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(en) Greece, Announcement of the Thessaloniki Local Coordination of the Anarchist Political Organization [APO] [machine translation]

Date Mon, 30 Nov 2020 09:47:53 +0200

"It is not us who return to the past, but the past that threatens to come back to us." ---- Georges Bernanos, "Munich" Le Chemin de la Croix-des-Ames, 1942 ---- The political staff that currently serves the capital controlling the state administration and more specifically the head of the Ministry of Civil Protection, M. Chrysochoidis tried several days before November 17 to set a political trap in the forces of the revolutionary movement for reasons which will touch below. The objective of this choice was to create a condition in which power and government would emerge victorious in any turn of political developments. The basis of the "trapping" was the protest ten days before the anniversary of the Technical University of the Minister for a complete ban on established demonstrations.

The government staff, having lost control at all levels and especially on the front of the pandemic, is trying to turn the loss into a profit, permanently bringing forward the police, which is currently its most loyal ally and at the same time a decisive political player for its mobilization. part of the far-right base of the ruling party. At the same time, it is exhausting the possibilities of repressive intervention, wishing to consolidate new negative data in the confrontation with the contestants, taking advantage of the health crisis brought about by the dangerous pandemic and its equally dangerous policy. If the organized revolutionary movement did not raise the glove of confrontation then the government could occupy the entire public space undisturbed with the army of the repressive forces,

At the same time, the planning for the occupation of the cities by the police army is in any case a pre-general of the strategic implementation of the "preventive counter-insurgency", which is a firm doctrine from now on of the state power mechanism. The rapid and great weakening of social legitimacy vis-.-Vis the government but also state arbitrariness and authoritarianism in general, has created permanent conditions of emergency for the oppressors. On the other hand,

This plan failed miserably. Not one of their (increasingly declining) lobotomized voters was convinced of this misery. And this is due to the exemplary, responsible and competitive attitude of the fighters. The government's plan was thrown in the trash by the movement's action. Instead of crushing those who broke the vulgar and persuasive junta ban that was applied exclusively for the four days from November 15 to 18, they came out even stronger, more powerful and more consistent in the eyes of the oppressed and the exploited. Because they were represented by the comrades who took to the streets on November 17, because only their opinion matters to us - and no one else.

The universal ban itself may have created a suffocating siege for those who wished to break it, but at the same time it demonstrated in broad layers to all progressive people the horrific instrumentalization of the pandemic by the human beings who manage the fortunes and lives of people of social base. . The arrest of several dozen anarchists who tried to occupy the Polytechnic and the Polytechnic in Athens, the arrests of leftists and the calls for apologies of militants throughout the territory, the set up of prosecutorial interventions against ENITH doctors and other actions that unfolded they came to prove on their own the hypocrisy of state management to anyone who had the slightest intention of perceiving it.

This time, forces of both the parliamentary and the extra-parliamentary Left also appeared. In our opinion, their appearance based on previous experiences (eg Makedoniko or even recently in gatherings in Patras) was not self-evident and there were oscillations in relation to their final attitude, which also stemmed from their timeless legal attitude. But if the leftists at the end of the conversation were not left with other options, the same would not be true for the KKE. On the one hand the intensity of the ban by the government and on the other the pressure of the revolutionary space and the anarchists, who had already expressed their intentions (breaking the ban) but also some of their moves (occupation of the Polytechnic) played a role in the mobilization. the forces of a number of political actors.

The KKE, after first dealing with the shielding of its position in the bourgeoisie, protected its ears and avoided isolation, co-signing for the first time a joint text with the SYRIZA orthodoxists (it was preceded at the end of October of Tsipras vs. Stournara) -while he was even looking forward to his signing by KIN.AL. who refused - and could more comfortably make the "avant-garde of movements" for a day. SYRIZA reiterated in practice its deeply bourgeois nature, reflecting in its refusal to participate in a demonstration its view of who it considers to represent. At the same time, taking the opposite path from the KKE, he seized the opportunity presented to him -through the co-signing of the common text- to turn left for one day. While Varoufakis chose to make the old SYRIZA of 3%, fortunately failed. The chrysanthemums of the common bum Chrysochoidis in Sakorafa and the conduct of a "preliminary examination" against the party leaders simply show that they are immoderate bastards.

