutili o meno importanti, le prestazioni e la concorrenza sono incoraggiate e il ritmo imposto è supportato. ---- Dopo una prima riunione sulla pedagogia Freinet Alternative Libertaire felci vi invita a: ---- Venerdì 13 ottobre alle 19:30 ---- Uccelli della tempesta ---- 14 rue de la Pinterie in fougères ---- Sera: nuova educazione, un vecchio movimento per un'infanzia libera e una società migliore ! ---- Durante questa serata proponiamo una proiezione-dibattito su un film documentario su una parte della storia, nel periodo inter-guerra, del cosiddetto nuovo movimento educativo in Europa. un'occasione per conoscere le origini delle pedagogie alternative. ...

(fr) anars56: Communiqué du "Collectif contre Bayer-Monsanto Lorient"
Thu Oct 19 06:21:06 GMT 2017

Devant le recul brutal du gouvernement face à l'utilisation du glyphosate, nous, le collectif contre Monsanto Lorient, lançons un appel à mobilisation dans toutes les grandes villes de France samedi 14 octobre 2017. ---- Car cette annonce nous présage un avenir des plus funestes pour nous-mêmes, nos enfants, nos petits-enfants, et la nature dans sa globalité et son intégralité. ---- Nous lançons ce samedi 7 octobre, au coeur du marché principal de Lorient ainsi que sur la place du centre-ville, une action de diffusion de tracts, afin d'appeler à la mobilisation du plus grand nombre pour le samedi 14 octobre. ---- Merci de communiquer cet appel à toutes les villes qui ont manifesté contre Monsanto au mois de mai, afin de créer un mouvement national à cette date. La population doit prendre conscience de la puissance de ce poison, au moment où les États Généraux de ...

(fr) France, Alternative Libertaire AL September - Documentaire: I'm not your negro (en, it, pt)
Thu Oct 19 06:20:48 GMT 2017

I'm not your Negro» («Je ne suis pas votre nègre»), cette phrase de James Baldwin donne son titre au film documentaire du réalisateur haïtien Raoul Peck qui lui est consacré. Et Baldwin poursuit: «La plupart des Blancs que je croise ne sont pas racistes. Mais ils doivent se demander pourquoi ils ont besoin d'avoir un nègre.» C'est là tout l'enjeu de l'oeuvre de Baldwin, auteur afro-américain ayant participé de près au mouvement pour les droits civiques: explorer les tensions raciales ainsi que les non-dits qui parcourent la société états-unienne et empêchent de réfléchir à une réelle émancipation collective. Peck entreprend de nous faire partager cette pensée fulgurante sans commentaires mais simplement en mettant en images les mots de Baldwin.

Thu Oct 19 06:20:26 GMT 2017

It was a chilly Thursday evening around 10pm when the reports started circulating on social media that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had kidnapped a family of undocumented people in Geneseo, right on the campus. Students confronted ICE, capturing the encounter on video, and news reached networks of organizers and activists in Rochester. Intel was vague, but an emergency rally was called at the Border Patrol Station in Irondequoit. ---- A crowd quickly gathered, then grew. As the protesters grew in number, the police presence became stronger. A large group of students drove in from Geneseo, and immediately got to work raising money for the families. A lone red and black flag flapped in the cold wind as chants of "Cops and borders, we don't need em! What we want is total freedom!" rose from the mob. ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL September - Venezuela: " Boligarchy " chavist against pro-Washington oligarchy (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]
Thu Oct 19 06:20:07 GMT 2017

While the reactionary right is threatening, the caste to power seems to hold only through institutional fraud and repression. The melting of its popular base sign disillusionment vis-à-vis the nickname " socialism of the XXI th century." ---- While the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) is clinging to presidential power behind the heir of Hugo Chavez, Nicolás Maduro, the right-wing opposition, led by the Mesa de Unidad Democratica's (MUD, " Platform for democratic unit "), has been, since December 2015, a majority in the National Assembly. To short-circuit the latter, the PSUV first tried to replace it with the Supreme Court - unsuccessfully - and then elected a Constituent Assembly according to a method of voting, guaranteeing a large majority. These successive blows of force excited the demonstrations against the PSUV, violently repressed by the police. ...

