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(en) Greece: Collective attitude for the 6th conference of APO by libertarian communism Libertatia [machine translation]

Date Fri, 26 Feb 2021 09:10:18 +0200

Political situation analysis ---- If for some the first lockdown left doubts about the perception of the stateon the pandemic, today class faults have emerged in such an obvious waywhich are impossible to ignore. When the uncontrolled opening of tourism and aidof the police fleet are priorities to the detriment of the most inadequatehealth system we have a typical example where capitalism proveshis commitment to cedar and maintaining his dominance over the humanof life. More specifically, towards the lives of the oppressed. The Greek state, in oneorgy of shamelessness and overtly serving interests, he chose not to do eitherhalf the move to tackle the pandemic effectively, not even the superficial onecover his image. Relying on media tricks, he distributed funds tomajor players, literally exploited the health workers to the death and rushedto drain down to the last drop of blood of the workers. At the same time, withemergence (and consolidation) of the narrative of individual responsibility, which comes toto justify the government's inaction, both its control and its repression increasestate to society.

To this picture is added the opportunity presented againrestructuring the system to as neoliberal as possibleimplementation, with the agenda including increasing control and repression andbending of resistors. Under the pretext of the extraordinary nature of the treaty, new ones are being builtbases for the exploitation and subjugation of the whole range ofoppressed. From the plunder of the natural world, the intensification of labor, thestrengthening the nationalist narrative to the point of denigrating the social andclass resistance. As in the previous lockdown, the state proceeded - andhe is still in the process of passing laws that were his effortsGreek capital for years. The first typical example is the bill for herdemonstrations, which found fertile ground for voting amid the inaction they causedmeasures to prevent the virus and eventually attempt to implement it again withpretext of the pandemic. The anti-labor bill is also included in this directionVroutsi, which is intended to change labor and trade union rights withlegalization of 10-hour work without overtime pay and criminalizationstrike, but also of any trade union action. In conjunction with the bankruptCode, which institutionalizes -among other things- the abolition of first home protection and thenon-payment of compensation to employees by bankrupt companies, this isanother blow to the Plebian strata. Not only that, they are additionally removedrights by employees, but they are now deprived of the inalienable right tohousing. The new bankruptcy code is another obvious contradiction of the sloganof the government "We stay home, we stay safe".

In the case of the forthcoming education bill, these desiresexpressed for decades. With universities closed and students missing out on

To a large extent from the cities where they study, the state puts forward a planroller, which is a cut in education since the post-colonial era.

It depicts a dystopian university space, fully subordinated to its requirementscapital, in relation to the state policy of discipline and subordination of the socialbase. Fearing the resistance that the student movements have produced, the stateaims to intimidate students and eliminate trade unionism in schools.
If these aspirations are voted on and implemented, we will be called upon to face onetotal restructuring of the Greek university into unprecedentedly conservative andfree bases. It is also worth noting at this point of their fair fightsstudents to claim the obvious: measures to protect health (measures thatnot in favor of the government) and opposition to the previous secondary education billeducation. The mass squatting movement across the country accepted relentless repression bya system that is not ashamed to arrest and intimidate minors.

One of the strongest blows that the Plebian layers shouldface for the coming years is the consequent financial crisis that willaccompany capitalist drunkenness and murderous state management. It is already obviousin all and all the overall deterioration of the living standards of the affected groups, withunemployment preparing to reach new heights. At the same time, the situation for thoseare on the margins of the state gaze continues to deteriorate to new levelsinhumanity. Immigrants, prisoners, the homeless, in the midst of a pandemicthey see their already undervalued life being degraded even more. The treatment ofdetainees, as in the case of D. Koufontinas, reveals their treatment asexpendable population. It is also part of a wider attack on their rightsprisoners and the murderous management of the state in the midst of the pandemic. It hasresulting in an increase in cases and even the death of prisoners, but also thedeprivation of basic rights, such as the possibility of licensing through the newbill. Living conditions in the Kara Tepe concentration camp providetypical evidence of the state's ability to impoverish without mercy.
Here come to add the cases of racist attacks, with the mostrecent to take place in Oreokastro, with child victims. As we already knew,so even now we have to remind ourselves and society that, unfortunately,As long as there is a state, there will be fascism. Despite the completion of the ATHEX trial, thevigilance and the strengthening of the anti-fascist movement must not be diminished. In addition,specifically for 2021, the celebrations and holidays on the occasion of the 200th anniversary ofrevolution is expected to give a new step to national rhetoric. The deposit of oursanalysis is not only useful but also necessary.

The consequences of public administration and its increase are also importantsexist violence, with studies proving the expected. In a more general context, theconditions of confinement and teleworking create a suffocating environment for themworking mothers, enhancing the already burdensome selective burden-sharing.We must not forget that female oppression has its roots within the structure itselfof the state and is another form of exploitation that must be addressed withinfrom the overall struggle against all forms of power and exploitation.

Globally, although management seems to vary superficially, a common onecomponent joins the cases: the state and capital are aggressively trying tooccupy as much space as they can claim and as much space as is given to them. THEincreasing repression and fast track passing reactionary bills is onereality common. In this context, the uprisings andthe struggles that break out from below, such as in France, Argentina, the USA. Its worth toIt should be noted that even in poorer countries there is resistance, but its natureinformation and the lack of contacts does not allow us, for the time being, to formulate clearlyimage (eg India).
As in the rest of the world, so in Greece, his effort is typicalstate to weaken and uproot every social and class struggle. In the field ofrepression, the priorities of sovereignty are clear and the goal is twofold. On the one handthey want to put the movement in retreat, occupying as many forts as possiblethey can, on the other hand, try to impose themselves to such an extent as to limitas a precaution any insurgent prospect may follow its endpandemic.
In the gloom of the day, the emerging social and class structures give hopesolidarity, proving once again, as in previous historical onesperiods of crisis, how useful, necessary and important their mutual support isoppressed. Respectively, the ongoing, as it seems, invasion of the state oppositein every conquest, labor rights and class resistance must encounter strugglesand embankments. We already know that we are called and we have to take a position there.
At this point, once again, we find ourselves confirmingour participation in an organizational structure greater than our collectivity. Inside themadverse conditions, with the state holding the largest share of their initiativemovements, the only element we believe can provide adequate and consistentresistance is the organization. At the risk of sounding graphic, only one movementorganized and with clear targeting and navigation can provide the necessary yeastfor the struggles that will inevitably come.
In closing, we would like to briefly mention her particular strugglerebuilding our occupation. Three years later, stubbornly and against everyoneviciousness, the repair of the building continues and in fact has to show a significantwin. The installation of the roof, in addition to the technical benefits, strengthens it moreour presence there and leads the roots of the struggle even deeper into the soil. Like we havementions in the past, this is a case of the whole movement. Inside the generalizedcondition of repressive mania, with so many squats evacuated, we believe that therebuilding Libertatia can send a strong message against fascist violenceand state attacks. We, for our part, will continue as we didlast years with our morale strong and our hammers ready.

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