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(en) APO - The Zapatistas set sail for Europe! -- Sixth part: A MOUNTAIN SEA MOUNTAIN

Date Thu, 29 Oct 2020 09:30:46 +0200

ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE ILLEGAL REVOLUTIONARY CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE-GENERAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE ZAPATISTIC ARMY OF NATIONAL LIBERATION. ---- MEXICO. ---- October 5, 2020. ---- To the National Indigenous Congress-Indigenous Governing Council ---- Towards the Domestic and International Sixth ---- To the Resistance and Insurgency Networks ---- To the honest people who resist in every corner of the globe ---- Sisters, brothers,fraternities ---- Comrades, comrades andsyntrofoisses ---- We the Zapatistas, indigenous Mayan peoples, greet you and share with you what is in our collective thought, according to what we see, hear and feel. ---- First: - We see and hear a world sick in its social life, fragmented into millions of people, alienated from each other, absorbed in their struggle for individual survival, but united under the yoke of oppression by a system that is willing to do anything to to quench his thirst for profit, even when his path contradicts the very existence of planet Earth.

The malfunctioning of the system and the stupid defense of "progress" and "modernization" run into a criminal reality: themurders of women . The murder of women has neither color nor nationality, it is global. If it is absurd and outrageous for someone to be persecuted, disappeared, murdered for their skin color, race, culture or beliefs, it is impossible for the human mind to fit that being a woman is tantamount to a social sentence. exclusion and death.

Having an expected escalation (harassment, physical violence, mutilation and murder), with the guarantee of a structural impunity ("it was worth it", "he had a tattoo", "what did he do in that place at such a time?", "With these clothes what wait?»), the murders of women have no criminal logic other than systemic. Women from different geographies, social strata, races and ages, ranging from childhood to old age, gender is the only constant. The system is unable to explain why female genital mutilation is inextricably linked to its "development" and "progress". In the outrageous statistics of deaths, the more "developed" a society is, the greater the number of victims in this real gender war.

"Culture" seems to say to us indigenous peoples: "The proof of your underdevelopment lies in the low rates offemale homicide . Here, for you are thebig projects , the thermal power plants, the mines, the dams, the malls, the electrical stores - which also include TV channels. You have to learn to consume, to become like us. But to repay the debt of this progressive help that we offer you, your land, your water, your cultures, your dignity are not enough. "You have to include the lives of women."

Second: - We see and hear the mortally wounded nature, which in its psyche warns humanity that the worst is yet to come. Every "natural" catastrophe foretells the next and deliberately forgets that it is caused by the actions of a human system.

Death and destruction are no longer distant, they are not limited by borders, they do not respect customs and international conventions. Disaster in any corner of the world is affecting the entire planet.

Third: - We see and hear the powerful folding and resorting to the so-called Nation States and their walls. And in this incredible leap backwards, fascist nationalisms, ridiculous chauvinism and a deafening chatter are revived. We had warned of impending wars, those that feed on false, empty and false stories and translate ethnicities and races into superiors imposed by death and destruction. The quarrels between the rulers and their would-be successors in the various countries obscure the fact that the master, the ruler, the tyrant, is the same everywhere and has no other nationality than money. In the meantime, international organizations are weakening and end up being just names, like museum exhibits... or not even that.

In the darkness and confusion that precede these wars, we hear and see the attack, the siege and the persecution against every trace of creativity, intelligence and logic. Against critical thinking, the powerful demand, claim and impose their fanaticism. The death that they sow, cultivate and reap is not only natural, but involves the elimination of human universality itself - intelligence -, its evolution and its achievements. New occult currents, secular or not, are revived or created, disguised as cultural fashions orpseudosciences,while the subordination of the arts and sciences to political organizations is attempted.

Fourth: - The Covid 19 pandemic showed not only human vulnerability, but also the greed and stupidity of the various national governments and their supposed oppositions. They ignored the most basic measures of common sense, constantly betting on the short duration of the pandemic. As the pandemic spread, the numbers began to replace tragedies. Death has turned into a figure lost daily in the midst of scandals and statements, in a creepy contest between ridiculous nationalisms, where the average of hits and goals determines which team, or Nation, is the best or the worst.

As described in detail in one of the previous texts, in Zapatism we chose the prevention and implementation of health measures which were recommended to us by scientists who guided us and offered us, without hesitation, their help. The Zapatista people thank them and so we wanted to express it to them. After 6 months of application of these measures (masks or something similar, distance between people, cessation of contact with urban areas, 15-day quarantine for those who may have come in contact with cases, frequent washing with soap and water), We mourn the death of 3 comrades who had 2 or more symptoms associated with Covid 19 and had direct contact with cases.

Another 8 companions and a companion, who died during this time, had only one of the symptoms. Since we do not have a test, we assume that all 12 comrades died from the so-called Coronio (the advice of the sciences was to consider any respiratory difficulty as a symptom of Covid 19). We are responsible for these 12 absences. Neither the 4thTransformation[1], nor the opposition, nor the neoliberals, nor the neoconservatives, nor the chairos[2],nor the fifís[3], nor the conspiracies, nor the intrigues are responsible. We believe that we should have strengthened the precautionary measures to the fullest.