(de) ag-freiburg: Polonaise im Pool - Freiburgs epischer Fehltritt in Sachen Gedenkkultur
Thu Oct 19 06:19:52 GMT 2017

Wenn eins im Freiburger Sommerloch Thema war, dann die Neugestaltung des Platzes des alten Synagoge. Zurecht steht der Platz in der Kritik, es wurde sowohl lokal als auch überregional darüber berichtet. Besonders der Gedenkbrunnen, der an die in der Reichpogromnacht am 9.11.1938 zerstörte Synagoge erinnern soll, war hierbei Stein des Anstoßes: Die Zweckentfremdung als Plantschbecken, die Ästhetisierung der Erinnerung an den Holocaust und fehlende Informationstafeln waren nur einige der Kritikpunkte, die an dem Bauwerk geäußert wurden. Das Recht auf Stadt Netzwerk hat dazu einen Artikel zur Neugestaltung des Platzes und zur Gedenkkultur in Freiburg veröffentlicht.

(de) A-Radio Berlin Ein Kommentar zu linksunten indymedia, dem Rechtsruck und der Extremismustheorie
Thu Oct 19 06:19:31 GMT 2017

Liebe alle, ---- linksunten indymedia ist nicht vergessen! Das Verbot ist eingebettet in die aktuelle Entwicklung in der Bundesrepublik mit einer erstarkenden Rechten und bürgerlichen Parteien, die mit allen (verfehlten) Mitteln und sinnlosen Theoriegbäuden versuchen, Oberwasser zu behalten. Um diesen Kontext des linksunten-Verbots geht es in unserem Kommentar. ---- Das Audio findet ihr hier: ---- http://aradio.blogsport.de/2017/10/14/ein-kommentar-zu-linksunten-indymedia-dem-rechtsruck-und-der-extremismustheorie/ ---- Länge: 10:45 min ---- All unsere monatlichen Podcasts auf einem Blick findet ihr übrigens
hier: http://aradio.blogsport.de/libertaerer-podcast/. Den letzten ---- Monatsrückblick zum Monat September hier: ---- http://aradio.blogsport.de/2017/10/05/libertaerer-podcast-septemberrueckblick-2017/. ---- ...

(de) FDA-IFA Gai Dào N°82 - Nachrichten aus den Lokalgruppen der Föde­ ration deutschsprachiger Anarchist*innen
Thu Oct 19 06:19:23 GMT 2017

Berlin ---- # Das Anarchistische Kollektiv Glitzerkatapult (AKG) war beim "Open Air for Open Minds" mit einem Infotisch zu Gast. ---- # Und auch beim "Suppe und Mucke"-Straßenfest war das AKG mit einem Infotisch präsent. ---- # Im Rahmen einer Veranstaltungsreihe zum Thema Lookismus (Diskriminierung aufgrund von Aussehen) zeigte das AKG den Film "Embrace", eine Dokumentation über Körperbilder und Schönheitsnormen aus dem Jahr 2016. ---- # Das Anarchistische Radio Berlin (A-Radio Berlin) veröffentlichte ein Interview mit einer Person vom "What the Fuck?!"-Bündnis, welches gegen den Aufmarsch christlicher Fundamentalist*innen Mitte September in Berlin mobilisierte. ---- # Zum Anti-Braunkohle-Widerstand im Hambacher Forst gab es ebenfalls vom A-Radio Berlin ein Interview mit Aktivist*innen. Im Gespräch ging es um das aktuelle Geschehen, den Alltag im ...

(ca) federacion anarquista local de valdivia Acracia N°70 - CRIFA Y FORO ANARQUISTA DE BRASIL Nota de un compañero de la FAI (Iberica).
Thu Oct 19 06:19:05 GMT 2017

Organizado por la Iniciativa Federalista Anarquista de Brasil (IFA-Br), con el apoyo de la propia Internacional de Federaciones anarquistas (IFA), a la que pertenecen, se celebró en Campinas la primera reunión de la CRIFA (Comisión de Relaciones de la IFA) que tiene lugar en Latinoamérica, y el III Foro General Anarquista (FGA) de Brasil. ---- Los días 14 y 15 de junio, en un excelente ambiente fraterno, con la participación de todas las Federaciones que actualmente integran la Internacional en Latinoamérica y varias más llegadas desde Europa, se desarrollaron los trabajos y deliberaciones propios de las CRIFA pero con una característica especial: era la primera vez que se organizaba en Latinoamérica desde el nacimiento de la IFA y tuvieron una especial relevancia los temas que le eran propios. También reuniones específicas de las Federaciones latinoamericanas ...

