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(fr) Greece, Liberian Union of Thessalonica ese: The dead workers of our class and the profits of the bosses and the state By ANA (ca, en, it, pt) [Traduction automatique]

Date Sat, 23 Sep 2017 09:08:54 +0300

The dead workers of our class do not come only from the construction and food sectors, where there were many deadly "accidents" last winter. This summer, on account of millions of euros of the profits of the bosses, only in the tourist sector, we had dead in all the sectors of work. Cleaners, foresters, truck drivers, airport employees, forklift workers, as well as workers in ports were some of the cases of workers who never returned home, or who lost 300 or 600 euros for their lives in ditches, streets , airports, ports, factories and mines. ---- In capitalism all workers are recyclable figures, whether in periods of economic "crisis" or "development". In the economic crisis the bosses use the pretext of "reduced" profits and besides cutting wages they eliminate any security measures that may exist. In the coveted development, for them, the increase in profits is above any possibility of ensuring security measures for workers.

Companies do not even think about explaining all this, and their supposed "deep sadness" is less than the cost of security measures for workers.

We do not risk our lives for any boss and no development. We claim with dignity and combativeness our workers' interests. Memory and anger for the dead of our class.

Liberian Union of Thessaloniki

The text in Greek:

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