Throughout the country, the anarchist movement fought a hard battle and, despite the losses that logically result in real conditions of total confrontation, won it. Nowhere could there be even half a propaganda image of overcrowding and lack of measures, on the basis of which the spokesmen of the authorities would try to disorient the social body. On the contrary, the role of state administration in the spread of the pandemic emerged even on this day, with the "gathering" of thousands and thousands of police officers and the suffocating conditions that were created in many cases after their intervention. Even in these two-legged puppets of the Greek Police, their expendable nature did not go unnoticed, as well as their bosses, but their structural stupidity and their non-negotiable fascism, It allows them to carry out their criminal duties with joy and appetite. Another element that we must touch on is the role of the anarchists in this critical turning point of the confrontation with the state. The forces of the anarchists, and in fact to a certain extent organized, all over Greece, and especially in the periphery, were the ones who mainly raised their gloves and defended people and meanings.

Banner of APO at the main gate of the Polytechnic in Athens.
From Xanthi, Ioannina, Patras, Karditsa to Heraklion, Rethymno and Chania, the anarchist movement played a leading role in organizing acts of disobedience. Everywhere with the common goal of claiming better conditions of care, providing food and housing for all, while honoring the dead fighters of the Polytechnic uprising and the dead of the Metapolitism. The role of the movement was extremely important, the movements found social effects and were, above all, a clear political response to modern totalitarianism. In any case, from the morning of November 17 until late in the afternoon, it was in any case a resounding response. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the government's crackdown on the anarchist movement, which continues unabated,

As the local coordination of APO in the city, we decided without hesitation that our dynamic presence on the road on November 17 is a one-way street. On November 9, we published a poster and a text with which we clarified our position once and for all: "At the Polytechnic, the anarchists will be present, not because of some ideological whim, but because if we do not ensure today that the oppressed will be able to resist their executioners , then we are already dead! "

Our decision was to support the call of the focus students of SOFETH and at the same time our organized participation in any central movement to break the ban. The exemplary struggle of the students of SOFETH was the only process that was able to set a peak in the gloomy environment of quarantine and at the same time the only organized and real student mobilization during the days of the Polytechnic. After many days of occupying the hearth building and turning it into a struggle center, which the students defended against the police provocations and after symbolically occupying the AUTh rector's office, the contestants succeeded in (in any other self-evident) free application of the test for covid-19. But even then mockery was the rule, as an insufficient number of tests were sent for all interns. Equally important was the Association's decision to de facto turn a demand struggle into a purely political field with the call for a rally on November 17 and the breaking of the ban.

Banners and blocks of APO in the gathering that took place in the dormitories.
Thus, the Association of Focal Students of Thessaloniki, together with the solidarity groups who chose the centers as a point of manifestation of their disobedience to countless police forces, became the first social body to break the ban throughout the country. The cool attitude of the comrades towards the total confinement imposed by the police for 8 hours helped significantly, among other things, in facilitating the movement of further forces in the city center.

The breaking of the ban was manifested by a sudden gathering (Tsimiski & Hagia Sophia) of forces of anarchist and leftist organizations. Our decision to take an active part in this front as well is considered appropriate, as he threw his glove back at the state and raised the issue of dealing with an illegal demonstration. Looking back, and having seen the face of our city early in the morning, when hundreds of uniforms were unfolding everywhere in the absence of even passers-by, we really can not think of what city we would wake up to on the 18th if no one left their house at 17 We consider that after the rallies of Kamara and Propylaea in January 2018 against the fascist spirit of the national body, the rallies of November 17 are another historic milestone in the course of our movement, precisely those who turn the so-called "space" into something much bigger, much bigger, much more dangerous for power. During both the quarantine and in particular the preparation for November 17, we reaffirmed the usefulness of the Organization in the process of the struggle.

Banners and blocks of APO in the gathering in the city center.
During the police intervention to dissolve the concentration dozens were fined in the center (also in other places as far as we know) and the morning were also made dozens of arrests, six of them were turned into arrests. The three belong to different organizations of the Left and the other three are members of the APO, while another 3 members of the APO were brought in from the same place and fined. The three arrested, who were also fined € 300, were charged with disobedience and violating disease prevention measures, and after spending a night in detention, from where they were taken to court, passing the highway procedure, received a postponement and are awaiting appointment. of their trial.

Photo of comrades and competitors through the courtroom.
The movements of resistance, disobedience and counterattack do not exclusively concern the part of the organized forces, but at the moment they represent many more. With this in mind in the near future we will seek the necessary political and financial support from the oppressed, as well as seek as much interaction as possible with the people who want to participate in the struggle, which continues and will win. Long live Anarchy!



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