(ca) gargantas-libertarias - (VIDEOS) Conversatorio: "Constituyente, extractivismo y recolonización Indígena"
Thu Oct 19 06:18:45 GMT 2017

A propósito del día de la Resistencia Indígena, compartimos el registro audiovisual del foro realizado el pasado 22 de Septiembre día en que se realizó la "Movilización Amazónica Internacional" ---- En este conversatorio diversxs ponentes, activistas y especializadxs en diferentes áreas de investigación dieron a conocer las realidades que atraviesan actualmente nuestros pueblos indígenas en Venezuela, con la urgente necesidad de desmontar la actual Constituyente, fuertemente influenciada por el pensamiento del "intelectual" Luis Brito García cuya tendencia es cláramente neoliberal, eurocentrista, colonizadora y pro extractivista, expuesta descaradamente en artículos de su blog personal , donde justifica la invisibilización de nuestros pueblos indígenas, sataniza su autonomía, criminaliza el desarrollo de distintos activismos, vanagloria al estado-gobierno como si ...

(en) Indonezia, Federasi Mahasiswa Libertarian Salatiga: National Congress calls [machine translation]
Wed Oct 18 10:27:15 GMT 2017

STUDENT FEDERATION OF LIBERTARIAN SALATIGA · THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017 ---- Departure from the passionate desire to restore the damaged and unjust social order, and how disappointed it is to see people compromise with the situation, we are now witnessing a significant rise of young intellectuals in college that began to embrace the idea of libertarian socialism. It arises from the results of repeated reflections on the failure of the authoritarian and unethical orthodox leftist revolutionary project. ---- Many of us are cornered, aloof, feel little and walk in no direction, but with little hope, conducting individualized organizational arrangements as long as they do not violate our principles: freedom, equality, interdependence, cooperation, mutual support, and solidarity. The revolution was created spontaneously, but the revolution was unlikely to succeed in ...

(en) Britain, freedom news: Manchester anarchists announce December bookfair
Wed Oct 18 09:07:57 GMT 2017

One last anarchist bookfair has been announced for 2017 with the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday December 2nd. ---- The event, which is being sponsored by well-loved absurdist libertarian publication The Cunningham Amendment, is taking advantage of new digs available at radical social centre Partisan, located at 19 Cheetham Hill Road, M4 4FY not far from Victoria Station and Manchester Arena. ---- It's early doors for bookings, but 15 stalls have been announced so far and the bookfair, which will be running 11am-6pm, will be followed by an after party at the same venue. ---- The Manchester Anarchist Bookfair is one of the longest-running in Britain, having been founded 16 years ago at the premises of environmental charity project MERCi in Beswick, east Manchester and supporters maintain a wonderful archive of posters related to previous bookfairs here. ...

(en) Czech, afed: Belarus: The condemned anarchist Petr Rjabov holds a hunger strike (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]
Wed Oct 18 09:07:41 GMT 2017

Russian philosopher and historian Petr Rjabov was arrested and sentenced during a visit to Belarus where he had lectures on anarchism. ---- On Wednesday, Oct. 11, the city court in the Belarusian town of Baranovich awarded a verdict over Russian anarchist Petra Rjabov. The Moscow philosopher-anarchist, historian, associate professor at the Moscow City Pedagogical University's philosophy department, was given six days for violating public order, or a tiny disorder that he was about to commit to "spreading extremist materials." The Belarusian anarchist magazine Svoboda or Death , namely issue 6 of 2007, was named for you . The real reason for the punishment was obviously Rjabov's lecture on the anarchist movement in Baranovichi. Rjabov was arrested on October 11 at the Baranovichi railway station from where he wanted to go to Moscow. ...


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