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(en) Greece, liberta salonica: March against migrant confinement and solidarity camps for immigrant women in Kamara. [machine translation]

Date Thu, 1 Oct 2020 13:08:01 +0300

Solidarity with immigrants. ---- To put an end to the "Europe-Fortress". ---- ...Warm hospitality ---- The reality experienced by refugees and immigrants in our country in all previous years is well known: travel in the waves or in the wild waters of Evros, (illegal) deportations from the port to the Aegean or the army in Evros but also from the various parastatal mechanisms that for years have been operating undisturbed, (illegal) deportations even from the urban centers by the uniformed fascists of EL.AS. months, lack of housing or accommodation in camps for the vast majority of those who manage to enter our country, lack of access to health care, reduced access to the obvious human right to asylum through a series of laws that have limited it again and again ridiculing in practice any notion of "human rights" and "international conventions",

Some of us may have thought that this reality could not be worse for the thousands of people who were forced to flee their country because of war or poverty. But then came Covid-19 and with horror we saw the reality of refugees and immigrants getting worse, more and more suffocating, more and more inhuman. This did not surprise us. In exactly the same way that the government saw in the Covid-19 crisis an amazing opportunity to pass laws and decrees that are disastrous for the social base but also for the environment (night passed... the suspension of work, the shift work that leads to a 50% reduction in wages, the liberalization of layoffs, the new anti-environmental bill that dissolves all notions of nature protection,

Immigrant / refugee management on Covid-19
From the outset, absolutely no measures were taken to decongest the camps. Thousands of people, many of them with health problems that make them obviously vulnerable to the virus groups, were left crammed into closed or "open" "hosting" centers. The government did not even arrange for the individual transportation outside the hells of heart patients, cancer patients or lung patients. Immigrants, therefore, were treated as a potential health risk. They plotted within the structures with a series of decisions that made the structures from "open" to "partially closed".

The vulgar policy of confining people inside the camps, waiting until the first case (which was obviously a matter of time with the policy they implemented), to quarantine the entire camp, immediately brought the desired results with many structures entering soon in quarantine. Finally, without any illusions to the contrary, it is now clear that the measures supposedly taken due to Covid-19 came to stay, turning the "back door" the camps into regular prisons.

The new law on asylum
The culmination of the (anti) immigration policy pursued by the Greek state is the asylum bill, which passed - after a deformed non-existent "public consultation" - and which neither more nor less effectively abolished the supposed "human rights" Which until now was supposed to be defined by international treaties and national law (in practice, of course, all this has always been for those who have in their hands both the watermelon and the knife, matters of "interpretation"). In short, this bill aimed to further reduce the already degraded access of migrants / refugees to medical care,

At the same time, the conditions are becoming more difficult, not only for the asylum seekers, due to the new law on asylum, but also for all the recognized refugees, who are now homeless, based on the Government Gazette 1199, which stipulates that those who receive the A positive decision on their asylum application should leave their accommodation in apartments of the ESTIA program or in camps within a month! This means that all recognized refugees, without having been included in any substantial integration plan by the state, just one month after their recognition and without taking into account any vulnerabilities (such as incurable or malignant diseases, pregnancy, etc.), are thrown into road. The same has already happened retrospectively to those people who had received, under the previous regime,

Extremely enlightening about the government's plans is the JMC and the invitation issued for the continuation of the ESTIA program, where in addition to the unthinkable cuts in terms of funds (of the order of 40-60%) which of course mean huge cuts in support services It will also stipulate that the housing organization (the NGO in question) will not receive the corresponding budget for each accommodation position "occupied" by a recognized refugee who has refused to leave his home... and be in road (!), 30 days after the date of exit from the program. That is, even though in our country there is no legal framework for the eviction of people in just one month and although the right to housing is protected by law for everyone,

At the same time, with a new Government Gazette, the government decided to "rationalize" (!!) the financial aid received by asylum seekers, from 100% European funding. And in this context, of course, "rationalization" means... reduction!

The "illegal" means and the useful cannibals
And "the drastic restriction of any illegal entry in our country" is not limited only to legal means. In the quarantine were dozens of allegations of illegal (!) Repatriation of migrants not only to the borders of Evros, but also from the centers of large cities, either with large raids on places where immigrants lived, who then (disappeared (!), Or with operations on the streets of cities, during which migrants were abducted and then found... in Turkey. There are dozens of complaints about such practices, even against unaccompanied minors.