Today, with the absence of these 12 partners weighing on us, we are improving prevention measures in all communities, with the help of NGOs and scientists who, either individually or collectively, guide us to tackle a possible recurrence of the disease with greater vigor. . Tens of thousands of masks (specifically designed to prevent people from being infected by a potential carrier of the virus, at low cost, reusable and adaptable to specific conditions) have been distributed to all communities. Tens of thousands more are being built in guerrilla / isa factories and villages. The mass use of masks, the two-week quarantine for those who may be infected, the distance, the constant washing of hands and face with soap and water and the avoidance, if possible, of travel to cities,

The details of our strategy will be analyzed in due course. At the moment we are telling you, with life pulsating in our bodies, that, according to our estimates, (which may be wrong), the collective response to the threat, as a community, and not as an individual problem, and the The fact that efforts have focused mainly on prevention allows us to say, as Zapatista peoples, that we are here, resisting, living, struggling.

Today, all over the world, big business is trying to get people out on the streets again to take on their role as consumers again. Because he only cares about the problems of the Market: about the stalemate in the consumption of goods.

We have to take to the streets again, yes, but to fight. Because, as we have said before, life, the struggle for life, is not an individual issue but a collective one. Now we see that it is not even national, it is global.
We have heard and seen a lot about this, and we have thought about it a lot. But not only...

Fifth: - We hear and see the resistances and uprisings that, even if silenced or forgotten, remain decisive traces of a humanity that refuses to follow the system in its hasty step towards collapse: the fatal train of progress that is advancing, majestic and flawless , towards the cliff, with the train driver forgetting that he is just another employee and naively believing that he decides on the course, while all he does is walk trapped on the rails that lead to the abyss.

Resistances and uprisings that, without forgetting the tears for those who are missing, are stubbornly fighting for the most subversive - who knows what - exists in these worlds, divided into neoliberals and neoconservatives: life.

Resistances and uprisings that each perceive, according to their way, time and geography, that the solutions are not in the faith of the national governments, are not born protected by borders or wear different flags and languages.

Resistances and rebellions learning in our, the,Twizapatistas that solutions lie down in basements and corners of the world. Not in government palaces, not in the offices of big business.

Resistances and uprisings that show us that if the ones above break down the bridges and close the borders, all we have to do is cross the rivers and the seas to meet. That healing, if it exists, is universal, and has the color of the earth, of the work that lives and dies in its streets and neighborhoods, in the seas and skies, in the mountains and in its bowels. And, like the native corn, it has many colors, shades and sounds.
We see and hear all this, and so much more. We see and hear ourselves as we are: a number that does not count. Because life has no meaning, it does not sell, it is not news, it is not included in statistics, it does not compete in polls, it is not evaluated on social media, it does not represent any political capital, party flag or modern scandal. Who cares if a small, very small group of natives, that is, lives, struggles?

Because we finally live. Despite paramilitaries, pandemics,big programs , lies, slander and oblivion, we live. That is, we are fighting.

And that is what we intend to do: to continue to fight, that is, to continue to live. We think that, all these years, we have accepted the brotherly embrace of people from our country and the world. We think that if life here resists and flourishes, despite any difficulties, it is due to these people who defied distances, bureaucratic procedures, borders, and cultural and linguistic differences. We thank all those, those,those- but especially those - who challenged and defeated calendars and geographies.

In the mountains of southeastern Mexico, there was and will continue to be this ear in our hearts that listens to all the worlds of the earth. Their words and deeds were food for the resistance and the uprising, which is nothing but the continuation of the resistance and the uprisings of our ancestors.

People who walk the paths of science and the arts, have found a way to embrace and inspire us, even from a distance. Journalists, fifís or not, who used to reveal misery and death and always dignity and life. People of all professions and arts have been found and continue to be by our side, something that means a lot to us, maybe not so much to them.

These are the thoughts of our collective heart, and we believe that the time has come for us, the Zapatistas, to respond to the ear, the speech and the presence of these worlds. Near and far, geographically.

Sixth: - So we decided that:

It is time for hearts to dance again, but for their music and footsteps not to be sad and resigned.

Various Zapatista delegations from men, women andothersthat have the color of our earth, we will cross the world, we will walk and travel to the most distant lands, to the most distant seas and skies, seeking not separation, superiority, insult, of course not forgiveness and pity, but what makes us equal.

Not just the humanity that gives life to our different skins, our different ways, our different languages and colors. But above all, the common dream that, as a species, we share since we, in seemingly distant Africa, from the embrace of the first woman, began to take our first steps: the search for freedom that encouraged that first step... that continues to this day.

The first destination of this planetary journey will be the European continent.

We will sail to European land. We will set sail from the land of Mexico in April 2021.