In the same climate, after all, that of the "illegal" means is the unformed tolerance of the government towards the racist outbursts of a part of the locals towards the refugees and the immigrants. In recent months we have seen attacks by "residents" on buses carrying migrants, and even the burning of entire hotels by the well-known nationalist scoundrel. Now we see "residents" in Kamena Vourla depriving minors of food (!) In order to force them to leave the hotel where they are staying.
All these "mobilizations", which often take on the dimensions of normal pogroms, are just the other version and the necessary complement to the anti-immigration policy implemented by the Greek state. What is really sad and outrageous for us is that on the front of hatred that have been set up in various parts of Greece by local rulers (who derive political value), local bosses (who of course put their profits above all human life) and organized fascists / neo-Nazis (who socially legitimize their presence and recruit people in their ranks) against people who are persecuted and tortured, unfortunately, a world of social base also participates.

Workers, that is, who, instead of defending the people of their class, regardless of nationality or religion, allying with them to move against the interests of bosses and states, eventually ally themselves with their class enemies. Either because they hope that this will leave a bigger chunk for them than the pie shared by their bosses (slavishly accepting the role of subordinate) even if they have to step on corpses, or because they have indeed been so blinded by the - methodically impressed and cultivated by the school, the media, etc. - ideology of national unity, so that they end up "seeing" the threat in the face of people who play their lives crown-letters,

Moria is on fire
Exactly how the flames that burned the hell of Moria on the night of September 8 (which were "rekindled" in the following days as well) remains unclear and will probably remain so. It is not up to us to speculate here, and why we can not have a satisfactory picture, but also why we do not think that the essence of the issue is "what exactly happened". Moria was a crime against human dignity. And if some of those who suffered in their skin every day, felt that by turning it to ashes, they reclaim some of the dignity that the Greek state so barbarically deprived them of, we have no reason to. What we think we need to focus on is that the real perpetrators of this crime, they even made sure to replace it with something equally -if not more- criminal: A former army shooting range (with whatever dangers it may hold), by the sea and exposed to bad weather, with tents set up on the sand... and all these while winter is coming. What could be more appropriate than a former firing range where army pyrotechnics often search for old explosives to house families with children? What is more appropriate than the most exposed part of the island to the weather to make a new camp and in fact ??? with tents? And while all this is happening with the classic promises of "temporary" lease agreements have already been made public until 25 2025!

At the same time, they have launched a witch-hunt for the alleged perpetrators of the arson, which "shouts from afar" that it intends to terrorize immigrants and refugees - both in Lesvos and in general - in order to suppresses any rebellious and disobedient mood that manifests itself, while at the same time the chemicals and the attacks of the MAT come to complete the gloomy picture.

Solidarity is our weapon
For us workers, regardless of nationality, refugees and migrants, victims of war and poverty are not managed by state institutions and economic elites. We do not tolerate human life depending on decisions by transnational organizations such as the EU and Frontex, nation states and the needs of the economy.

To every power, we respond now and always with class solidarity. The suffering, the persecuted because of the wars and persecutions of every power and every state, the refugees and the immigrants, are at the heart of our solidarity. They are our class brothers, the most undervalued, underpaid and precarious part of our class, north in the teeth of every little and big boss. It is our duty to safeguard the dignity and free movement of all workers, erasing the border lines drawn by the authorities for their subjects, but not for the goods of the bosses, and demanding the immediate legalization of all immigrants.

We demand that the borders be opened immediately and that the migrants be released. We demand the provision of public care and housing for those who wish to stay in Greece and the provision of the necessary documents for those who wish to go to other European countries. We demand that the inferno concentration camps be closed now and that obstacles to asylum procedures, social exclusion and the deprivation of labor and welfare rights by immigrants be removed.

Always on the side of the weak, the oppressed, the uprooted of this world, regardless of color and religion, locals and "foreigners", we join hands, raise our fists.









* we support the Stop War On Migrants assembly block

Thessaloniki Freedom Initiative (member of the Anarchist Federation)
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