After traveling to various corners of Europe from below and to the left, we will arrive in Madrid, the Spanish capital, on August 13, 2021, 500 years since the supposed conquest of what is today Mexico. And soon after we will continue on our way.

We will speak to the Spanish people. Not to threaten, scold, insult, or demand. Not to ask him to apologize to us. Not to serve him or to serve us.

But to tell him two simple things:

First: That they did not conquer us. That we continue to be in resistance and revolt.

Second: That they have no reason to ask us to forgive them. Let the games of the distant past stop justifying, with demagogy and hypocrisy, the present and ongoing crimes: the murders of social activists such as Brother Samir Flores Soberanes, the genocides behind thegrand plots , designed and carried out to satisfy the powerful - the same one who plagues every corner of the globe -, the financial support and impunity of the paramilitaries, the acquisition of consciences and dignity for 30 silver.[4]

We Zapatistas do NOT want to go back to this past, not alone, alone, alone,let alone with anyone who wants to sow his racist hatred and feed his outdated nationalism with the supposed greatness of an empire, the Aztecs, that developed with the blood of their fellows, and try to convince us that the indigenous peoples of this earth were defeated by its fall.

Neither the Spanish state nor the Catholic Church needs to apologize for anything. We will not cover the crooks who climb by stepping on our blood and try to hide that their hands are dirty with it.

Why should Spain apologize to us? Because she gave birth to a Cervantes, a José Espronceda, a León Felipe, a Federico García Lorca, a Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, a Miguel Hernández, a Pedro Salinas, an Antonio Machado, a Lope de Vega, a Bope de Varga, a Panudena Grand , Ana Belén, Sabina, Serrat, Ibáñez, Llach, Amparanoia, Miguel Ríos, Paco de Lucía, Víctor Manuel, Aute siempre, ???? Buñuel, Almodóvar, Agrado, Saura, Fernán Gómez, Fernando León, Bardem, ???? Dalí, Miró, Goya , Picasso, el Greco and Velázquez; Or for one of the best critical thoughts in the world, which bears the stamp of the libertarian"A"? Or for democracy, for exile, for the Mayan brother Gonzalo Guerrero?

Why should the Catholic Church apologize to us? For Bartolomé de las Casas, Don Samuel Ruiz García, Arturo Lona, Sergio Méndez Arceo, the sister Chapis? For the priests, the nuns and laity sisters, who walked on the side of the natives without guiding or substituting them. For those who risk their freedom and their lives to defend human rights?

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the Earth Color March we held with the brotherly peoples of the National Indigenous Congress, claiming a place in this country that is now collapsing.

20 years later we will travel and cross the planet to tell him that this world that exists in our collective heart, has room for all, for all, forall . Simply because this world will only be possible if all, everyonegathers together , fight to the build.

The majority of Zapatista delegations will be women. Not only because they want to reciprocate the embrace they received at previous international meetings, but mainly to make it clear to the Zapatista men: we are what we are, and we are not what we are not, thanks to them, because of them, and with them .

We call on the National Indigenous Congress-Indigenous Governing Council to set up a delegation to accompany us and thus, make our speech richer for the other who is fighting far away. In particular, we call on a delegation of peoples who hold high the name, image and blood of Brother Samir Flores Soberanes so that his pain, rage, struggle and resistance can go even further.

We invite those with an inclination, commitment and horizon to the arts and sciences to accompany, at a distance, our travels and steps, thus helping us to promote the idea that, in the arts and sciences, there is the possibility of not only its survival. humanity, but also a new world.

In conclusion: We are leaving for Europe in April 2021. Date and time? We do not know... yet.
Comrades, comrades,syntrofoisses

Sisters, brothers andfraternities

This is our commitment:

Opposite the strong trains, our canoes.

Opposite the thermal power plants, the flames that the women Zapatistas entrusted to the women who fight all over the world.

Opposite the walls and the borders, our collective voyage.

Opposite the big capital, our common field.

Facing the destruction of the planet, a mountain that travels unharmed.

We are Zapatistas, carriers of the virus of resistance and rebellion. And as such we will go to the 5 continents.

That's for now.

From the mountains of southeastern Mexico

In the name of women, men andothers[5] Zapatista

Rebel Deputy Commander Moisés

Mexico, October 2020.

?.?. - Yes, it is the sixth part and like the journey, it will follow the opposite course. That is, the next is the fifth part, after the fourth, then the third, the second and ends with the first.

[1] This is what the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, calls his government program, which is a continuation of the three previous ones in the history of the country: Independence, Reform and the Revolution of 1910.

[2] A term found on social media and used to discredit those who struggle. It means one who fights and defends revolutionary ideas without really committing oneself.

[3] Fifí. This is a term often used by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, especially during the daily morning press conferences, to discredit all those who criticize him. Mexicanism meaning bourgeois, salon, conservative.

[4] Andrés Manuel López Obrador has repeatedly demanded that the Spanish state and the Vatican apologize for the conquest and colonialism.

[5] Otroas in the text. Used to state a different sexual identity.

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